Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013's a Wrap!

What's going on Bull Penners?

As we reach the dawn of a new year I find myself, although not in a very festive mood, quite grateful for the passed 365 days I've had.

Like every year, I feel I've grown and matured in these passed four seasons. I've made new friends as well as lost some old friends. I guess the old saying is true, you win some you lose some! Lol. However, regardless of any bad, I am grateful. This year marks the year that I met the most beautiful girl my eyes have ever seen. Shout outs to the month of April for arriving with Antoinette.

My grandmother turned 80 years old in the same month, and just a few weeks ago, I brought all her children and grandchildren together for a grand family portrait!

2013 may not have been an earth shattering year but I am beyond grateful for all I've learned from it.
I decided this year that I plan on getting into BMX, and it was the first time in my life that I went Black Friday shopping. And it might be the first time I skip my family's New Years party. The birth of my new thing in photography "Video'd Shoots" happened this year. And speaking of photography, I have quite a few big projects that were presented to me through my photography. Stay Tuned for those announcements in 2014.

All in all, there wasn't very many "accomplishment" this year so to speak, unless you call 23 pairs of sneakers, a new closet and a dope christmas accomplishments lol. But I'm grateful to have lived it. Everyone always says "New Year, New Me" I can't begin to tell you how much I hate that bumass quote. Especially since most people who say it are goal oriented for the first week of January and are then back to their everyday shit. Realistically speaking, every single day should be considered a new year. Don't wait tip January 1st to make resolutions, do what you need/want to do now. Everyday should be the first day of another 365 cycle.

But that's enough venting.
I don't do resolutions, but tomorrow I do plan on.......

Stay Up and Stay Tuned ya!
Be safe out there. Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The State of (Hip-Hop) New York

See that witty ass title I just gave ya!? Lol

Now first and foremost (again) music reviews and my feeling towards Hip-Hop are not necessarily what I do here on my blog, however, my blog is just that. My Blog! My own personal journal that I choose to share with you, my reader. So please bare with me as I rant and vent for the next couple of minutes.

Just the other day I was driving home from who knows where when I thought to myself: "Thank God for my iPod cause I damn sure don't wanna hear anything on this radio!"

Raise your hand if you've felt like me on this one.
Doesn't it seem like its the same 7 songs playing on the radio all day every day? Granted, there's more than just 2 stations on the dial, but damn, seems like if I don't wanna listen to Drake I have to settle for Katy Perry! No disrespect to Katy Perry. And correct me if I'm wrong, during the golden years of Hip-Hop, all you'd hear on New York radio is New York rappers, from Wu-Tang to Mobb Deep, Jay-Z to LL Cool J, Busta, to DMX and etc. etc. etc. But today it seems like down south artist and people from anywhere get more play! Now I know this topic went out with Lil Jon and snap music in 2007, but it's still relevant. Especially with kendrick Lamar stating he's the king of New York (which I loved) and we all know that he's from Compton, LA.
But now, this morning on 'The Breakfast Club' I heard Trinidad James saying something along the lines of
"New York Used to be the Mecca of Hip-Hop, we used to look up to ya and think, 'well damn' and just do our own thing. But these days, any rapper who's from New York, you might as well say he's from Atlanta. That's how I feel. And if anybody wanna do something about it, then we can do something about it."
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllright! That's enough, somebody cut his mic! Again those might not have been his exact words but that was the message he was sending, and he's not important enough to me or the Hip-Hop community for me to actually go and research his exact words.

Now, here's my problem. I'm more mad at New York for it's complacent ways than I am at Trinidad James for his blasphemy!
Here me out here. It all starts with the fans! It's ya fault. Hip-Hop fans are so fickle that they allow any and everything to fly. Trends come and go and New Yorkers get on any and everyones surf boards to ride the waves! When snap music was out, every DJ in New York was bumping' D4L and Ying Yang Twins and any other fuckin gimmick rapper that was out at the time and you would see any and all niggas in the party, snapping they fingers, bending their knees and doing whatever the fuck Soulja Boy would tell em to do! Hip-Hop might as well have been a segment on Barney or Sesame St. with all it's sing and dance along songs. If I'm lying tell me I'm lying! It was disgusting and anyone who knows me, knows that I hated it and in no way shape or form supported it. In fact I would literally cringe and my blood would boil when I would ride in the car and someone else would be playing it. Til this day I hate that music and feel that it should not be accepted in the Boom-Cap genre that we call Hip-Hop. Glad to say most of it is gone. But that's not to say that there still isn't any trash left.
Trinidad James arrived on the scene sometime last year, I think. He had a single called "All Gold Everything" The ghetto, ignorant anthem of the world! I thought Soulja Boy was bad, but man this nigga sucks! I hated, hate and always will hate the song, but it seemed as if I was alone on that one. Seemed like everyone around me, loved it, had it as their ringtone, and went crazy when it went off in the club.

Have you ever felt like you're standing in the middle of a crowded room, and you're the only one who doesn't understand what's going on? You're the only one who's not in on the joke, the only one who feels "This is stupid, why is everyone so jolly and happy-go-lucky about this" whatever "this" may be. Well that's how I feel about Hip-Hop today! Thank God for Kendrick Lamar and Thank God for Pusha T and all the other rappers who are still doing it and sticking true to the craft. Because without them we'd be left with trash and it doesn't seem like sanitation is coming by any time soon!
But back to the fans and New York. I'm more mad at ya than I am mad of this clown boy. Because at a Hip-Hop show in New York, this man dissed New York and got away with it. Lol, really? Had this been the early to mid 90's I swear the news on the radio would have been more like
"Atlanta Rapper, Trinidad James insults New York at a recent Hip-Hop show and is now in critical condition due to various gunshot wounds and stabs to multiple areas of his body!"
Again, if I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong. Had that beed a Wu-Tang show in 94, or a Public Enemy show in 84, or even a 50 Cent show in 04 there would have been some sort of serious consequences paid by Mr. James. More than just 3 weak ass "Boo's"
Where does this comfort for blasphemy stem from? I'll tell you where. It comes from NY rappers in recent years going down south and elsewhere in the country to find fame and success (which is perfectly okay) but then forget where they came from and rep any and every other place harder than they do their own home.
I'm from the Bronx, nothin made me prouder as a fan of Hip-Hop in my earlier years than listening to  Big Pun slaughter any and everyone by way of dope, fast, hard hitin lyrics whenever he got on the Mic. Who didn't love The Notorious B.I.G. given us stories of robbin trains, shooting daughter in their calf muscle and slapping babies at their christening!? Who didn't love Big L, and envisioned themselves in a dice game gone wrong when he gave us these vivid images that he rapped about. Who didn't love Jay-Z then and still loves him now?
However it seems like all of that is out the window for the exception of a few names. These guys didnt move to Miami like Fat Joe did to find success. And had they done it they would have still repped NY. They didn't go become popular in Atlanta and come back to NY as Novelty acts.
So yeah, why wouldn't someone on the outside looking in feel that New York's prime years are behind it? If I were from Atlanta and I were making my own music and saw how many NY Niggas were movin into my city to pursue their music careers I would think that New York fell off too. Rather than thinking "If I wanna make it, I gotta go to New York or LA because that's where stars are born," Like every other struggling artist feels; I would think "Shit New York aint pippin no more. Might as well stay my ass here and grind to make it!"  So let's dig just a little deeper. Why does a New York Rapper leave New York to go rap somewhere else? Good question. How many of you who are into Hip-Hop have left New York? I have, I've been to Atlanta, I've been to Ohio and I've seen the difference. Here in New York, the radio does not support "Underground" artist or any up and coming artist. In fact they only play commercial records and artists who are signed. Whereas in Atlanta all you'll here is Atlanta artist, signed unsigned, hyped or underground. In Ohio, the Hip-Hop movement is strong. In both you see the family aspect. Artist tend to support each other, when one makes it, they all make it. Whereas here in New York, every nigga rappin bout the same shit want the spotlight for his or herself and is not willing to bring up anyone else with them to the top.

It's like fighting a nigga on your team, while you're losing a game by a large margin. The lack of unity is a problem. I hate cliches but if nothing else it shows you that indeed "United we stand Divided we fall!"So why is there no unity amongst New York Artist? Now that I don't know, but I do know that if it continues this way it won't be long before NYC is just another city tryna get on. If the DJ's at the major stations don't start going against the PD (Program Directors) we're gonna lose a battle in a war that shouldn't be going on in the first place.
The only battle should be on wax! Let's go back to the essence of it all. Stop worrying about who's dating who, who's fuckin who, who bought the new Bugatti and who wore the best sneakers to La Marina.... Ya making Hip-Hop sound like the gossip section of a High School newspaper. I'm waiting to hear about a rapper taking a random bitch to prom making big news headlines. Let's take it back to that real, hard beat, head bopping, meaningful lyrics that make you wanna rob the corner store (not saying you would or should do it but it makes you feel that way) Let's take it back to a time where if a man from LA said he was king of New York he wouldn't be able to come to New York. Back to a time when a man Dissed New York IN New York he wouldn't make it out of New York! Can we do that New York?

I guess that's all I have to say. I din't even have a good way to close this off. I just know that New York got me feel in glad I'm not a rapper. cause I wouldn't find where to hide my face from the shame of the state of the rap game!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Nike Lebron XI's (Sneaker Review)

What's going on Bull Penners?!
Today I'm doing something I've never done before here on my blog or anywhere else for that matter.
This is my first ever sneaker review. I know most people prefer video blogs for this, but I'm an old school dude.

About 4 or 5 months ago I came across the picture of the new Nike Lebron XI's (11).
Initially I didn't care for them, and possibly it was just the picture that I didn't care for. But a few weeks ago, right before the release I saw them in person and still wasn't too fond of em, but I did like them more in person than I did in pictures. However even in person they weren't attractive enough to pay the $275.00 price tag that the guy was trying to get for them on a pre-release early date.

Some time passed and for the first time ever I realized that this was one of those sneakers that was going to grow on me way after the retail price tripled. So being wise to the fact I decided to go and look for them and see if I get lucky before its too late. Last weekend I went out to brunch and shortly after found myself in the 'Foot Action' in Bay Plaza here in the Bronx. And of course they were sold out. I was prepared to leave the mall that day empty handed and thought to myself "I might have missed them and I'm not paying any more than retail." But before walking away defeated I decided to check the 'Jimmy Jazz' right down the sidewalk.

I walked in, and to my surprise there was still a pair on display. If you know anything about this 'Sneaker Game' as we call it, then you know finding a pair of recently released Lebrons on a shelf on display is kind of a big deal. So I asked to see a size 10 or 10.5. I wear a size 9.5 but for some reason Lebrons and Foamposites run small for me so I size up one or one and a half sizes up. Maybe it's because I have flat feet. Ahh well. They didn't have either of the sizes I asked for, but they did have a 9.5 left, my size. I figured I'd try them on although worried that they'd be too small. Like they say "You'll never know until you try" and when my foot slid into the shoe I was shocked to find out they fit like a glove! I stood up, walked a few feet to the mirror and immediately knew that they'd be coming home with me! Instantly they went from "They're Okay" to "Holy Crap!"

So I took out my debit card and swiped! Retail on these bad boys is $200.00 so the final price of $217 and change wasn't necessarily something I was thrilled about, but lets be honest, I've paid more for a pair of sneakers so....... Yeah. Lol. But after reviewing the sneaker it seemed to make more sense.

Let's be honest, we all know that I didn't pay what I paid to go play basketball in them, but I do know that if I did, I'd be in good hands... Or feet I suppose! Lol.
The sneaker is both light weight and durable. The ankle support is just as good as Lebrons that I've worn and played in before. Also the Foamposite material is enough Nike Technology to help you understand the price tag. If that isn't enough for you, Nikes latest technology (at least to my knowledge) Flywire is also featured in these. Flywire is... just what it sounds like I guess, it's a lightweight wire made of nylon or vectran and it's purpose is to provide more support and still remain light. It also serves as a cool aesthetic twist to replace plain eyelets on the shoe.

Although I've never been a fan of the actual word 'FLYWIRE' being printed on the shoe, I guess it's no different than the word 'Hybrid' on a the trunk lid of a car. And the flywire does look extremely dope through the holes though out the upper portion of the shoes all the way out to the eyelets to holding the laces. Good work on the design of these Nike.
Also the insole to these sneakers is thicker than any pair I've ever seen. It its literally the size of a Nike Air Force 1 midsole! I have no doubt that my grandparents can wear these and walk a mile in em and feel the comfort that is the Nike Lebron XI.

And of course, what attracts most people in the first place, the dope ass colorway! The "Kings Pride" colorway is definitely dope! Its the best of the ones that I've seen that are set to release. The green sort of holographic color on the foam material with the accompanying olive colored suede kind of upper makes it look like something the green goblin would wear. Remember when he wore Flightposites? The black of course is fitting on anything and the red is just the right amount to pop out at the eye. The lining brings it all together and puts it over the top. The added 'LJ Crown' logo on both the tongue and lace tips is always a good look. Finally the mint green sole might as well be a big red bow. The perfect contrast to wrap this shoe up.  All together its such an attractive sneaker that I am sure I will Un-DS (wear for the first time for those of you not familiar with the lingo) very soon! After all, it's the only shoe that I've ever done a sneaker review on. Lol

All in all, in my opinion this is one of the best Lebrons to release since the "Pre-Heat" Lebron VIII's. Another pair that I initially did not like and am now kicking myself for not buying when they were sold for retail! Makes me wonder where they'll go with the XII. But of course, there's no need to jump the gun, there's still a lot of enjoyment to be had with these. If you're like me, and you tend to pass up on things that don't initially catch you, but end up liking them later when its too late, then you should definitely cop these. Don't walk into Flight Club 6 months from today and live with that $450.00 price tag. If you have flat feet, or even if you don't, know that they run true to size. Buy the size you normally wear. So tell me how you feel about my first sneaker review, and what you feel about the sneaker.

Quick Announcement:
I recently got invited to a meeting with my boy AJ and he pitched an idea to me about a new sneaker site/online shop. We went over a few points and came up with the name "Kick'd In" which will serve as a new member of the ever growing Sneaker Community to provide everything from information and forums to consignment retail. Stay Tuned for more info on where you can find the site.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Bang! Bang! an Eno Bull Video'd Shoot

So the other day I was sitting around realizing that I hadn't shot anything in a while.
No biggie, writers have writers block so it shouldn't be a surprise that photographers go through dead spots of inspiration; Besides, I've never liked the idea of shooting 'just because.' The idea, the photos, the final product all has to come from a genuine place. The art cannot be rushed.

So the other day, sitting around, just thinking to myself, I came up with a new concept. It's called "Video'd Shoots"
Basically, it's a trailer to a themed photo shoot. I've realized that we live in a day and age where video is more interesting to most people than photography. But me loving photography as much as I do and refusing to give it up as my passion, I decided I'd give people just a little bit of what they want. So rather than post one picture and say something like "More images coming soon" on Facebook or Instagram or whatever, I'll give you an actual video trailer to build the anticipation for the images I will release later on.

Hence me calling it, not a "Video Shoot" but a "Video'd Shoot" as in a photo shoot where there was filming! Get it? am I making any sense?
Well whatever, I won't bore you with too many more words.

Check out the first (of many) Eno Bull Photography Video'd Shoot:

Please don't take my idea and run with it as if it's yours! You heard the concept here first! Enjoy.

And as an BullPen exclusive, peep the first image from the set:

Shout outs to the amazing Blanca Rosa Martinez. I call here Bebe! And my lil brother Rudy, for playing one of the greatest dead guys I've seen since Denzel in training day! Lol. Stay Tuned for the rest of the images. They'll be releasing some time tomorrow on my new, under construction website: www.EnoBullPhotography.tumblr.com Stop by when you can!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Family First?

I was gonna write a blog post about a situation I've recently found myself in. A post about family and loyalty and the whole nine, yaddah yaddah, blah blah!

Then I decided, naaaahhh! Nobody wants to hear me complain about shit. Everybody has their own problems right?

I will say this tho, my time will come at which point I don't wanna see any open hands coming my way, I promise, I WILL spit in your palm.

To quote the late great Carlito Brigante: "There ain't no friends in the shit business!"

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Night of Firsts, Moms Birthday

What's going on Bull Penners?

So yesterday was a very interesting day. A day of ups and downs. It began with me being robbed of $350 by some scamming company that claims to be a debt collection agency, yeah, that happened. But almost nothing could bring me down seein as how it was my Queen's birthday!
My mom turned 51 years old yesterday and I felt blessed for her. Reaching 50 was a big deal for my mom because her mom only made it to 45. Fuck Cancer! So of course her day was spent answering phone calls from what would seem to be everyone who knows her. Calls and text were coming in, even from Honduras.

My lady and I decided that we would take her out to eat and bring my dad and Rudy along with us. In the evening we arrived at Red Lobster and it marked the first time my girl and I hung out with my whole immediate family. Might not sound like a big deal, but I love that I can share moments of my life like this with her. While at dinner, my pops who I have lived with and known for 26 years made a joke! Several jokes actually. And if you know my pops, then you know that joking is not something he does often. At least not with us! We were all on the salad course of our meal and while picking at it and eatin it he said, "Where's the Beef?" so at first, I did the "Family Guy, Ostrich" laugh, Haaa! But when I realized the reference and recognized that this was him making a funny, I kid you not, I lost it! I literally began to laugh out loud, holdin my stomach falling over in my seat in the excitement of hearing my pops tell a joke! LMFAO! Son, I said to him out loud "I've never in my life heard you make a joke pops!" He began to laugh and just like that I swear I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. There was no stress, no worries, no anything, just an amazing time spent with my family over dinner. Tears of joy fell from my face and the rest of the dinner went on in the same exact way. Laughing, joking, discussing everyone's lives and where we are, how we're feeling and what we're doing.

It was the first time in a long time that my family and I had come together for something as simple as having dinner and this time I had my girl with me. So dope!
I asked my father "Why did you do this to me man?" In reference to not allowing me to live passed the age of 22 without losing my hair and becoming bald due to his genetic make up. To which he responded "That has nothing to do with me" and continued to enjoy his Lobster and shrimp! Lol
The man was in rare form. Mom was having the time of her life and I even showed her pics of Laila, the dog that we adopted for a few months (Who's name was changed to Leela and now has her own InstaGram!) Lol.

It was the red pedal in my Life or Death Tattoo. (You may have to reference that via this blog site if you're not familiar with what I'm talkin  about)

When the dinner came to an end, the waiters and waitresses sang Happy Birthday to my mom and brought her a dope lookin Strawberry Cheesecake. My pops ate about 80% of it, but I don't think she'd have it any other way.

All in all it was a day that started rough, followed by an evening that ended smooth as hell! I was so grateful for life; not that it's ever very different from that but you feel what I'm sayin. We packed up all the food we didn't eat, especially those crackmazingly awesome biscuits and hit the road back home. I wished my mom a Happy Birthday once again and got ready for bed.

To think I've waited 26 years to let someone pull a fast one on me and take money out of my account, and in the same day celebrate my mothers 51st birthday to the sounds of my father cracking jokes! Life has a very funny way of playin out. Good thing I have a great sense of humor!

Happy Birthday again mom! I Love you!
P.S. My the pic I posted of my mom and I on IG yesterday grossed 70 likes! I've NEVER gotten that many on a pic of myself! F ya'll for that! Lol. Nah, but I say that to say I appreciate those of you who wished her a happy birthday be it through me or to her directly. Bless ya all. 

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, September 9, 2013

26 FOR 26


What's going on Bull Penners? How ya livin?
So... I've been 26 years old for the passed 26 days! Shame on you if you didn't wish me my happy birthday! Lol, Just playin with you.

Funny how things stay the same or change according to how you see things. By no means am I where I thought I'd be by 26, but I feel I'm way further than what I was last year. They say with age comes wisdom, well I feel it comes with experience and I feel I've experienced enough in the last year to make me much wiser for tomorrow. I feel That I've found the love of my life and life with her is so amazing. We're happy together and regardless of the bumps in the road, I'm extremely grateful for the journey. Glad to say that I've lost no friends in the passed year, in fact I made more.

You know how you say: "I'm gonna start doing this" and "I wanna start doing that?" Well I've started a few things since I've been 26. I'm still a photographer and what better way to further motivate myself than by hanging some of my favorite pictures on the wall!? I'm sure you're thinking: "Pictures on the wall? Big deal!" But actually, it is a big deal, it's a big deal to me because I've been saying that I'm going to start "printing photos and hang em on my wall" for years now. I have the picture I've had for the longest of my homegirls legs in my sneakers in the middle and I've printed a few 16x20's to put around it. A picture of Juno, a picture of me my baby and Juno in the park, a picture of some Jordan sneakers (Of course, right!?) and a lovely picture of my aunt and uncle that I took for them on the beach in Honduras for their 40th wedding anniversary last year. Soon to be hung up are the photos of other photographers who I know and respect, along with a few others of my own. Pictures of Rudy, a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge and a whole bunch of other joints.

I also got my drivers license. I know I spoke a lot of smack about not getting it for a long time and honestly I would have gone much more time without it but my permit was about to expire on my birthday, and I for damn sure wasn't gonna be the one to renew my permit a second time! So it made more sense to me to go take my 5 hour class, take my road test and knock it out. I'm an amazing driver (regardless of whatever anyone tells you) so that was a quick 1, 2 thing. Can you believe they never caught my driving alone with nothing else but a permit for damn near 10 years!? Lol! Take that NYPD! Aight fine they caught me one time and gave me a ticket, but so what? I didn't get point taken off of anything, didn't see any jail time or none of that shit. Lucky or what?

As for photography, It's moving slow right now, but I plan on doing a few things to pick up the pace real soon to see that it is where I need it to be. But I did buy a eighteen hundred dollar lens! Lol, Yeah, hold dat. (Although I bought that when I was still 25.) I am also trying to take a course in crime scene photography. So let's see how that goes.
In my opinion the biggest change in my book at this stage in my life is the fact that I am now working out. I stepped on my scale 4 weeks ago and it told me that I weighed 292 lbs. I wasn't having that! I won't tell you how much I've lost cause truthfully I didn't even wanna tell ya that I've been working out. But yeah, I've been knockin out a lil over 7 miles each day, joggin' and walkin'. I've changed my diet and I'm trying to change my lifestyle all together. The goal is simply to look good in my clothes at this point next year. So by the time I'm 27 for 27 I can report that I kinda fell off but I've lost an entire 6th grade child weight wise. Lol. This is by far one of the more important things I've started in my life and I must say, it's actually very exciting. I won't give ya my diet or regimen cause according to how much weight I lose in a certain amount of time I just might want to sell my story when I'm done. Shhhhhhh... Don't tell nobody! Lol.

All in all, 26 is treating me swell and I am looking forward to the following 339 days of it. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for me that it goes according to my plan.

Well that's this post. Hope all has been well for you, my reader.
If it isn't, I can only promise you that tomorrow will come and hopefully it will be better for you.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Losing with Grace! (No Hair Can't Care)

What's going on Bull Penners?

I'm here to discuss a very serious topic that's effecting very many black men in America today.... That topic is Balding!

There must be something in the water. Either that or I'm just really getting old. Cause I'm seeing a lot of young men around me going lighter around the top, and not by choice!

Take it from a man of 26 who misses his afro, braids, dreads, all that good stuff, the baldie is not that bad! Lol. Anyone who knows me, knows that I loved my hair more than I loved most people. But, like all good things, my follicles came to an end! At least in some areas. So I had a decision to make, do I continue to let it grow and lie to myself like I don't have an opened sun roof? Keep it light and pretend I'm not thinking to myself "Oh man, I can see where the hair is falling out" OR do I chop it all off!?

That's right, I decided to chop it all off! And you know what? I love it.  Granted I have a pretty decent beard and can't stand the Rick Ross comparisons and references, but you know what? It's a hell of a lot better than walking around waiting to look like George Jefferson! Trust me fellas, I know how it goes, I know the attachment to your hair and the fear of being bald. But really why hold on to what's about to leave you? We've all seen the  the old man on the train with hair all around his head but none up top. The man who has 3 dreads left spaced out wide across his head, the dude with what I like to call the Michael Keaton, you know that look. Where the corners of the shape up are coming in for high tide! It doesn't look good. Plus look at all the great men in history that were bald: Taye Diggs, Common, DMX, Michael Jordan, Joe Zeigler (Google him) Steve Harvey, Magic Johnson, Vin Diesel and myself! C'mon b! You'd be in good company! Lolol

I'm just tryna help my brothers out. Cause at some point I guess we're all gonna go bald. At least those of us with bad hair genetics, like myself. Might as well beat Nature to the punch and say to that bitch: "Ha! I WON, BITCH!" Lmfao.
Cause let's be serious: which one of these looks would you prefer to rock with?

Bron Bron, no disrespect brother, you my nigga, but c'mon b! You know!?

See what I'm sayin?

Look at those of us with Baldies:

Don't we look much happier than this guy?:

Just something for ya to think about!

Also, it's so cost efficient. I used to go to the barbershop weekly. One week for a shape up: $10 and another week for the full cut: $15. That's $50 a month, which is $600 a year. Since I've been bald, I've probably been to the barber shop 3 times (in a year) and that's just to shape up my beard when I decide it's gotten to wild to tame myself. You know what I do with that $600 I'm savin? That's right, buy food and sneakers! You can of course buy whatever you want with your savings, I'm just lettin ya know what I did! Lol

Don't say that the Bull Pen never helped you with anything! Don't believe the hype; "Long Hair don't care" aint as poppin as "No Hair, Can't Care!" Lol.

That's my 2 cents on the subject. Take it or leave it.

Well that's my time, I gotta go be cool with my fresh ass baldie!


Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Not Guilty? Not Surprised!

So I'm sure no one here has been living under a rock. I know that by reading the title you know where this post is going.
That's right George Zimmerman being found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

If you know me then you know that I NEVER care about current events. Hurricane? Don't care. Child thrown in trash? Don't care. Woman kills husband? Hmmmmm, nope, still don't care.
Maybe it's selfish of me, maybe. Or possibly it's because I tend to worry more about myself and the people around me. I care more that Rudy will be late to work if I don't give him a ride to the train station in the morning, I care more that my mom needs the rent paid on the first, so I gotta do whatever to help her out. I care more that Buddy needs to have these 5 songs recorded by Friday so he can get movin on to the SmooveBoyz or D's mixtape. Worry about my girl's fear of bugs, and not liking her make-up Etc. Etc. But I digress, I say all that to say, there's very little room in my head for the problems of other people in the world. Much less when there is nothing I can do about those problems.

So naturally, last year when I initially heard of the Trayvon Marin case, I tried to ignore it. You can imagine how hard that was with it trending all over FaceBook and Twitter. Remember tho, if it aint concerning me or my people then hey.... But a few days ago, when George's trial actually began, I decided (for the first time in my life) to pay attention to a case. I'm tellin ya, I never watched CNN more than I did in the last 72 hours! I didn't pay this much attention when 9/11 happened (not to say I didn't care about 9/11, just wasn't as tuned in.)

Now, watching the trial doesn't mean I was expecting a miracle. Hell I wasn't even expecting anything great to happen. I've been born and raised in this country, and I' can't remember the last time "Justice" was served. Especially when race is a prominent factor.
Believe me when I say I try my hardest never to use the race card, but guess what America, today, it's the only card left in my hand.
If you know me, then you know I don't blame anything on the white man. I don't say shit like: "Oh, it's cause I'm black" or "Well had I been white......" To me, black and white are nothing more than colors. Sometimes however, you just gotta call a spade a spade. I watched the last days of this trial and a small part of me thought "Maybe this time it'll actually go the way it's supposed to go" knowing deep down that I would be disappointed with the end result. I'm a realist, and I know how this country feeds on the weak, and by weak I mean black. So it was no surprise to me that after 16+ hours or so of deliberating the jury (6 women) came to find Zimmerman not guilty.
Remember when I said a small part of me thought it would go the right way? Yeah, that small part was being driven by the fact that the jury was composed of 6 women. Women that may very well be mothers. Mothers like Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon's mom) women who could have been the mothers who lost a child that night on February 26th of 2012.
I mean given all the evidence, how could they not find this man guilty. Are you seriously expecting me to believe that Trayvon used the concrete as a weapon? C'mon America, that's a new low even for you. All that was found on him was a bag of Skittles and a dollar can of Arizona juice. And did we all forget that Zimmerman was told by the police to stay in his car? Why was that not considered? He didn't have to follow the young man, and he definitely didn't have to be armed with a gun. If you live in a neighborhood where you need to carry a gun as the neighborhood watchmen, then I think it's time you pack up and go.

I couldn't believe these things when I heard them.
Now here comes the last card left in my hand: MY OPINION.
Had Trayvon been a young white kid from the same neighborhood, with the same stature, the same Arizona and Skittles and had been killed by Zimmerman, then I'm sure Zimmerman would have went down. The trial might not even had lasted this long. Open and shut case. "Hey white man, did you kill this little white boy? You're done." And would have probably only gotten a  few years of jail time, and let out earlier than expected for "good behavior" There would have been no need for the media to dig up 5-7 year old pictures of the victim with his pants sagging and holding up 2 middle fingers to convince you, the people, that he was a thug who got what he deserved. In fact I'm willing to bet that had he been white, they would have dug up pictures of him in a boy scouts uniform, even if they had to photoshop it themselves, to convince you that he was a good kid who didn't deserve it.
So let's not even try to imagine how much worse it would have been had Zimmerman been black in the same scenario.
At one point in all of this I didn't care at all, I didn't laugh at, repost or in anyway support the memes (Pronounced Meem: for those of you who don't know a meme is a picture with a witty or otherwise funny statement written on it. It's like a modern day political cartoon)
I didn't make a sign that read "Justice for Trayvon" or anything like that. Then at one point I was neutral, where I felt "Ok, Zimmerman, you're wrong, but because I wasn't there, I'll keep my opinion to myself and let the Jury deal with yo ass." And now I find myself upset. I've played on every side of this ordeal. Not Guilty? I'm not surprised!

This entire case should have been about a wannabe cop. A man with a gun who saw a teen in a hoodie and personally felt he looked suspicious. Dude it was raining, I'm sure that's why he had a hoodie on. The man was told by the police not to get out of his car and pursue the teen. He did anyway. What happened next, only two people know and one of them is no longer here with us. That leaves you, Zimmerman.
I don't know about you folks who are reading this, but in my opinion if there are two people in a physical altercation, and now one is dead, I'm going to suspect the last man standing of murder, be it intentional or not. But that's just me, and who am I right?

The media tries to clean it up by portraying Trayvon as a drug using hoodlum. Posting pictures of him with his middle fingers waving. So you've never flipped anyone the bird in a picture right America? It was ok for Johnny Cash to do it right? Shit, even Justin Beiber and Mr. Rogers have been caught on camera with the tangible "Fuck You" fully extended! So what else are you gonna tell me? He smoked weed! Yeah? Well so does Willie Nelson, why don't we kill him too?! I guess it's okay because they are all the appropriate color.

Do I think he should have been found guilty? Yes, I believe he took a life whether or not he planed to. The life of a son, a brother and a friend. Race aside, he killed someone, and I personally feel that's good enough reason to lock someone away til the good Lord calls them home.
Why is it we hear so much about gun violence, and how we need to clean up the streets and get guns out of here, but no one seems to think that a neighborhood watchman is wrong for having his and using it on an unarmed victim?

I tell you, this country has shown me once again that I am nothing more than a target, fair game for any man hunting as long as his skin is lighter than mine is. This will in no way change my opinion on white people, because I have white friends that I know wouldn't do this to anyone! But it does change my views on the country we all live in! 

To Trayvon, R.I.P young man. You didn't deserve what you received, death. But if I am right to believe in God and believe that there is a heaven, then I know you're better off than I and all of us are.
To the family of Trayvon, my sincerest and most humble apologies for your lost. I know what it is to lose a member of my family, however, none have been taken from me at the hands of another person who didn't have the God given right to do so. I pray that in time you can find a way to cope with your loss. I pray that you celebrate your son's life and not mourn his death.

As for Zimmerman, I pray that you are taken care of by the law of the Lord when ever your time comes. You know what you did and now you have to answer to a higher power.

God Bless.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trust Issues

Whats goin on Bull Penners?

You know, theres a lot of trends that come and go in todays day n age. And since theres millions of followers and just a handful of leaders, I unfortunatlely have no choice but to live in a sea of unorigonality.

Where does it come from? From rappers usually. Remember Yolo? That came into play, and I swear I think I even saw it as a license plate once. Then came whats trending now, #TurnUp, "I aint got no worries/Ain't worried bout nuttin!" whatever. I have to admit, in a joking manner and when talkin to my lady I've used "Turn Up" but never in serious use.
HOWEVER, there is one trend that neeeeds to Stop! And I mean immediately!

 So I walk into IHOP this morning and there is a lady in there celebrating her child's Stepping up ceremony/graduation or whatever. Plastered in permanent ink across her chest reads "Trust no One." Okay so lemme get my Gatling gun ready.
First and foremost: When getting a tattoo you have to trust someone to permanently stain your skin with ink! If you are one of these people who claims to "Trust no one" then I expect you not to have any tattoos. Stupids!
Secondly: I don't care who you are. You might be a man or a woman who's been betrayed every day of your life by those close to you or whoever else. At some point you HAVE got to trust someone. In one way or another. You have to trust people.
I can't stand seeing niggas on Instagram postin pics with "the bros" or "my niggas" whatever else, poppin bottles in the club, or "gettin money" but then claim to trust no one!?

Really? Okay, so as a human being, you don't trust the people around you? You don't trust your mom, you father? Brother, sister, best friend, cousin, baby mother/daddy or Tattoo artist? That lady who was celebrating her child's graduation, she's not gonna trust the child to take care of her when she gets old? "I don't trust nobody!" That's a whole lot of people to write off in one 4 word sentence.
I feel it's just the trendy thing to say. Shit is retarded tho. Think about who you are, and think of who you'd offend simply by saying you don't trust anyone.
Take me for example: If I, Eno Bull said "I don't trust nobody" here's the list of people who might take offense to it:

My Mom
My brother Rudy
My lady
Buddy (my right hand)
All my other cousins (male and female/about 20-35 of em)
My Uncle Elvis
My Grandparents

etc. etc. etc.

Now, I'm not standing here telling you that you need to trust every member of your family, cause I know how it goes. Sometimes the ones closest to you put the knife in your back faster than a stranger will. However if you have "Trust Issues" then you and the Weeknd need to work on the remix and tough it out. Basically what your doing is 2 things: 1. Holding a grudge and 2. Making others responsible for the actions of people who came before them!
Please don't misunderstand me, I know what people mean when they say they don't trust anyone and I'd be lying to you if I said I trust everyone, but I do trust people. You have to trust people. I have to trust that my brother is gonna have my back when we out and about doin whatever if problems come up. I have to trust that what my mom is telling me is for my own good. I have to trust that when I give Buddy my money to hold he aint gonna touch it, at least not without asking me if it's okay first. I say all of this cause I think to myself: "If one of my boys came straight out and said: "I don't trust nobody" I would seriously be offended. Granted, we don't live in a world where everything is hunky dory but shit.

^This guy had to trust someone^
(That he possibly didn't know)
to tattoo this on his chest.

I know trust is fragile. I know it's like glass. You can glue it all back, but once it's broken, it's always broken, but I'd rather a person say "I don't trust everyone" rather than "I don't trust anyone" and that's how it's supposed to be.

So please people, stop trusting tattoo artists to ink those words into your skin and claiming not to trust anyone. Let's kill that whole movement, because it's illogical and quite frankly a bit disrespectful.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Monday, June 10, 2013

1st time At it Again

What's going on Bull Penners.

So I've been wanting to work on a project of tasteful nudes for some time now. There's many photographers who I admire who have done it and I feel that its one of those ways that can possibly separate a good photographer from a great photographer. I'm not into the "Men's Magazine" or the "Big Booty video girl/Model/Vixen" or whatever look.
Any guy with a camera can shoot a chick with a fat ass oiled up in provocative positions. I however consider myself an artist and the idea for me is to showcase the beauty of a woman's body by way of photography. No offense to any of those who shoot those particular projects.

So I asked my homegirl Akirrah if she'd be interested in posing for me as the first of a few for my project. She said that she would and the rest is what follows:

These are two of the shots we got from the shoot. It was my first nude shoot that wasn't a maternity shoot. I am proud of the result and can't wait to shoot more of this project with a few more friends and models.  So thanks to her for trusting me with her bare body in front of my lens.

Click Images to enlarge but please do not copy and paste or in any other way take! If you must use, please site/credit me. I am an artist and this is my art, so please respect my wishes.

Stay tuned for more coming very soon!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Change Up!

Guess Who's Bizzack! Ya boy E Crizack!! Lol.

"Did you miss me?????" Varnell Hill voice!

Lol, I know I been gone for a minute ya, but for a while now I've told myself not to blog until I seriously have something of substance to speak on. I think I've used this topic before but it's been floating around me for a while and figured I'd bring it up and discuss it.

So ladies, maybe not you, but I'm sure you know a female who has tried to change a man in some way or another, for what she feels is the benefit of the relationship between her and the man. Truth is, the change is for her, she may not notice that, but that's the case.

I wanna talk about it so I figured, to make it a lil more interesting I'd break it down in list form. So here goes, from the least serious to the most serious:

The "Sex will change His Mind" Female:

So this chick is playing hard to get. She wants to be treated like a lady (and she has every right to want that) but she knows the guy she's talkin to has a girlfriend and he's just lookin for a good time outside of his home. (We're not talkin about his cheating so let's ignore that aspect for a minute.)
So he's not necessarily treating her like a lady, he's treating her more like a broad who's gonna give it up if he plays his cards right. She's playing hard to get thinking: "Once he finally gets this he's gonna leave his girl and come my way and I'll be the winner!" He smashes (constantly) and maybe even makes mention of wanting to leave his girl, but he never does. Or he does and STILL doesn't wife you. So what did you really change? You're still not being treated like a lady and you still single.

The "This Baby will make him Grow Up" Female:

Ok, so this is one of the worst ones. So this young lady seems to always find herself in a relationship with a "Kid." The fly guy with all the Polo gear, the flashy young nigga who just seems to be going nowhere with his life. Or so it seems. This guy may someday be the president of whatever company, or who knows, maybe even bigger than that. But for the sake of this post, let's just say he's not getting there any time soon. A night of passion with his girl turns into pregnancy, and although they can both afford an abortion, shorty decides "I'm gonna keep it. We're old enough and this baby is gonna make him more mature and make him the man he needs to be." The baby comes, he leaves and now she is a single mother. So much for making him the man he needed to be right? Sad part of it is: She knew all along, and she still decided to bring a child into this world that will now have to grow up without a father in his/her life. Ladies, you gotta stop allowing that to happen! You didn't change anything here but the face of the deadbeat in question.

The "Marriage will Definitely get him to Fly Straight" Female:

So.... This female has been dating a nigga who has been dating everybody for the last couple of years. The sex must be amazing because she hasn't chosen to leave yet. She rather fight, argue and make a scene in public places when his side piece just happens to show up in the same supermarket that she is in. (Trust me I've seen it) Dude is a serious player. She knows it, he knows it, hell the clerk at the corner store knows it. Ahhh well, she doesn't care, because she "Loves" him. So here they are at their most recent argument over "who's that bitch texting you at 3 in the morning?" Not knowing what else to do to get her off his back, homie promises to to get it together, get rid of all his hoes and marry her. She falls for it of course because she "Loves" him. She says Yes, and goes and tells all her girlfriends "Yeah girl, he finally gettin his shit together, we bout to be married" Damn ma!
Wedding bells come and now you're Mr. and Mrs..... But here we are months, maybe a few short years down the line and the homie is taking his wedding ring off to go blow Jessica's back out after he heard she back in town for the weekend! Did you really change him? Or did you just give him an even bigger safety net for him to fall back on in the event if him not being able to get ass elesewhere?

Ladies I try to tell ya'll this all the time: it is very hard to change people. By the time a person gets to the age of 12 or 13, it's pretty safe to assume that the person they are is the person they will be. Stop trying to make men fit into this perfect fantasy mold that ya have in your head of what your ideal man is. There is no such thing as a perfect person, there is only a person perfect for you. You shouldn't be trying to change the person you're with, especially if you have all the signs that he's not gonna change right in front of you! If you're trying so hard to change him, I think your best bet is simply to leave and find the one who comes with those changes standard because obviously the one you're with is not the one for you. 
Hope I've been insightful tonight. Either make your spouse's faults work in your favor and make it work or dip! Simple and Plain.

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Picture Perfect?

The title of this post has a question mark because I'm watching the Knicks @ Bulls game and and can't be bothered with thinking of a witty title! Plus I'm just posting new pics! Lol.

Guess who's had a few photo shoots in the last couple of weeks! Well yeah, Johnathan Mannion probably has had many, but I meant me..... Douchebag!

About 2 weeks ago I worked with an old High School classmate who recently resurfaced by way of the party life! Her name is Akirrah and she's been doing some modeling, so you know how I am! I jumped at the opportunity and asked if she'd be with it for a shoot. She said yes and the rest is history!

^These are some of my favorite^
Images from the shoot!

So if you know me you know I find it challenging working in the studio. I believe its because I love shooting on location that much more! However I'm no stranger to back drops and lights and the other day Chris let me hold down his equipment and I thought to myself: "Well let me fine tune the little skills I have in the studio" and that's what I've been doing.

 ^I told Jay to come through^
'Bull Pen Studios' for a quick Crime scene 
today! These are some of the shots we got
so far.

I know you probably just read that and thought: "What? Crime scene?"
Lol, lemme break this down: (And If I hear this anywhere else I'll know it came from here!)

As the photographer I refer to myself as "The Shooter" often. I call my Canon (Camera) my gun. So today, talkin with Jay it came to me like a song I wrote! Lol. From this day forth The shooter can be found at the crime scene which is what I now call a photo shoot! At least when I'm working with the fellas and stuff! Lol See how I put that whole theme together! Yeah nigga, I'm hype! Lol

^Mylez of course was the first^
guest at Bull Pen Studios
and we decided to do a mockery of the infamous 
"Rapper Poses!" 
lol, so that's what this pic on the bottom is!

^I hadn't done an Alter-Ego^
shot of myself in years!
I had to put this one together real quick and it got a few likes on IG.
I plan on doing another one (a few actually) real soon.

If you looking for an Alter Ego shoot, hit me up for rates! EnoBull@gmail.com

So that's it for now. Just wanted to share a few images with ya! Hope ya enjoyed.

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Great Scott!

If you know me, then you know my 2 favorite movies ever.
Lion King and Back to the Future part II.

I remember I used to drive my uncle and grandmother CRAZY watching Back to the Future all freakin day when I was a kid. I still have the VHS! Lolol.
Believe when I tell you I WILL own the pair of Nike Air Mags for the movie. $6,000.00 you say? No Problem!

Yesterday for the first time in my life tho, I saw the DeLorean in person! I swear, I almost shit my pants! Lolol.
I made Buddy Pull over, got out and asked the man who owned it if I may take some pictures of it. He was very humble and said yes!

^Really, There's no words needed!^

Then I asked him if he'd be okay with me taking a picture in it! He said yes and I swear I almost passed out! LMFAO!

^Bull to the Future Bitches^

From this day forth you shall address me as Marty McFly, McFly or Marty!
My life is complete! Lol

Great Scott!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Religion in Rap (Oh God!)

What's going on Bull Penners?!

So I went to check my grandma the other day and I was playing Kendrick Lamar's album "Good Kid Maad City" on the drive all the way there. By the time I got to my grandma, "Money Trees" was stuck in my head. Quick side note: If you haven't heard Kendrick's album yet, I don't know what you waiting for! I swear it's one of the greatest Hip-Hop albums I've heard in quite a while. I'd even go out on a limb and say that it gave Nas' "Life is Good" a run for its money, and I had declared that the greatest album of 2012. So go check that out if you haven't.

But anyway, like I said I was talkin to my grandma and whenever it would get a lil quiet in the room I would start singing out in my calm singing voice "It go Halle Berry or Hallelujah, pick your poison tell me what you doin...."
And my grandma looked at me with the "Does this nigga really think he can sing?" look on her face! Lol. So I looked back at her and ask her "Le gusta mi cancion abuelita?" (Do you like my song grandma?) and she responded by asking if the song was a Gospel song. Responding without thinking I said no and asked what made her ask. She said "Because it says "Hallelujah," it has to be Christian music right?" I completely overlooked that in the moment and almost told her it was, but I can't lie to my grandma! So I said, "No it's not" and she responded (in spanish) "Well if it says "Hallelujah" and it's not a Gospel song then I don't like it! That's fake Christian music!" I laughed out lous and left it at that.

Now today I was coming back from grocery shopping with my mom, and "Amen" by Meek Mill came on. I found myself, mindlessly singing along as we all do, and it hit me.

Religion seems to have snuck its way into Hip-Hop. Have you noticed that? Think about it? What's Big Sean's most used ad lib? "Oh God!" then you have a song like "Amen" by Meek Mill, "Money Trees" by Kendrick Lamar and lets not forget that Rick Ross yelled out "Oh Lord" in "Don't Panic." Which is what A$AP Rocky calls himself, "the young Lord." At least that's what I read in his latest XXL magazine interview.
And I laughed, what could it mean? Where did it start? Are these rappers finding religion? Cause I can't see Rick Ross talkin bout being "talkin to the Holy Ghost" like he said in the intro to his mixtape "Rich Forever" anywhere outside the booth! Lol.
Then there's Kanye, not only did he do "Jesus Walks" ("College Dropout" 2004) but he's mentioned God on a few tracks. Like on "Clique" when he said "But I been talkin to God for so long that if you look at my life I guess he's talkin back F^&kin'with my Clique"
Hmmmm. Or maybe it was Jay-Z, he's been callin himself Hova for well over 10 years! Could it be that it just took a while to catch on? Nas refers to himself and his colleagues as "God" and "King" etc. Maybe he was the start of it?

Either way, I'm not complaining, in fact I find it quite intriguing. Almost refreshing if it weren't for the fact that most times God's name is used in a song where he has no business. But isn't that the wrong way to think? Do we not want God in any and everything we do, good or bad? I mean if the kids are gonna be singing along with anything, might as well be something God related right?
So I have no issue with it.
In fact I think I like the idea of it. It works for many people. Take me for example. I believe in God and have strong faith, but I feel I'm more spiritual than I am religious. I don't go to church on Sundays (or any other day for that matter) but I do have a relationship with God, which I feel is important. I try to live my life right and according to what I feel is the way. However, because I don't go to church I make sure to take my headphones off and pay close attention to any sermon given on a random train in my travels. Given that the person is not condemning every person on the train to hell! I try to read a few scripture out of my Bible app as often as possible. I guess what I am saying is, that this generation has created a wide gap between the common man and religion and spirituality, and I find it (for lack of a better phrase) very cool that it has managed to sneak it's way into a genre of music that is so heavily rooted in violence and negativity. Even if only for a brief moment in time, it's a great that Hip-Hop has embraced God. If you gonna create and or follow any trend, might as well be one in a more positive direction such as the Lord above than anything else right?

To think not too long ago, it was "Pop that Pussy for a real nigga!" And now.... Well I guess not much has really changed, but you get what I'm sayin! Lolol.

Like my man Pazo said: "God Bless"

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cool Grey (March Madness)

What's goin on Bull Penners? Hows Life been?

It's been March madness on my side! Lol.
I swear procrastination is gonna be my demise! Lol, no not really, but I say that to say I've been procrastinating for the longest time on buying a new Lens and an external flash for my camera. Mainly because those things are so freakin expensive. But either way, I finally picked them up at Adorama the other day. (Which by the way ALWAYS makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. If ever you're having a problem with finding something to get me as a gift, Adorama is the spot!)

And I'm sure you could imagine, I've been snapping away as if I just got the camera yesterday, I'm like a kid with a new toy! Lol. This happens from time to time. Like remember when I told you I was snapping pics of kicks? Well I've taken a few more.

Wanna see? Well if you don't I'm gonna show them anyway!
[Remember to click Pics to ENLARGE].

 ^I took this pic on Jordan's Birthday^
It's a tribute to his 50th. (Feb.  17th) His 2 
all-time favorite Jordan Kicks.
Black Cement III's and Concord XI's.
I printed out a 16x20 of it and I plan to frame it and hang it in my room.
I was thinking of printing out 23 of em and selling them. $23.00 anyone? Lol

^And then there were Bo Jackson's!^
Do you know along with Air Max 95's,
I've never owned a pair of these. While lookin for the blue and white
Penny 1's @ Foot Locker a few days ago I came across these
and figured, "I Need em!" Lol.

  ^And here are the Penny 1's^
Lol. I swear, I haven't seen anyone with these yet
And blue being my favorite color, I just HAD to! Lol

 ^Premium Air Max 1's^
Been eying these on Flight Club's site for a few months!
Finally, I decided to run up in there with Penny, Perse and Mylez
and picked them up!

 ^Breakfast of Champions!^ 
Lol. So enough kicks right?
I took this one with the flash, I love how dope it came out.
and btw, this Burger was everything!
^OG Obsidian XII's^
I know I said enough sneakers, but shut up!
I know what I said! Lol. I came across these OG 12's
for a steal! I HAD to cop.... What you shaking your head for?
I'm stocking up for the summer.

^Who says Sneakerheads can't dress up?^
Lol. I love suits, but sometimes I just wanna wear
Jeans and Sneakers! If that's wrong, well then,
Hey! Lol. "BHM" Lebron 9's on the feets!

Just my luck. I lost my memory card and was forced to
buy another one. Luckily for me, I was right around the corner from Adorama.
So I picked one up and started taking pics of random shit in the street.

^Yeezy Taught Him^
Lol. Walkin back from Adorama (right after I took that pic 
of the pole) I saw this kid taking pics of his Yeezy II's.
Me being the sneaker addict I am, I understood him completely.
I asked him: "Can I get a shot too?" He laughed out load and said "Yeah Sure"
I asked him if he paid retail, he said "No, I actually just bought em"
I decided I didn't wanna know how much he paid lolol.

 ^The Flat Iron^
I swear I take a picture of this building every time I'm
in the area. It's beautiful to me, and it makes sense that it
attracts me, cause of its history, and not to mention that the guy who 
bought the land where it stands is named Eno!
Ha! Dope right?
Google it!

 ^The Barter System?^
So the reason I was downtown yesterday was to pick up these shirts
with Buddy and Eish. So I got my new "Marathon Music" tee.
Later on that day I managed to convince Vic to sell me his
Mariners strap back with the Snakeskin Brim.
I knew at that moment that I had the perfect outfit for my Cool Grey IX's!
and check out 

^SmooveBoy Shooter^
I took this pic of the cuzzo after we shot the latest installment to
the "Marathin Music Cypher" video Series!
I love how the shot came out! I had to post it.

Well that's my March Madness post. I may have some dope new (actual photo shoot) images to share with ya later in the week.
 Now please excuse me as me and my camera with the new accessories go shoot em up! Ha!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, February 23, 2013



What's going on Bull Penners. This is another one of those "Personal" type posts.

So the other night I got into somewhat of a "quarrel" on Instagram with a family member. Lookin back at it now I can see that it was childish and very unnecessary, but that's what this blog post is about, reflections.

First of all, if I may explain. I am a pretty cool dude. However, if there is anything that you should know from the anatomically correct heart tattooed on my arm, with the ribbon that reads "Members Only" it's this: I am very selective with who I let in! I mean, think about it, have you ever seen that tattoo? No right? It's hidden on my arm for a reason. You can see all the other ones, but that's one that you can't see unless I show it to you. That's not to say that if you haven't seen it I don't care about you, because that's simply not the case. However it is an indication of how I am in life. Yes, I wear my heart on my sleeve, but if I don't "fucks" with you then you are not allowed to touch it!

Does that make sense? Look at it like this. Think of the embarrassing family name that you've had since birth. Maybe it's Stink Butt, or Pookie, or whatever the fuck else your uncle gave you cause you had beady eyes or a huge bottom lip, or a swollen nose, whatever! It was cute til about 2nd grade, and then you got tired of it, but regardless your family always got away with calling you that because, well, they're your family. Simple enough to understand right? But then when one of the niggas in your classroom over heard it and decided to repeat it, it was a code red on his ass right!? Well that's how I am with joking. Even with the people in my circle. I can take being the butt of the jokes but only for so long before I hit you with the "Aight, that's enough!" I don't like to be laughed at, and I am willing to bet every penny that I am worth that I am not the only one.

Some people are better at dealing with it than I am, but the fact still remains that every one has a boiling point right? Anyway... That's what was going on in the Instagram world. I was being joked on and I wasn't having it.   

On the way to work the next day I spoke to Buddy, Eish and Rudy about it and they made me realize that I was in the wrong. And now I stand here before you a man strong enough (I think,) to admit that it was a LONG trip to work! I mean, one thing I believe is that no one can tell you that you are wrong for feeling what you feel. They can disagree with it, but no one can change YOUR mind!
But basically it was my family tellin me that I am an angry individual. That my temper sometimes get the best of me. Again, it's very hard for me to admit it but I guess it's true. I'll tell you something, nothing is realer than an unintended intervention in a moving car! Nowhere to go, sitting there taking whatever is coming your way from those you love.

However the same way a phoenix dies and rises from it's own ashes, I took those words as my flames, and when the car stopped and I got out, I took that moment as me rising from my ashes! I decided that although I didn't agree with what was being said it had to be true in some way.
I'm a pretty logical dude, I've been in situations where I am trying to tell someone about themselves and they just refuse to believe that what I am saying is true. So I figured If I've ever been a part of the lynch mob trying to tell a man "what it is" and he's not believing it, then how is it that I can be on the other side and think to myself "Well these 3 people can't all be on the same page, simply to be against me." So I STILL don't agree but I accepted the fact that maybe, I am an angry individual. That's fine tho, I feel angry is the new word given to a revolutionist. That'll be explained later.

So what did I learn? Well what I already knew, "people don't like having the mirror turned on themselves. People don't like to be told who they are and definitely don't like to be reminded of their flaws by anyone else but the reflection in the mirror!" I'm no exception to that rule.

And that, leads us into the second portion of this post.

If I don't like having the mirror turned on me, well I'm not the only one. On the ride to work today the topic of discussion was lateness and how bad Rudy and Buddy are with time. I made a statement about how much I don't like to wait for people and how I'm not sure who's worst between Rudy and Buddy. Both of them move like dogs with absolutely no human regard for time and other peoples courtesy. So Buddy didn't like the comment because he personally feels that Rudy is WAY worse than he is. But again that's the mirror being pointed at him. See, the thing of it is this: you are never going to see yourself the way anyone else sees you. The same way your voice sounds different to you when you hear a recording of it is the same way that you see yourself differently than others see you. Buddy defended his point til the point that he began to sound upset. Not in a rage of course cause that's not the type of dude that Buddy is, but he did remind me of myself the day before, choosing not to agree with the other 3 people in the car. And just like that, the table was turned, or should I say the mirror was flipped!

See when its all said and done, I seriously do not believe that I am an angry individual. If anything I simply believe that I think on a different wave length then most people.
 That's me seeing myself differently than how you see me. Buddy doesn't believe he is as bad as Rudy when it comes to tardiness, but that's simply him seeing himself differently. We always see ourselves in the best possible light, but we quickly forget that there is two versions of ourselves. There is the person we see in the mirror and that's how we see ourselves, mentally, physically and whatever else differently from how the world sees us! We are all walking with two faces, two different entities all in our one body!

Did any of that make sense?

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

The Uniform

This post is about hoes.

I know what you thinkin: "Eno always disrespecting women!" WRONG! I'm disrespecting hoes. Why? Because hoes don't deserve or have earned any respect, at least not mine.
Sit down and let me explain myself.

First let's play a lil picture and word association game.

First off: What is the profession of these men?
^That is correct. Police Officers.

But how did you know they were police officers? Nothing in this picture says "Hey, we are New York's Finest." Ahhhhh, correct you are, their uniform. Very good.

Now, can anyone tell me what this man does?
^Did you think Thief, robber or criminal?

I bet you did, but why? Because you saw him with a ski mask and a gun right? What if I told you, "This is not a robber, just plain ol Rob." Then why the ski mask? Well Rob gets cold easily and it's winter time, so a regular ski cap or skully won't do the trick. Oh why the gun? Rob lives in a dangerous neighborhood where he never intends to ever use his gun, but you never know. Oh and the gun is legally owned, registered and he has a license to carry it.
Are you thinkin to yourself? "Bullshit!" I know I was and I'm the one typing the words out. 
What's my point in all this? My point is that the way you look tells the outside world more than just what your "style" is.
You know that age old saying: "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" Well that's bullshit too. I believe that expression works ONLY when referring to an actual book. When it comes to people however, that goes out the window. Yes it's true, you SHOULDN'T judge a book by its cover, however we tend to forget that many of us walk around with the preface to the book written all over our faces. 
You see, a lot of females choose to wear tight leather and sexy cat suits and sometimes close to nothin when they go out. They post pics that leave little to the imagination on Instagram and then minutes later they post a 'tweetgram' demanding the respect of a lady! Bitch! I can see ya twat! There's nothin lady like about that.

So then they end up being perceived as this:
^That's right Hookers!
(I wanted a more realistic pic but this is all 
Google had for me that wasn't too crazy.)
And even strippers get more respect then hookers! You see ladies it's important to remember that you can be "Sexy" without being trashy. When I see you in the club with your clothes that screams "Come Fuck me!" revealing all the lady parts that only your significant other should be able to identify, I'm not thinkin "Lemme not call her a bitch, cause she's a lady" No. I'm thinkin "Hoe, lemme rub my dick up on it!"
Yeah that's raw, nasty, vulgar, whatever you wanna call it, but I don't believe in being politically correct. I'm always gonna call a spade a spade! A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, but I'm still going to consider it to be a rose.

The same applies for men. A lot of dudes walk around with their pants so far off there waist that you wonder what the point of wearing them is. 
Think about it fellas, do any of you have a mother or grandmother that will never stop considering you to be her baby. No matter how much facial hair you grow, no matter how much you tell her "Ma/Grandma, I'm not a baby!" Chances are that'll never change cause some things are just the way they are. However, think of the visuals you use to aid your grandmother. Your grandmother knows how to differentiate a boy from a man. When she goes out and sees all the HS students on the bus what does she see? Lil boys with half their asses out, right? So think: when's the last time your grandmother saw you in a suit and tie? Or even a clean button up? When's the last time you came in to her house and she didn't have to remind you to pick up your pants. Your grandma has no interest in seeing what underwear you chose today. I'm not saying go change your wardrobe, but if grandma thinks you're a baby then you're not helping your case by being dressed any different than a child in high school.

The point of all this is, we all portray something when we get dressed and walk out the house in the morning. 
So when a woman says "I dress how I like doesn't mean I'm a hoe!" Then I can grab a gun and a ski mask and say "I like this look, doesn't mean I'm a thief or criminal" or "Nah I'm not a cop, but I love their navy blue slacks and hats that they wear" Consider your everyday clothing a costume. If we see Pirate we're going to say pirate, no matter how hard you want us to believe you're a hero.

Our costumes, or uniforms is what lets the world know how they're going to treat you or approach you. I know it may seem vain but these are the harsh realities of life. Remember to dress for the job you want, not the job you have... With all that said, I'm gonna go get ready to hit the club and see which one of these hoes is gonna pop it for a real nigga tonight! 

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!