Friday, April 30, 2010

Home Wrecker? Me?

Alright folks, I got the closer for the month, and I hope this one raises some eyebrows, stirs up conversations, and makes ya think.

So allow me to first and foremost state that if and when I find myself in a committed relationship with a young lady I am always a faithful man. BUT, I'm not in a relationship....

So now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's begin.
The HomeWrecker. What is a Homewrecker? Someone please tell me, cause no matter how many time theses girls (and some dudes) tell me its me, I do not agree.

You see, I'm a single man, and we all know men are hunters, predators who's only concern is to catch its prey.

I personally don't have a "Type" per say, I like all women, Short, Tall, Slim, Round, Black, White, Spanish, Orange, some younger and almost all older, I don't discriminate. So naturally I'm attracted to all different type of women, and many different types of women are attracted to me. Now, some of these women have boyfriends or husbands or whatever it is they call there spouses and this is where it get interesting. See the way I see it is like this: If you have a man, and I come across your path and you choose to give me play then guess what, the cheater in this situation is YOU! That's right I said it. I mean think about it, how could I possibly be cheating if I'm not committed to anyone.

People often say, "Well if you knew she had a man then you are just as wrong as she is for cheating" are you effin serious? C'mon man. Unless the girl I am dealing with is the girlfriend, fiancé, or wife of a close friend or family member (Which I would NEVER under any circumstance violate no matter what) then my loyalty is not to her man, therefore I cannot be wrong for pokin his girl. You see, I'm a straight shooter, I keep it real all the time, and I've said it before, I'll say it again, (Fellas listen up) if you catch your girl cheatin, don't be mad or don't worry bout who it is she was cheatin with. That man has nothin to do with you nor does he owe you anything. The one you need to be mad at is your girl. She's the one who violated you, she's the one who stepped out of the "Home" and "Wrecked" it. You see where I'm goin with this? This is why I can't consider myself a home wrecker. I'm a man like any other, I'm just a squirrel tryna get a nut. You would do the same thing if you were in my shoes.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want ya to think that I soley go for the women who have men, I don't get dressed when I go out and think "Oh man, imma find me a bad joint and I hope she has a man" No, in fact sometimes I don't even know til after I get off of them that they have a man. Your probably thinkin: "Well did you ask if she had a man?" Hell No I didn't ask, what the f+#k does her man have to do with me? I'm tryna bone her, not her man. In other words, she knew what this was, she knew my intentions and she KNEW she had a man, yet she still dealt with me. Now you tell me, who wrecked the home? Was it really me? No.

See if my Home (Relationship) is Robbed (I'm cheated on) and I see no signs of forced entry, or a breaking an entering, then its obvious that the person who robbed me was someone who lives here. Chances are I'm sleeping with the enemy.

I could go on forever with this topic. So for now I'll leave it at that. Feel free to leave me comments here or send me emails: ( hit me on BBM (pin:2113693f) or leave a FaceBook Comment (Eno Bull) or Tag me in a Tweet (@EnoBull) because I love this topic and will defend my stand til the music stops. I really wanna know how ya feel about it.

So like I said, the true meaning of a HomeWrecker, is he or she within the home, not the one who is passin by, just remember that and all will be fine.

Stay Up, Stay Faithful and Stay Tuned

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rep Yo Set!


I shouldn't have to tell ya anymore lol, check out the latest video from them Bronx Boyz.
This one is called 'The Kennel' produced by the Big Dog Pitbull herself DJ Jazzy Joyce!
So check it out, enjoy and keep supportin me by supportin my team. BXL! We just Brothers eXperiencing Life..

BXL - The Kennel

Don't forget to follow all of em on Twitter

BXL - @BXLMusic
Buddy Mylez - @BuddyMylez
Joe Dirt - @JoeDirt730
Severe Jones - @SevereJones
DJ Jazzy Joyce - @DJJazzyJoyce

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Guardian Angles

What's goin on Bull Penners. It would seem this blog is all about Pictures and art with all I've been givin you all April huh? Well let's just make April my unofficial month of Art and Photography.

But todays post has nothing to do with either or.
Did I ever tell ya what my first Tattoo really meant to me? Its more than just writings in ink for me. That Tattoo represent the 8 months in my life where everything changed. Lemme share with you:

April 26th, 2003.
We were all in Honduras for Easter/Spring Break and like always it was a great time, both my Grandmothers (Moms mom, and her older sister) took care of us, made sure our trip was the best it could be, you know, the works.

Well after all the festivities, Abuelita Ade (Grandma Adela - Mom's moms sister) was becoming sick. She's been sick before so I thought nothing of it, but by now she was 85 and it never occurred to me that this would be the last time she'd get sick.

I was 15, and that I could remember there hadn't been any deaths in my family.

So pretty much, in 15 years I hadn,t experienced the death of anyone I knew, til that night in the village of Santa Fe in Honduras.
Grandma had just come back from the Hospital in the morning cause she was sent a night or 2 before. So her coming back made me feel like she was gonna pull through. But she was in bed all day, so that kinda made me think twice. I asked Grandma (Moms mom) who's birthday was one day away "How's she doin? Is she getting better" still optimistic. And she replied "Ade se esta muriendo, ya no va amhorar" (Ade is dieing, she's not gonna continue to do better) the blunt words pierced my chest and it came to me at that moment that I would have to say bye to my grandma soon.

Sure enough, around 8:30pm (I believe) one of the elderly ladies from the town walked out onto the front portche of my grandmothers house where everyone was gathered to come say their good byes and give their respects for the family, and she said "Ya, se Fue Ade." (That's it, Ade has left) My grandmother had taken her last breath. I didn't immediately cry, but I did feel it. It wasn't until I walked into the house and saw her little sister (my gma) walking out of her room crying. I'd never seen my grandma cry til that day, all her daughters and grand children crying, of course I broke down and lost it too.

To think the beautiful, lil old Lady that was just talkin to me, telling me to behave myself a few days ago, reminding me to listen to my parents, and asking me "Tenes hambre" (Are you Hungry) lol, was now gone. The feeling was unexplainable, a feeling I had never felt before. One thing that hurt above all else is that the whole day I didn't walk into her room to say my last good bye. My grandma was always bad with saying good bye. Whenever we would be packed up and ready to come home we couldn't say "Bye Grandma" and let her see us leave. We would have to tell her the day before, "We're gonna go soon grandma" and on the actual day it was just a matter of going. So naturally I didn't say my final goodbye. But I did however write about it on an old MySpace Blog ( )

But anyway, that's what it was. The great Circle of Life. Grandma left behind: 3 daughters and 2 son, 20 grandchildren (I know, damn lol), and 11 Great grandchildren.... And just like that, I experienced the beginning and end of life.

8 months Later, lil Baby Tamara had passed at the tender age of 5, but that's a whole different Blog post.......

So today, I just want ya to take a few seconds out your day and have a moment of silence for my grandma who 7 years ago today went to heaven to spend eternity with our Lord above. Thanks for lettin me share with ya folks. I luv all ya'll.

^Self Explanatory^

R.I.P Grandma.
Gone and Never Forgotten

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What's goin on Bull Penners, Happy 4/20.

For those of you unaware, 4/20 is the international Day of Marijuana Smoking. (April 20th) so to all of those who blew it down, are blowin it down of will be blowin it down, Enjoy, its a Celebration Bitches!

But this Blog is about an addiction I once had (see how I tied that into the script) lol. Take it easy it wasn't a harmful addiction, but it was an addiction none the less.
I was a huge...... Sneaker Head. Lol. In fact I was sitting and thinking about it and I realized that my love for the sneaker game was one of the reasons why I picked up Photography.
How you ask, well I was a member of an online sneaker community for people just like me, people who love and collect kicks. Members would take great pictures of their kicks and I thought to myself this is what my pictures had to look like. But NikeTalk is a whole other post in itself.

So today, I decided to take pictures of my Grails (All-time favorite sneakers) and make them as artistic as possible.
Lemme tell you my history with these kicks before I show you the pics.

These are not, I repeat, these are NOT "Buggs Bunnies." Idiots. Anyway, the story with these:
I remember the morning my moms told me: "I'm giving your father some money so he can take you to buy some sneakers." I damn near wet myself from the excitement, I was only 6 yrs. old but I was already a sneaker fanatic. I asked mom "How much are you giving him?" She replied "$100" I then in a high pitched excited voice said "Oh man, with that money I can buy like 10 sneakers" she then told me "Good luck, $100 is not as much as you think, its only enough for one" either way I was dumb hype and when we got to the store I pointed at the ones I wanted, The New Jordans! Oh man, I got those joints and I didn't take em off til my foot grew out of em.

These were released back in 1997, I remember my cousins Jun and Perse had gotten them. Jun got em cause he was working at the time, and Perse had got em cause my aunt bought them for him.
To me they were the craziest dopest lookin kicks since the VIII's. I remember feeling like I had to have em. I asked my mom, but by this time, my lil brother was already born, the days of being a fortunate and privileged only child were out the window and mom couldn't afford to just drop $100+ on just one pair of sneakers. (Thanks a lot Rudy, you bastard) so it was over for those.

Now that I'm older and have my own money, I made it my business to not only relive the joy of owning the VIII's but also to now finally have the XIII's. And I did just that.

I bought the VIII's (retro release) from a Fellow NikeTalk member for a cool $200.00 brand new un worn.
I bought the XIII's from a fellow SoleCollector (another Sneaker forum site) member for $275.00 brand new un worn (Original pair from 97) Soon after purchasing and now owning both my grails, my sneaker addiction started to die down til finally I damn near quit cold Turkey. Its almost like my addiction was a way to fill the void of not owning the pairs I wanted.

We'll I've bored ya enough, some of ya probably didn't even read all that. Lol, but without further delay check out these pics. (Click Pictures to Enlarge)
My main focus was the Lighting:
 ^XIII's and VIII's^
This is plain white Lights from the White Room
(My Bathroom)
I turned it Black and white and kept the reds.

^Used 2 lights for this one^
The Blue light in the background is from
a flashlight that I was holding.
The white one in the forefront is from my BlackBerry

^VIII Sole^
I held my BlackBerry over my head
to create a SpotLight

^XIII's Profile^
I placed the BlackBerry Light behind
the subject (the sneakers)
to create a different effect

^XIII's Sole^
This was plain lighting from the White Room
(my bathroom) 

 ^Kick it Wide Screen^
 I took this because I admire how
Similar yet how different these 2 are.
Black and White and kept the reds.

^Wearing my Grails^
A Picture I took a few months ago.

Me in 93'
My cousins leg is in the way, she was dancing in the shot,
but that's me in my 8's at age 6!

You could never tell me I'm new to this Game!
Well how did ya like em? Hope ya appreciate the semi-alternative Art.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned....

Monday, April 19, 2010

She's a Ride or Die Chick

What's goin on Ya'll?
I back with another one!

This one is for all the Ride or Die chicks... I'm not talkin bout the Hip-Hop mentioned Ride or Die chicks that boof their mans drugs and transport it outta state,  of course those are included in my homage but this is to the everyday girl who backs her man even when he deserves to be let go and fall on his face.
First off allow me to explain what led to this topic:
I was walkin to the Chinese restaurant earlier and before I got there I noticed an abandoned car in the middle of the street. Both doors of the Honda Accord were opened and no one was in it, the closer I got to it the more I realized that its occupants were across the street, what were they doing across the street you ask? Well the hot head driver was arguing and threatening the crew of construction workers across the street, while his girlfriend was standing between him and the 5 construction workers!

Are you serious pai? This guy had to be about 5'5 and about 110lbs soakin wet! What is it with these lil dudes and their Napoleon complexes?Nevermind the fact that the construction worker in particular that he was arguing with was 3 times his size, he was wearing steel toe work boots and carrying a shovel. C'Mon bruh, it aint worth ya face, get back in ya car and drive off. Now I don't know what they were arguing about because as I mentioned by the time I got there they were already fighting, so I don't know who was in the wrong but I digress.

The whole point of this blog is his girlfriend. She was yelling "C'mon, leave it alone, let's go" "Please, leave it alone, that's it, it's done, let's go, get back in the car"

I sincerely feel for these women, you've seen them many times before, something is about to pop off (which her man probably started) and she makes it her business to get between him and whoever it is he is trying to fight. Sometimes she is successful in her task, sometimes she gets pushed to the side, or even worse, sometimes she gets hit being in the middle, but one thing is for sure she is always there trying to be the voice of reason to her man.
How do they do it? A better question is how does a nigga have so much pride that he has to prove to the next man he can beat him and not realize that his beautiful girl is right there in front of him tellin him to: "Let it go"

I don't know I just know I applaud those women, cause it cost them nuttin to think "Well he's a grown man, he wanna play tough guy and go fight the world well that's on him, my face is staying in one piece." Shit, that's what I would do.
So to you ladies who are the voices of reason for your men, those of you who keep your mans face in tact, and keep him outta jail or a body bag, hats off to you. You are mos def the logical ones in situations like these. God bless you and I pray your man don't get you hit one of these day.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Usual Suspects

S'Goin on ya?
I had a good day today, but I'm not in the mood to blog about it lol. Just know I enjoyed my day. As for my evening that was duked in the anal due to my phone being off, but whatever. I been in an artistic mood lately and whenever I'm feeling artistic I tend to get creative. Sometime slightly, and sometmes greatly. Well this time my creativity led to a Picture I decided I'd put together.

Check it Out:
(Click Picture to Enlarge)

"LtoR we have-
Kidd Johnson, Tony Sevario, Joe Salvatore, Dirty Joseph, Mylez Luciano, Kenny Salerno, Pretty Allen, Bull Capone, Francis Burke, and Jose Escobar

These men are Believed to be dangerous, do not be fooled by their charm and good looks. They usually target women and have been seen everywhere from the dance floors in Night Clubs and are frequently seen in Diners and restaurants throughout the five boroughs if not in their hideout in the Bronx section of New York"

Lol, as you can see I'm bored, but my bordem always strikes up creativity.
The picture was inspired by a picture taken and edited by a friend of mine Purp (check his wok out he's an amazing photographer--type his name into the search bar at the top left.) And the name "The Usual Suspects" is of course inspired by the movie, although I've never seen it I've always loved the name. Its like it says: "Not these guys again" or "You already know who it is, I don't have to tell you" and I feel that's what me and my close circle of friends say without saying anything whenever we are in attendance. Our presence is definitely felt.
Well, That's it for tonight, Hope ya enjoyed to picture. I'll be back next week with some dope topics for ya. Til then

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

11 Months of Love

What's goin on everyone? I was going through my computer (which has lost more than half of its hard drive space due to an excess amount of pics lol) and I realized that next month it will be one year that I got my baby Candace the Canon (my camera.) Til this day I can't think of any purchase that has made me happier. I love my camera and my photography is by far one of the greatest things I've ever come across... With that said I wanted to share with ya some of the pics I've taken in the past year, some not as great as others but all hold a special place in my heart because they are my vision, my art that I share with the world (you)

So with that said lets check em out:

 ^Ya should recognize this face^
Its my favorite Muse Ms. Alex-Andrea

^My big Brother from Another^
my boy Rich
(See how he feels about you? lol)

^My favorite Jamaican^
lol. My brotha P.B.M

^P.B.M's son^
The Prince Dejour
(I wish I had my camera when he still had a full head of hair)

^I call it^
"The Lime Light"
This is Kat, a friend I met through my boy Chris
(She's super cool)

^Everyone needs a Friend like Her^
This is Bebe
She's been mentioned on the blog before.
I call this one "New York Girl"

^I was just glad this guy lemme take his pic^
"Capital H"
By far one of my favorite pics thus far.

^I call this one "Vision"
this is my homegirl Tish.....'s Eyeball lol

^I love this Kid^
My nephew Jayden
Don't let the picture fool you, he's a handful

^Remember this one?^
This one is called "Come Test the Shooter"
featuring BXL

^"Tough Cookie"^
It was super Cold that day But Cookie did her thing

^This is my boy Blaze^
Part of my ongoing Tattoo project
Rightfully called "The Life I Chose"

^Tish's Arm^
I had forgot about this Picture
but I feel it tells a different story everytime.

^Brotherly Love^
Another one from the Tattoo project
Severe and Jun

^I LOVE this picture^
This is my Lil brother Rudy after his team finished
smackin the opponents in a game
(I just hope Nike doesn't sue me for this lol)

^Left in the Dark^
A shot of Devo from our first shoot together
I love the darkness in this Pic

^EHarmony Ad^
Severe Jones on the roof 
as the sun gets ready to set behind him

^Pardon my Back^
Joe Dirt
Pic is Self explanatory

^The Dark Knight^
This is a rare Picture of Buddy Mylez

^Another all-time Favorite^
"Like Father Like Son"
Kenny and KJ

^The Good Life^
Don't this Pic make you wanna Light ya Spliff?
Severe and Joe

^The BX Boys Them BX Boys^
Need I Say More?

^The Message^
Gotta love Gang Photography....

This is the view from a friends Window
(Needless to say I will not be back till my view is similar lol)

^Big City of Dreams^

^My City^
Via Brooklyn

^Vintage Eno Bull Photography^
This is soon after I got my Camera
(Had it been taken tonight the quality would have been much better
but I feel this shows my growth)


Well there you Have it! Trust me, I could be here forever posting Pics lol, But these are just a few that I felt were dope. To those of you who follow my work I'm sure you've seen some of these before and some you haven't seen!
To those of you who aren't as familiar with my work, Welcome! Stay a while and let me take your picture while your here lol.

Thank you to all of you who have ever left a comment on any one of my pictures, here or on FaceBook
to all those who have Blessed me with your presence and allowed me to capture your beauty through my 3rd eye, the camera lens Thank You.
All the Models, my brothers, Friends and all others, My photography wouldn't be as fun or relevant without you, again I thank you, and please Standby for another Year of "ENO BULL PHOTOGRAPHY"

Stay up, Say Cheese and Stay Tuned...

True to my Roots

What's goin on folks? How are all my Bull Penners doin?
I was sittin here at home listening to music when "What They Do" by the roots came on. Immediately, I remembered the video to the song... Do you remember it?

If you don't, here check it out and then we can discuss it:
What They Do - The Roots

(I would have posted the Vevo version, but it didn't have the captions and I felt that defeated the whole purpose of the video)

Did you see it?
This is quite possibly one of the greatest Hip-Hop videos of our time. The reason I say it is because aside from the great song, The Roots weren't scared to make fun and expose their peers in an artistic way. The captions in the video pretty much represent how I feel about a lot of the things the people of my generation do, it's relevant in more than just videos.

So often I think to myself "Yea? well why would you do it that way?" Or things of a similar nature. Now that i think about it, that's the whole reason i started this blog. This Blog is my "What they Do" video. That is in no way me trying to say I'm better than anyone or trying to put anyone else down, it's simply my way of saying that my train of thought is different than most. I've been told many times before that I am an "Old Soul" and I embrace that, I actually take pride in that and appreciate people noticing and saying so.

This is why I decided to blog about this video, my hats go off to The Roots for not allowing themselves to fall under the same category as all the other rappers when making this video. For not being scared to be different in any way.

Well, I hope ya enjoyed my post. be back with another one soon.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"1 Day left until My Death...

...Its gonna hurt a lot of lives, but imma cherish every breath!"

So I was on Twitter when Mylez posted a link to the freestyle to "24 Hours to Live that "Team Go-In" did. The song is stupid, and of course it reminded me of the original and brought me back to the thought I have eveytime I listen to the original: "What would I do with my last full day on Earth?"

So much I'd want to do with such little time, I think it would go a lil something like this:

I'd wake up and give my morning wood to the girl I trust most, tell her to roll with me as I make a few last trips to say bye to my family members. Shortly after I would somehow find a way to get my hands on a random car and go rob a couple corner stores and other businesses for as much as I can get away with, dump the car and stash the cash, while all this is taking place I'd tell this girl my life story, or at least as much of 22 years as I could with a few hours. When I'm done giving her the story of my life I would ask her to make sure my first born (hopefully) son (who we conceived earlier that morning) knows the story I just gave her, in hopes that he be a better man than his dad was.

I'd then drop her off and with my last couple of hours I'd spend some alone time with my immediate family, explain to my mom all the thing I had planned to do for her that I couldn't do anymore tell her I love her more than I love myself. Teach my lil brother all the things I've learned, tell him what to watch out for, let em know that no matter what I ever said or did to him I loved him more than any words could ever begin to explain (with tears in my eyes) I'd ask him to let me roll with him to wherever he'd wanna go for a while. I'd let my pops know that I understand he loves me and the feeling is mutual.

Before I die, I'd tell my mom where I left the stash, tell her to take that and do what she could with it, tell her that her grandson to be is gonna be another handful so be prepared for his coming.

More than anything I just wanna leave behind my legacy through my seed, and do any and everything in my power to make sure my mom is better off than she is now, even if just a lil bit. In the event of my untimely passing tho (of course we never know when we are gonna go) I say it all the time, I don't want anyone to cry or mourn my death. Come to my wake in sweats if it makes you comfortable, if you knew me you knew I was far from formal. Lol
Life is a short party, you gotta dance to your favorite song now and make it good cause the Dj will not spin it again.

so with all that said
Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eno's Wish List

What's goin on Bull Penners? Well It's no where near Christmas time, but so what, I was sittin hear and I was thinking of the things I wish I had. Don't get me wrong I appreciate allll the things I have and I don't take em for granted at all. But c'mon we all have a "Wish List" folder on our computer right? Don't lie to me, yes you do, if its not on your computer, its on your iPhone, Blackberry or in the back of your mind somewhere.... lol. Anyway

Mine should be called the "These are the things I would give my left nut and my Right Pinky finger for" List! lol
and without further a due, here they are:

^Never mind the Camera, I love my baby^
but that:
85mm 1.2 L-Glass Lens
is a must have

^Authentic Jordan 45 Jersey^
Oweee, Gimme a Minute
The kicks
A. Nike Air Yeezy's (Tan) sz. 9.5 or 10
B. Nike Air Penny Foamposites (Blue) sz. 10
C. Nike Air Dunk SB (Wheat Highs) sz. 9.5 or 10

^Gimme some Shade^
A. Louis Vuitton "Evidence" Shades (Black)
B. Cazal Shades (Any pair shown)
C. Maison Martin Margiela Mono Lens Shades
D. Carrera Aviators (Tortoise Shell Brown)
E. Ray-Ban Aviators (Gold)
 A. MacBook Pro (15" or 17" screen)
B. A New 160GB Classic iPod (either color)

So yea, you come across any of these (Authentic and Legit) and give them to me out of the Kindness of your heart I will give you my Left Nut or my Right Pinky finger. Hell I'd even be willing to give you a FREE Photo Shoot in exchange for any of these, that's how much I'd like to own these things lolol. 

But any way, I realized I don't share these things with my readers, so here you have it, a lil piece of me by way of My "Wish List" "These are the things I would give my left nut and my Right Pinky finger for"List. (Click Pics to Enlarge) Hope ya enjoyed.

Stay Up, get me these things and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pain is Only Temporary

What's goin on everyone? April already? Lol, well time waits for no man right?

So to those of you who follow me on Twitter you know that 2 weeks ago Tuesday was dubbed "TaTuesday" by yours truly. The reason for this cool name change is because it was the day that I was goin to get my new tattoo. I've been talkin about getting my chest tattooed for around a year and it finally came to reality on Tuesday, March 30th.
Before we get into the amazing Pics taken by my good friend Chris (CFK Photography) allow me to break down all the aspects of the six words that now lie across my chest.

Initially the tattoo was gonna read "Pain is Only Temporary" and the reasons for those words were simple (to me.)
See "Pain" is anything, not just physical discomfort, although physical pain is of course included it was more so intended for many other things. Like Mental anxiety, Financial instability, situations we go through with other that leave us hurt, etc.
The idea came to me a while back. I don't remember exactly what I was going through that left me in a slightly depressed mood but I quickly reminded myself that in time I will heal and get over whatever pain I was going through. So with that the idea of the words "Pain is Only temporary" was birthed.

As for "Truth Hurts"
That came about a week prior to my Tattoo date.
Buddy and I were sitting in a local Diner around the way waiting for some friends, and like usual, we began conversing about females. One of the topics we came across was the females we've dealt with that weren't honest to us... Lied to us, or did something that was dishonest in nature.
Throughout the conversation I remembered one of the greatest things my mom has ever taught me and that was: "The worst thing you can ever do is tell a lie, telling someone the Truth might hurt, but eventually they will get over it and continue to live their lives, but if you lie it hurts more when they find out because you didn't give them honesty." So I told Buddy what my mom told me and he remembered my pending tattoo idea, and said "Well those two phrases can easily be put together: 'Truth Hurts but Pain is only Temporary" instantly adding more, in-depth meaning to the tattoo.

So it now symbolized all the things that I just mentioned AND it also means now: "I'd rather you keep it real with me, don't worry about my feelings, tell me the truth no matter how hard it might hurt, It will only hurt for a portion of the time that it would if you lie to me" get it? So when I finally went to go see my artist Matt ( -- Remember I mentioned him a few times on the Blog?) Those are the words I gave him to draw out for me "Truth Hurts Pain is Only Temporary" the rest is history.....

Hope I was clear in what i shared with you, and with all that said I give you my Tattoo session via a few pictures, enjoy!

So remember folks, for those of you who already know me, those of you who will someday meet me, anyone who I have a relationship with remember I have thick skin and it take a lot to hurt me, so rather than lie I Expect you to give me the truth, TRUST me, I can handle it.

Click Image to Enlarge
Stay up and Stay Tuned!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Go Talk to Her

I was at the corner store of my block earlier with my cousin Severe when a few of the neighborhood children (ages 14-16) showed up. Now never mind the fact that its a thursday night and they are out minutes to midnight, but something that happened in the following minutes sort of amazed me.

A young lady (approx. 2 or 3 years older than them) walked out of the store and stood outside to wait for her bus.
Severe signaled to one of them and suggested that he go and say hello. The young mans response (in a sort of "Nah I'm too cool" tone) was "Nah, she too old for me" Severe then told another of the 3 "Go talk to her" the young man went into a nervous giggle and also said "Nah, she too old"

Now, this amazed me!
Allow me to explain to you why. Given I'm not around these kids 24-7 but in my neighborhood (which has calmed down since the early to mid 90's) everyone knows its the preteens, teenagers and young adults that are causing all the trouble now-a-days. If its not loitering in numbers that exceed 50 people and attracting attention from rival groups, its walking around with Guns, killing people on the roof.

I won't get into major details.
So before I stray too far away from the subject, I'd like to tell ya'll why I was amazed.
In my head I thought to myself:

"Wow, these lil kids are willing to pull a trigger at the drop of a dime and kill a stranger, they are anxious to prove to their peers that they are tough and will fight anyone at any moment, but ask them to exchange a few harmless words with someone of the opposite sex and they freeze and go into shock" what the hell part of the game is that?

I feel that so much of this, from their violent behavior to their inability to be social outside of their own circles comes from bad parenting, young mothers, and lack of father figures. There's honestly not much more I care to speak of on this topic just wanted to share that with you.

So to all the young boys and young men from around my way, I can sincerely say I wish you all the best, I understand you live in world of confusion and misguided role models and that's not your fault. I pray ya stray away from the paths you've taken and find another that will lead to good. Til then, stay outta trouble lil niggas.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.