Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Sexy's Erotica Diary - Entry: "Driving her Wild"

Shout outs to my Isha Baby for helpin out with the title.
So I was chillen the other day, and Outta the blue the memory of my first time came to mind. So me being the poet/writer/artistic man that I am, I decided I would translate my feelings into words and share those words with ya. So without further a due, enjoy, my first Erotica Passage speaking of "My First Time".

Remember your first time? I do, I was 13 years old, She was just a year older than me. (I've loved them older than me since day 1) She had beautiful black hair, and I told her I was nervous, so please be gentle. So many people I knew had taken her around the block a few times, but I knew what we had was special.

So now I have her opened. I strapped up and get in, I'm instantly overwhelmed with her warmth and comfort. I adjust myself, and now she's turned on. Slowly I move in and out, til finally we both have momentum and a consistent flow, both moving as one. I hear all my peers voices in my head telling me how I have to take it easy or it could lead to trouble, I quickly phase the voices out and do my own thing.

I turn the music down a little lower and listen to her purr in my ear. I assure myself that this is the way I should be doing it and occaisionally she would jerk to let me know if I was doing something wrong. I looked at her, she looked at me and finally after 15 minutes we both reached our climax.....

So to Alexus, thank you for the experience baby.... Til this day I still love driving that car!

Stay up and Stay Tuned people, and remember to always use Protection. lolol

Friday, March 26, 2010

Can you Hear Me?

So I was chillen with the fellas at Dirt's crib for his birthday (Happy Birthday brotha) and Che was DJ'in like he usually does. And for the record I effin LOVE when Che DJ's cause I feel he and I have very similar taste in music. So "Sexes on Fire" by Kings of Leon comes on and I lost my cool, I got up, started singing along pretending to be the lead singer performing the song, Perse was pretending to be the drummer, Che pretendin to be the Base player, it pretty much turned into Karaoke lol.

Lemme tell ya somethin about me, if you went through my iPod I think you'd even look at me different. I have such a vast collection of Genres, Artist, and a song to cater to someone from any and all different walks of Life. So stuff like that gets me hype. From AFI, to Lindsay Lohan, to Lenni Williams to Jay-Z to Rick James. I got it all.

See Hip-Hop is my favorite genre, and chances are it always will, but I feel the people of my generation have forgotten about those days in the living room when their parents were kindly being asked: "Let's Groove Tonight" by Earth, Wind and Fire" Same with new music that isn't Hip-Hop. See there's nuttin wrong with Drake and Gucci Mane, but there's so much more music out there that I'm sure you don't know of and might actually like.

So with that said, I wanna share a few of my favorite pop alternative joints with ya in hopes that ya lend an ear to something other than the 7 song rotation on Hot 97:

"Tonight's Today" by Jack Penate

"Send it off to the Universe" by Samantha James

"Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs

"Electric Feel" by MGMT

"Sexes on Fire" by Kings of Leon

Check these out with an open mind folks, I know they are different to some of you, but sometime a difference is needed...

Stay up and Stay Tuned

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bull For Mylez is Here!!


Whats oin on Bull Penners, for those of you who have been following me and my Blog for some time now, you are quite familiar with my cousin Buddy Mylez. You should also be familiar with talks of he and I starting our own Reality/Variety show entitled "Bull for Mylez" well its been in the works for a while now, and has been more anticipated than Dr. Dre's Detox album as my cuzzo Capital H said! LOL. Well The show is Finally Here!

Are You excited? I know I am! Check it Out:

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For any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything Contact us @

Buddy Mylez: @BuddyMylez
Eno Bull (that's me) @EnoBull

Stay Up and Stay Tuned....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Girlfriend, Fiancé, Wife

What's goin on Bull Penners, thank you for returning yet again. How's everyone doing?

So yesterday I was hanging out with two good friends of mine, and while talking to them we somehow came across the topic of spouses. Them being females they seemed to be under the impression that a man will respect them more the higher their title is. Those title being Girlfriend, Fiancé, Wife.

Now I find this a bit strange. See as a man, I've been taught to respect women regardless of anything. Granted, my girlfriend will receive a higher level of respect than a random female walking on the street, and that's not to say I will disrespect the one on the street either. However as far as respect goes, I feel that the title means little to nothing. Allow me to explain why. I feel there is no difference between us living together for 8-10 years, having a dual income, knowing each others families, sharing all we have, etc. and being married, see the only thing that changes from common law Marriage and Marriage is a simple piece of paper, and if you know my views on degrees and diploma's than you already know how I feel about a marriage certificate. So what's up ladies? You need a piece of paper to tell us what I already know? That I love you, wanna spend the rest of my life with you, that I wanna watch our children grow and become better people than we were? Nah, I think I know what it is:

I feel women are too hung up on society's rules and material things such as a wedding ring. I wonder, if I had a $5K diamond engagement ring, and proposed to a friend who I've known for about a year or so, would she say yes just because she is mesmerized by the ring? To the women reading now, would you say yes to a friend who proposed with the ring of your dreams? Regardless of your current relationship status.... I bet you said no. Ok. On the flipside, if I had a girlfriend for two years and I proposed with a $350 engagement ring would she be upset that the ring is not bigger and shinier? I thought the idea behind marriage was to share your life with the person you love, not to go and show off the ring I got you and compare it with your girlfriends and brag about who's is bigger. I can asure you tho, the ring doesn't keep you warm at night nor does it tell you "I love you" each morning. But anyway, before I stray away too far from the topic, I told my friends: I feel that if a man respects you more or less depending on your title he is a fool. Me personally I'm gonna love my girlfriend more each day, even when she is giving me a headache and I am gonna respect her the same everyday, because my level of respect for her will be at the utmost from day one. So if and when I get on one knee and propose to her I'm not gonna think: "She's my fiancé now, I gotta respect her more." No, if anything I was giving you the respect of a fiancé back when you were just my girlfriend, and the same level of respect will still be there the day we say "I Do" because that's the way it should've been all along.

So this is why these titles mean little to nothing in my head. I know plenty of people who were living together un married or un engaged when they conceived and had their first child, and even their second child for that matter. So if we already share everything and love, live and supposrt each other, technically we already are married. Unless your already thinking about the end and taking half of everything he owns I don't see the huge infatuation with marriage. This ofcourse is just my opinion. Well, I feel I've said enough. Please leave your comments and let me know how you feel about this topic.

Said on one Knee:
Stay Up and Stay Tuned, lol.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

In a Good Mood/Tattoo Story

What's going on everyone? First and foremost I would like to thank God above for allowing me to open my eyes yet again today, for giving me the opportunity to continue on this journey we all call life.
It is a glorious and beautiful day here in my city of New York and I intend to enjoy it, as I hope you will.

Now on to business... This morning I woke up in a very unusual mood, I woke up with a smile, and I sincerely felt happy. You'd think I woke up next to a beautiful woman, in a master bed room facing the ocean and several bank accounts with endless zeroes. This however wasn't the case, I woke up alone (and that I know of I am still single), still in my room in my mothers house and I'm still broke like you wouldn't believe. So why was I so Happy? I have NO idea, but I did the same thing I usually do when I'm in that mood (which is at most twice a year) I didn't question it, I saw mommy and said: "good morning mom" as she walked out the door, I continued to smile as I walked to the bathroom and took care of whatever it is people do in the bathroom lol, and I enjoyed the feeling....

Now of course these moments are short lived and due to a few things that ensued the feeling has went out the window, but that's okay, all I hope is that it reaches someone else and fills them with the same good mood it hit me with (Pause) Now I'm back to my usual mood, I'm not Happy but I am far from sad, Enjoying my music and speaking to ya via the words I type on my keyboard. Either way I felt that this should all be documented, so that next time I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I have a written visual aid as to what it felt like to be happy. Also I felt this was a PERFECT time to explain my last tattoo to you, because it just so Happens that all that I have felt today is what the tattoo represents!

^My Rose^

As you can see from the Picture above, It is a single stem and rose intertwined with flames.
Now before you 'gasp' and assume anything allow me to explain. I came up with the idea for this design about 4-5 years ago.
It represents Life and Death

Rose: The rose being a life form in its self represents life, it both breaths and creates oxygen so that other things like us humans can live... often given as gifts to show some form of love.

Flames: The flames represent the inevitable; that being death, the end of all things....

I intertwined the two to create a tangible image of Life and Death without having to use/tattoo any words. Another element to the Tattoo are the Rose pedalS, the stem, and the thorns. All of which represent other aspects of life.

The Stem: to me the stem represents the road we take. The decisions we make each day and live with for the rest of our lives.

The Thorns: the thorns represent the obstacles, trials and tribulations that we go through on that road each day. The struggle we endure to fight and live to see another day...


The Pedals: To me, The Pedals actually represent the days. Some days are longer than other, some are more stressful, some happy, some sad, some indifferent. And so that's why all the pedals are uneven and imperfect.

When completed and colored in, the tattoo will be black and grey, because that is the style that I love, plus color wouldn't show as well on me. However, one of the Pedals (just one) will be red amongst all the black ones... do you want to know why? Because that one red pedal will represent the one day like today, the beautiful, bright sunny sky'd Sunday when I wake up in a great mood, and I am happy for no reason. No matter how short lived, or how brief that feeling and mood is here, there's always that ONE day!

Thank You for spending your time with me and embarking on this emotional rollercoaster lol. Hope you enjoy your Sunday as I intend to enjoy mine.

Stay up! and Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ladies, Ladies Ladies, this one is for ya.
Fellas feel me on this one.

Imma try to make this one short.

Ladies I have a question. And when I say "Ladies" I mean, Girls, Women, Females period (I don't wanna hear that bs, "That's why you need to mess with women, not girls" ish)
Now ladies, I ask you, what is it that ya see in frontin? Why do ya continue to say things knowin good and Cot Damn well ya don't mean it. What am I talkin about you ask? I'll tell you. I'm talkin bout the "You aint gittin none of this" or the "I'm a good girl" disclaimer lol. Its so cute but honestly, cut it out.

Fellas, tell me ya feel me on this one. Lol.

Perfect example, I've been in situations where a girl told me on the phone prior to comin to visit me: "We not gonna F#*k" or "Don't get any ideas, aint nuttin goin down" and believe it or not, I respect that, I don't believe it, but I respect it. Regardless of her saying that, and without me forcing anything, the moment comes where she is in my room and before you know it she is buckit Nekit on top of me and life is good for the both of us. Lol.

So when girls come and tell me "I'm a good girl" I tell them straight up, "C'Mon baby, all that means to me is you gonna make me work for it still don't make you a good girl tho." Lol.

I mean I'm sayin all this with all due respect, I'm not tryna play ya, I'm just asking why ya do it? Would it really kill you to say somethin like: "I'm feelin you too, imma put it on ya ass when I catch you" I'll admit, I've come across females who have told me such things, but for the most part its always the disclaimer.

Understand, that WHATEVER a man feels for you is not gonna change after you give him the drawers. If he honestly sincerely likes you prior, he will honestly and sincerely like you after, if in his head you are just a JumpOff prior, then guess what, in his head you'll STILL be a JumpOff after. Lol.

So help me out ladies, explain to me why ya give us the Disclaimer.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.