Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Bucket List

So my Big brother from another Joe posted a Status Message on FaceBook that simply said: "What do you wanna do before you die?"

Needless to say that status lit a fire under my ass and I thought of the million and one things I want to do before I Go. And so I decided I'd share with ya!

- I want Travel and see the world
- I want to enjoy cigar on the shore of a beach in Italy
- I want to take pictures in the Ghettos of the Dominican Republic
- I want to Conceive both my children somewhere overseas and see to it that they are born in my hometown
- I want to own a 1964 Chevey Impala convertible coupe(ya knew this one was comin)
- I want to drive a Ferrari
- I want to throw out the first pitch at a Yankee home game
- I want to surf in Hawaii
- I want to propose in a huge way. And by huge I mean its perfect for my lady down to the last detail.
- I want to start my own clothing line
- I want to own a Pet Lion, no matter how brief.
- I want to design and release my very own Nike Air Max 1's
- I wanna SnowBoard
- I wanna meet Jay-Z, and even if for whatever reason he brushes me off, I wanna let em know, he's STILL my favorite rapper.
- I want to go on a cross country road trip with my lil brother
- I want to go to the Nike Campus in Beaverton Oregon
- I want to meet and get acquainted with Alicia Keys
- I wanna see the statue of 'Cristo' in Brazil - see Brazil Period.
- I want to learn some BMX tricks.
- I want to see the Pyramids in Egypt
- I want to race my cousin Kenny on a Highway. Closed off or active, we only live once lol.
- I want to drive a Motor Cycle
- I want to buy my mom a House wherever the hell she wants it.
- I want to Fix and restore a Car with my father.
- I want to live to see the movie of my life be made and released.

These of course are in no particular order... and I'm sure there is more but I can't think of any at the moment. More than anything the list is here to remind me, to remind all of us that life is too short, and we have to make the best of it now, What's on your list? Get busy living, or Get busy dying.

Stay up, Stay Alive, and Stay Tuned

Sunday, February 21, 2010

7 Rides to Heaven

What's going on everybody? Anybody who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of quality and I tend to be more intrigued by things that are older as apposed to the things that are new... For the exception of electronic gadgets and devices I absolutely Love things older than me. From Art, to music, to movies, and style, hell even Women. Shout outs to all you beautiful Cougars and Pumas out there, especially.... I digress. Lol.

But amongst these things cars are one of if not my favorite of all old things.

I've been a car fanatic for as far back as I can remember. All my Life I've loved cars. Sports cars, Exotic cars, Luxury cars, Concept cars and especially Classic cars. See I like new Cars, and I appreciate the fact that technology has advanced so much that without ever being in a certain place your navigator system can tell you which direction to go and which road to take.

BUT: when it comes to the comparison of vehicles, nothing compares to the look and idea of me driving down the West Side Highway in a 1987 Cadillac Brougham, fully restored with a Brand new paint job and nicely polished chrome bumpers and door handles, with a License plate that says 'IAM GROWN.' OOOOWWWWEEEE!

You see, I'm really not like any other dude you know. I love and have a deep respect for classic anything. So the navigator systems, push button engine starts, turning headlight, bluetooth and all that other jazz is highly un necessary to me: so here are the 7 Dream cars that I WILL own before I die. Starting with my All time Favorite, Ultimate Dream Car. My real fans should know what it is by now:

1964 Chevrolet Impala
Convertible Coupe:
^I fell in love with this car the first time I saw it in "Boyz N' the Hood" driven by Dough Boy played by Ice Cube. (His was a 63 though) It was this same champagne color, a Lowrider with all the golden accents, bumpers, etc. After doing some research and and falling in love with Lowriders this car became my Ultimate Dream car. If I never own any car other than this one I don't mind!

1963 Cadillac Coupe Deville
Convertible Coupe:
^ You think Travis Barker loves Cadillacs? Okay, I gotta admit, I don't love em as much as he does lol. But I guarantee you this, his love for them has mine beat by only an ounce, if even that much! I first saw this beautiful Car in some magazine who's name at the moment slips my mind. I was young, and I fell in love with it, from the fins over the tail lights, the beautiful chrome grill and headlights, the hub caps etc. Til this day I shiver when I see it.

1987 Cadillac Brougham
Hard Top Sedan:
^ I've loved this car since the first time I laid eyes on it. I must have been 5 or 6 and this old man in my grandparents building had one in Powder Blue. Oh man, it had these same wheels and white wall tires. The headlights, the Grill, the emblem above the grill, the word "Cadillac" engraved in the rear view mirror oooh man, Gimme a minute.... LOL!

1987 BMW 325i
Convertible Coupe:
^ This one I honestly can't remember when I saw, but I was reminded of it when I saw it in the 2002 film "Paid in Full." The same Cherry Red, its just such a beautiful car and BMW has been my favorite make since I was a 7 or 8 year old child. Something about the double box Grill and Blue and white logo just do it for me. I can see myself driving this one down the block with some gold BBS Racing rims. Wait til you see me in this one.

1987 BMW 735i
Hard top Sedan
^ This to me is just an amazing machine. BEAUTIFUL, and aside from BMW being my favorite make of cars, 1987 is the year I was born, so the idea of driving a car that as old as I am is for lack of a better word: Amazing!

1993 Honda Accord
Hard Top Coupe:
^ Now I'm from a lil borough in New York called The Bronx, and out here Hondas are about the only things that are reliable. LOL, AMAZINGLY fuel efficient, and this one in particular is just a timeless classic in my opinion. The big rectangular tail lights, the thin line grill and Headlights, its just a classic in my eyes! and i wont tell you what I have planned for this one, but its Big!

and last but most certainly not least

2005 BMW 745li
Hard Top Sedan:
^ Gimme a minute of Silence for this one right here....... Geez Louis! Where do I begin... I still remember when this car was released to the public! To me, it was like nothing I'd ever seen before, the designs, the engineering, even the look of the head lights and tail light made me all but erect, and maybe even that! Lmao BMW hit another one out the park with this one, and til this day I love it when I see it. I thik I'll get this in all black.

I know what your thinkin: 'What, these are dream cars? No Lamborghini's, no Ferrari's, Phantoms and Maybachs?"

Yes Cot Dammit, YES!
who knows I might lease all of those other cars, but these 7 I plan on owning, no payments, no nuttin! I want every last on of em in the driveway and I want the titles in my hand! For the exception of the Honda, I plan on doing very little to each, subtle fabrications and heavy restoration. Well, yet again, I've let ya into my mind state, hope ya enjoyed it as much as I did. when i get them I wanna come pick ya up so ya can ride with me.

So in a few days listen for the Horn! lol
Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Another Premier -- BX Boyz

Whats Goin on Bull Penners, first and foremost I cannot begin to thank everyone who has been loggin on and readin my posts. I've repeatedly mentioned that I started my blog so that I can vent and that its more therapeutic for me than anything. So to know that I am being listened to by all of you is beyond highly appreciated.

With all that being said I got another treat for ya! We all know I'm a true New Yorker, Born and raised. More specifically I am a Bronx Boy Baby! Bronx Bomber til the casket drops no matter where I ever move to. The Bronx, the birthplace of Hip-Hop, the birthplace of dem BX Boyz--BXL: By now you may and should know who they are... They go by the names Buddy Mylez, Joe Dirt, and Severe Persy Jones! They back with another one for ya, allow them to re introduce themselves with their new song and video.

BXL - BX Boyz

Dope Right? Reminiscent of real Hip-Hop!

I want ya to interact with them, not only am I a true fan, but these guys are all my big brothers! Follow them on Twitter -

Buddy Mylez - @BuddyMylez
Joe Dirt - @JoeDirt730
Severe Persy Jones - @SevereJones
BXL - @BXLMusic

Not only the Bronx, but real Hip-Hop is back!
Stay up and Stay Tuned!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, Did you Hear the Rumor About....?

You know what man... I'm finally going to address a topic that has had me pissed off since I've been about 13. This one may take a while.

For those of you who know your favorite celebrity's every move, YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER!

Ok, first allow me to explain where all of this is coming from: As you may or may not know Tiger Woods addressed the press and publically apologize for his marital infidelity. Me personally I didn't see it, I didn't care to see it, and I don't care, Period! You see I'm not a fan of Tiger Woods, with all due respect to him, but golf is not and nor will it ever be my cup of tea. Let me tell you who I am a fan of: I loved Michael Jackson, til this day Jay-Z is my favorite rapper, I don't care way too much for Kelis but I am a fan of her music and Nas is my dude. HOWEVER: by "Fan" I don't mean stalker, un official self proclaimed agent, I don't mean Public Relations person. So for people to know a celebrity's every move and seemingly be effected by them pisses me the eff off! I.E. - may he rest in peace, but even while he was alive I never believed that Michael was guilty of all the things he was being accused of. You can sit there read this and think to yourself "Yea Right, sure you didn't" but I am being sincere. Another example: when rumors were going around that My favorite Rapper Jay-Z was dating, seen or married to Beyonce again, I guess I was Happy for the man, but I DIDN'T CARE! And then this whole Nas and Kelis thing, with him getting her tattooed on his arm, her hitting him with a ridiculous child support case, etc. etc. I know of these issues but again, I DON'T CARE! Why? I'll tell you why.

For starters, none of these muh fuckahs pay my bills, put food on my table, clothes on my back or money in my pocket. I won't ride in the back a Maybach like Hov by simply knowing he has one! Aside from that fact, these people are just that: "People" and all you dumb followin sons of bitches seem to forget that. Yes, they are entertainers, but that's just it, entertainers, they are here to entertain us, make our day go by smoother through their music, or make our evening that much more exciting by watching them play their sport. But what these "Entertainers"/(Regular People otherwise) do on their own personal time, while they are not in the studio recording your favorite song, or while they are not on the field or court playing the sport that you love them for, or in front of the camera filming the movie you watch endlessly is THEIR BUSINESS, not yours. And the fact that people forget this bothers me. You see, if 'Rapper #5', bought 'Singer #9' a X-amount of Million dollar ring, you shouldn't care. If 'Movie Star #3' hooked up with 'Athlete #4' you shouldn't care. Why would you wanna care? How does that effect you in anyway? Is 'Movie Star #3' your best friend? Do you guys hang out, and have sleep overs and reminisce about the days you met in the lunch room? No? Well shit, you could have fooled me. Is your life THAT boring that you feel the need to know these people's every move? I don't understand it, someone please help me understand the idea behind it all. For you to care that Lil Wayne was seen taking a piss in the stall of McDonald's is just plain ridiculous. Its unfair to make Tiger have a press conference and publically apologize to anyone when the only person he owes an apology to is the person who was personally effected; his wife.

The whole Chris Brown and Rihanna thing, if you ask me, we're only hearing one side of the story, (like I've been saying) I don't care, but that young man looks like he wouldn't harm a fly if it landed on his face, not saying he's an angel, but whatever, I believe his attack was provoked, so for Rihanna to rise from the situation like a phoenix from the ashes is all fine and dandy but now poor Chris will never reach the level in his career that he would've had this situation not taken place. My question is: why do you care so much? But I digress.

Lord knows this is why I don't want fame, because I don't feel I owe anyone anything. If I am a rapper than my one and only job is to keep bangin out hit after hit and putting it on the radio for you to enjoy and bop your head to while you drive to and from work. If I am an athlete than the only thing I owe you is a show anytime you buy a ticket to my game or turn on your TV to watch me. Who I was seen with at the hottest restaurant in town, with 'Ms. Celebrity X', or the new Ferrari I just bought, or how much I paid for my house is (again) NONE OF YOUR COT DAMN BUSINESS. So please folks, how about you stop caring about these things so much, so that they can walk half a city block without being harassed by Papparrazzi, stop caring so that private pictures of them and their children don't end up on the covers of tabloids, stop caring so that they can enjoy their lives the same way you enjoy yours uninterrupted by the bullshit they have to deal with on a day to day basis. Stop caring about their new Tattoo, stop caring about what they were seen wearing at the Basketball game, let these human beings live their lives. Its ok to be a fan, but there's a difference between being a fan, and being obsessed, figure out which one you are and try to act accordingly.

Stay Up, Stay Tuned, and Stay out of my Business, please and Thank You!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Wonder Land


First off, whats goin on ya'll? As I'm sure you can see I am hype. I'm sure your wondering, "Why is he so hype?" I'll tell you why. I just got back from working with my home girl Agie (Pronounced A' jee) and she modeled her ass off in the snow for me and Candace (my camera!)

Originally the idea came to me to do a photo shoot sometime after the first major snowfall earlier in the year/late last year. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and neither did it happen after the next snowfall, so after the blizzard we had last week I was determined to do it. Agie had told me on Twitter that she wanted some new pics, so immediately I knew she would be the one to help me execute my idea! Amongst my ideas was one of a Model in the cold Winter in control of a big dog! Immediately my nephew (my cousin's dog) Bronx came to mind. I could have used juno but her color is not as solid as Bronx' is and she is not as well behaved as he is.

Bronx is a beautiful 2 yr. old red nosed Pitbull, with Greenish Yellow eyes and he has to weigh AT LEAST 85 lbs.

I asked Agie if she was scarred of dogs, in particular large Pitbulls lol, she told me yes but then asked if he bites, After telling her that he didn't she was a lil more confident working with him. When she met him at first it was hard for her to shake off her fear of such an intimidating looking dog, I don't blame her, I know grown men that wouldn't have stood next to him. But Agie was a soldier! Thanks again Agie. So here are some of the pics so far:

^^ Agie and Bronx ^^
(Click pic to see Biger)

^^ Agie again ^^

^^ Lady in Red ^^

I love the contrast that is created by the red coat in the blue and white winter background!
And that's it for now, there's a whole bunch more, but you know i like to tease ya'll!
lol. HA! and follow my home Girl on Twitter: @MsVibrantthang

So stay Up and Stay Tuned for more!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

And her Name was...

What's goin on Bull Penners. Today I want to talk to ya about a bitch I know. Please believe me when I tell you I try my hardest to avoid the use of that word unless the bitch in question is Juno my dog. But sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and the bitch I'm talking about today is named Rejection. I'm sure many of you have met her once or twice.

For me I met her at a young age.....
You see I wasn't always the seemingly confident, and somewhat cocky, smooth talker I am today, and I guess in part I have Rejection to thank for that. I used to be the shy quiet type that would see a girl I liked and would just sit and hope that the words to say would come to me in my ear and I'd deliver them well enough to make her melt. So needless to say I spent many years with crushes who I did nothing with. So whenever I would work up the courage to go say "Hey, what's up?" It was awkward and I'd probably shake and maybe stutter or ruin it somehow. Lol. Damn, looking back I laugh cause I would be so nervous and now I think: "what the hell for?" But anyway, this lead to a lot of rejection, either my approach was all wrong, or I became friends with the girls I liked and by the time I dropped the bomb on them that I liked them I would be hit with the: "But we're just friends" or "I'm sorry Ed, I don't like you like that" and just like that I'd run face first into a wall and that "Friendship would be over faster than it started. So what did I do? I built an immunity, before you knew it getting shut down was just a part of my game, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, because it taught me all the things NOT to do. So of course with the help of all my big Brothers, and my own personal experience, I began to develop my confident ways. Safe to say that after the first two or three girls that I so easily bagged it all started becoming second nature. So why do I still hold a grudge with Rejection and call her a bitch. I'll tell you why she hit me with the remix not too long ago. Lol.

We all know its Human nature to want the person who wants nothing to do with us, and ignore the one who's heart beats for us. And I can say I've know been on both sides of that coin, Rejection showed her ugly face again, but this time she waited a while. Rejection waited for me to become friends with Acceptance. Allow me to tell you how.

See after all these years, and it has been quite a few, I found myself dealing with a young lady that I liked very much. Things were going great and we were enjoying each others company, but after a few months and one night in particular (don't worry bout what happened you nosey bastards lol) I was hit with the "This is not gonna work-but we can still be friends" lolol. WHAT?! C'mon sweetheart I know what "we can still be friends" means. Now had this been told to me on our initial meeting, or even a few days in, I would have thought nothing of it--but this time around I was Rejected (with no warning) AFTER things had been goin well. So although this wasn't my girlfriend, (which is even more reason for me not to care at all) I looked at this as being dumped, and not having happened before, even with my ex it sorta took a toll on me. You expect to be dumped around 15 or 16 by your high school girlfriend, but to deal with it at 22 is like catching the Chicken Pox at 31, you pretty much wonder how the hell you made it this far without it and hope the feeling is over with quickly.

So anywho, this that's what I wanted to talk to ya about again. For those who are wondering or even care, I'm not bothered by the situation anymore, I just had to vent about it to finally get it off my chest.

I'm back to normal now, not caring about much, being the smooth talker, and being successful with the never ending pursuit of pum. Lmao. And to Rejection, nice try hun, you almost had me, but I shook you off like I been doin for quite sometime. Better luck with the next chump bitch! Ha ha!

Stay Up Ya, and please Stay Tuned!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Eatin Chicken and Rice...

So very shortly after The Clipse and Cam'Ron released their joint "Back by Popular Demand" BXL got in the studio and continued to grind and did a lil freestlye of a similar nature... By now, I'm done tellin ya what you SHOULD already know. So with more said then needed, here's yet another BXL joint:

Popular Demand (Freestyle)

and again follow my brothers:
Joe Dirt @JoeDirt730
Severe @SevereJones
Buddy Mylez @BuddyMylez

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned

Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Bonnie and Clyde: Part I

It was an early Tuesday morning when Clyde received a call from a good and close friend asking him if he could swing by the old neighborhood and handle some business with some old friends.
Clyde was never much a morning person, he was usually up very late and was by now used to waking up very late, but that's neither here nor there.

"Tommy the Gun needs you to come around and help him with that "Thing" he's workin on" said the faint half asleep voice on the other end of Clyde's phone. "Dammit Pete, look at the time" said Clyde, "I know Clyde, but its gotta be done you see? Can you do it or not"
"Well you tell me, have I ever been known to leave a friend without my assistance? I'll be there around 2:30"

So after getting ready and having breakfast (which he hadn't done in about a year) Clyde got in his car and said a prayer behind the wheel "Lord, you know I don't have a license, so I pray that you get me to my destination safe without any of these bitch ass Coppers stopping me and giving me heat" with his prayer said Clyde put the car in gear and drove off.

Chapter II-
Clyde arrived at Tommy the Gun's shop around 2:25, he arrived safe proving to him again that prayer before crime often does the trick. So he sees Tommy and walks in, forgetting that being double parked could get him a ticket. He walked in the shop, discussed a few things with Pete and came back out, before he could reach his car he saw a pig scanning the registration papers "Nah, Copper what gives?" said Clyde.

"Ahhhh, well if it isn't Clyde Davidson of the Bronx, the most dangerous criminal in all our city" said the officer who was writing Clyde a ticket. "Criminal? I'm a working man just like you, you Scum, Pig Bitch" replied Clyde "Ahh well call me what you want clyde but you owe the city $1000 large ones for this one" "A whole f*%kin Grand Copper? Nah, c'mon" Clyde decided that he'd bite the bullet, cause if he were asked for his license he'd surely be taken in for driving without one "Alright Copper"

Clyde then decided to have a quick beer with Tommy and then leave, "well Gun, I'm gonna go get my lady, It's early afternoon and I'm sure by now she's missing me" said Clyde, "thanks again Clyde, your a great guy, I don't care what anyone says about you" replied Tommy.
"Ahhh git outta heeere"

Chapter III-
Clyde arrived at his ol' lady Bonnie's home shortly after sending her a text, politely asking her to have her ass on the curb in 15 minutes. Of Course he arrived and she was still upstairs powdering her nose. "What give toots, I told you be down here in 15"
Bonnie Replied "Well I had to powder my nose babe, I can't be seen without my face, you know" Clyde replied with a strong and sudden "Baarghhh"

They drove back to Clyde's home where they often hid out and relaxed. "Put this in the glove box" Bonnie took the ticket Clyde handed to her and opened the glove box, where thousands of unpaid tickets were and spilled out. They arrived to Clyde's home and decided to watch some movies before they took a roll in the hey. Shorty after Bonnie suggested they lite a Cigar (the illegal kind of course) and go at it again. Clyde not being a fan of cigar smoke in his pad decided, "well fine, but we're gonna smoke it in the car." Once they were in the car they had begun and it wasn't long before the police showed up. "Ahhh shit!" Said Clyde in a disgusted tone. "What is it Clyde?" Replied Bonnie, "Its Johnny Law-you do the talking, you know how these things work" the police came to the window of their car and asked them to roll the windows down "Well well well, look who we have here boys, its Bonnie & Clyde"

"What do you want you Pig Bitch? An autograph" "Now now Clyde, watch that tone, we know you too are responsible for that Bank Heist on 149th and Third, so I say you co-operate and let us do our job" Clyde stayed quite and went with the original plan of letting Bonnie do the talking.

"This car stinks to High Heaven of Marijuana and Booze, I'm gonna need you two to step out of the car" said the officer

Bonnie and Clyde stepped out and their car was searched, nothing was found so the officers had nothing to take them in on but suspicion and hate.

"Ha ha ha ha" Clyde laughed, "Are we done here copper, I'd like to take my lady upstairs and get more familiar with her anatomy." The officer red with fury and anger said "GET OUTTA HERE" Bonnie and Clyde drove off into the sunset happy and uncaught.

but what happened next was not such a happy ending story.....

Stay up and Stay Tuned!