Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bull Pen x Lavish Life Collab

Eno: Whats goin on Bull Penners and Lavish Lifers, yes I said the Lavish Life, I'm here with my cuz Capital H, of http://juscapitalh.blogspot.com/ (If you aint up on his blog you need to be... one of the very few that I follow--go check it out now) and we been goin back and forth for a minute now, discussion a collaboration post. So fasten ya seat belt, its gonna be a fast smooth ride! (Pause)

Capital H: MANNNNN!!!! This Is Major Out Here First Callabo Of Many! If You Aint Know We RUN This Blog Shit! So You Are Now A Part Of HISTORY!! Get Ready For Fly Shit To Bless Your Screen!!! YESSSS! (Hov Voice)...

Eno: Aight first order of Business, a few weeks ago cuzzo mentioned a new Benz, now me being the ill car fanatic I am it was only right I go to Google and educate myself on the beast, and boy oh boy was I blown away! By now you probably asking yourself which car it was: I won't keep ya waitin any longer: here it is-

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
^^This is the Mercedes-Benz SLS-AMG that Our Lord Jesus Christ
drives around the streets of Heaven!^^

All I can say is hjdksba hjk dhdsjbkhjd hbyhewhj - Thats literally all I can say, I was left SpeechLess, Ayo H, how you feel about this bad boy?

Capital H: SHEEEEESSHHH!!!! I Ain't Even Wanna Let Ya See This!!! Like Your First Day Of School Outfit!!! Nobody Seein That Shit!!! But this car is the epitome of when God assembles a vehicle! I would just hop out this shit and Ghost Ride it like them niggaz do in Oakland lol I don't even think the owner of Mercedes is driving this car around. Once the doors go up is OVA! This is what STYLE is you could keep those Lambos.. Give me this and a model bitch and I'm GOOD! (Clipse Voice)!!! Check out the website I swear this shit better than Porn! lmfao http://www.sls-amg-magazine.com/

Eno: Like the many elements that my Cuz H and I bring to you via blog post, I feel this car symbolizes, difference, and unique Quality... Styled after the original, the 1960 "Mercedes Benz 300 SL" (as Seen in the Kanye West - Diamonds by Sierra Leone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92FCRmggNqQ ) the car is a moving piece of art! I feel that seeing as how the car hasn't been seen in many places if any, it was up to me and my cuz H to bring it to you First, Live and Direct!

Capital H: Reason why this post about this whip is just simply look at IT! Shit is a STATEMENT whip! Symbolizes you have ARRIVED and DEPARTED at the SAME TIME! And we ORIGINALITY at it FINEST! So Enjoy! O yea the original car was one of the first "Bond Cars"...

^^Come FLY With Me!^^

So til Next Time
Stay Up, and Stay Tune.

Shout outs to my Cuz Capital H for Collabin with me, check him out!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Give me Life or Give me Death

The other day I was talking to a good friend of mine and she was working on a paper and told me she was having a problem deciding what side of her professors topic to defend. I asked her what the topic was and she told me:

"We have to pick whether we'd rather give someone life in prison or the death Penalty"

Without even having to give it thought I said "I feel both are wrong" she asked, "Really" when I replied "Yes" the conversation took form and started to get deep.

Let's think about this the way I see it for a second.
Life in Prison:
Regardless of what one has done,(especially at a certain age) to spend your entire life behind bars like a caged animal is unfair. I feel like this because I am a firm believer in second chances. And I feel that after a certain amount of time any man reforms his bad ways, or at very least feels some regret about what he's done. Stop for a second and think to yourself, is there anything you did 5 years ago that you regret, or is there anything you were or should have been punished for and you weren't? Now let's say you were punished, how would you feel if you were still serving time for that 5 years later?

It is safe to say that we all think differently now than we did five years ago, right? Well this is a reason why I don't agree with life in prison, there's men who have been behind the bars of a prison cell for longer than I have been alive, haven't touched money in twenty-plus years, haven't been hugged by a family member in thirty-plus years etc. So say a man was convicted for murder at 17, you think its fair for him to still be serving his sentence at 71?

Now as for
The Death Penalty:
This I won't spend too much time on. But no man alive is God, therefore not a man alive SHOULD have the power to decide whether a man should live or die. Although this is the case sadly some men are giving that power. Again let's think of this the way I do for a second. Some people feel that if you took a life than you deserve to forfeit your life in exchange for that life. Okay, I validate that, but let's think a little deeper, what is the life expectancy of a man in the U.S. today? Let's also take into consideration that he's black, is involved in harmful, unlawful behavior, does drugs and is in constant danger for his life anyway..... Let's say his life expectancy has been cut down to 30. Do you still think its fair for another criminal just like him to serve the rest of HIS natural born life in prison as payment? Hell no? If you feel he should spend the time that the other would have lived in jail then let's give him 15-20 years which is what the dead criminal would have had left on his life..... I hope I'm making sense here. All I'm saying is, the legal/justice system is bull shit anyway, so how about breaking away from the norm and punish people fairly.

So til next time please,
Stay Up and Stay Tuned....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Nightmares

And for my One Hundredth and Fiftieth Post: I wanna bring ya a lil Sub Post.

Last night, like all nights I had many dream, two of them stuck out more than all the other, If the others stood out at all.

The First one:
I don't know if it was in Cancun, but I know it was Mexico, I was on the beach and the water was so clear and beautiful that you could see all the way to the bottom even in the deeper ends of the sea.... Life felt good, everything was right, I believe I had a Corona in one hand, I was in nothing but my swim trunks, I had on shades and I couldn't be happier. It was dope, till the sounds of my phone woke me up and I was back home in the Bronx, the concrete Jungle.... Oh Well the dream was beautiful while it lasted.

The Second one:
This one was a little more uneasy, I went back to sleep which I almost never do and the dream began.
I decided I wanted to go back to school (in the dream) and so I went in and was going to the enrollment office. I stood on line and saw everyone in front of me enroll with no problems, so finally its my turn and the young man behind the counter asks to see my I.D. so i hand him my expired learner's permit and he looks at me with an awkward look.
He says to me: "this I.D. is expired, and quite frankly, I've seen you before in the clubs, you get drunk you become an animal and then you harass and become abusive with all the women." So I look at him with the "Nigga who the F^%# are you, and why do you care?" and then say to him "I don't understand what this has to do with anything, just put the sticker on my card and let me go." He looks back at me and says: "All the bouncers in NYC might see you and not realize the threat, but i do, and your not gettin into this school" he gets a pair of scissors and cuts my I.D. in half! This is where I lose my mind! I say: "Hol the F&*% on!--" (and let it be known when I raise my voice and start cursin it just got serious) "how you just gonna cut my card like that nigga?!" and I jump over the counter and start chasing this bastard all over the place... Some girl tried to defend him and got in between us, so I started chasing both of em... before I realized I had become a raging bull chasing these two and then I woke up!

Now I know the meaning of this dream, or at least I made it up its meaning in my mind, but I'll let ya figure it out... Its strange to me the dreams that I have...
Lata ya'll--

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

That BXL Ish

By now if you aint familiar with my brothers BXL then you've obviously been living under a rock! But regardless of all that, They been in the lab grindin heavy and making sure they continue to bring fire for ya mind each time they leave the booth!

Well 2010 is here and the BXL train hasn't stopped or slowed down one bit since the last year and today I wanna bring to you their latest video

BXL Ish/ I'm Ill

Directed by: BXL
Produced by: BXL
Edited by: BXL
I said it before and I'll say it again, my crew is MEAN! Its about time the people of the world opened their eyes and let em in! Underground Hip-Hop continues to be what the mainstream SHOULD be...

Please be sure to call or text Power 105.1 to request BXL music
Call: (800) 585 1051
Text: 41051

Also Follow them on Twitter:
Severe Jones @SevereJones
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Support me by supportin my team! Thanks a mil in advance ya'll

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boss of the Borough

My brother from another mother hit me up on FaceBook today and asked me for a favor.... he hit me up and asked me if I could post his homies new music video on his favorite blog (thats this one) if I liked it enough. Now as soon as I got to the link it looked like it was gonna be a dope video, and you know I support underground artist heavy. So once the 3 minutes plus were up I told my brother Deascent (He's been mentioned before on the blog--do your research) "I got you homie" and D, since I know your reading this now, I knew I was gonna post it 30 seconds in... lol> On some A&R tip I was drawn in quickly. So with no further delay 'Tha Bull Pen' presents to you:

Boss of the Borough

Product Boss of the Borough from Media Mecca on Vimeo.

So shout out to the artist Product for a dope video and also shout outs to Buzz of 'MindState' for the beat and of course, my brotha Deascent for bring this all to my attention.

Support Underground Hip-Hop folks, it is what the main stream should be!
Stay Up & Stay Tuned!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back by Popular Demand

What's going on Bull Penners? How's everyone doin? First and foremost, Happy New Year to all of you. I sincerely hope that you all had a good New Years, Christmas and all that other good stuff. I myself have become a bit of a Scrooge in recent years so I'm not that into Christmas anymore. But that neither here nor there. I'm here to let ya know that your favorite blogger is still breathin, still doin well and above all else still and will continue to still be blogging.

To all my followers (even the ones that I might have lost by now) thank you so much for reaching out to me via various methods of communication, be it Twitter, FaceBook, BBM, and or text messages. I'm here and I'm back so just sit down fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

I've had quite an eventful new year as well as a slightly rocky end to 2009. But I'm still standing, now wiser and ready to share my future endevours with all of you. In my absense I've come up with quite a few topics to speak of, so be ready for those. til then....