Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts

So long ago I grew tired of this monarchy. The one that makes me a surf or a peasant to a king, a queen and thier precious prince. To hell with it, soon i'll sit in the thrown of my own kingdom, where I won't have to eat from the Prince's left overs...

That was something I needed to get off my chest. But while I'm here, so rarely do I get the chance to blog my thoughts as they come to me. So I guess I can do that now.

Favoritism is a bitch and I think I'd rather have one child and spoil him rather than to play favorites with one. It's 6:06am right now, I'm hoping this young lady will wake up and call me and tell me to come over, cause if the sun comes up before she does I'm staying in.

The other day while waiting at the bus stop I came up with the idea for the tattoo I want for the right side of my neck. See I've always wanted a neck tattoo but I didn't want to use that space for any words or names. I feel a neck tattoo should be a dope image, no offense to any one who has otherwise. So for me it's been hard because I'm a sucker for angels, but I didn't want to be accused of copying Pharrell's neck tat. Hmmmm, so what should I get? I love the idea of wings but I'm not gonna just put a set of wings on my neck.... So that day at the bus stop an idea landed on my shoulder, an idea to have a neck tattoo that incorporates wings with my love for my great city NYC! BAM! What was it? Lol you'll know sooner than later. And before you go preaching about how I should think about it because neck tattoos aren't professional, please save your breath, I thought it through and I want nothing to do with corporate America any way. I'm gonna be professional in my own way. Although there is this girl I like who said she dislikes neck tats. Hmmmm ya wanna know about her?

Lol, I'm not gonna drop names, plus if she's reading this she knows it's about her cause she's sharp. I think that's one of my favorite things about her. I see you baby. (Moment of weakness, moving on)

I fucking hate liars yo, and I know everyone says that but I'm dead serious I can't stand em.... remember the frontin force blog? Yeah, LIARS. But I guess I can't be mad some people are just wired differently.

I feel like I've been betrayed by a man I've called my brother for over 10 years, over a piece of ass. I can't be mad at the female in the situation cause a whore will be a whore, but damn homie, just like that? Let's play Eno for a fool huh? Aight.

My ears are killing me, and I don't even feel like they're stretched out to the size I want yet. Why did I start stretching my ears you ask? Would you believe me if I told you I've loved the idea since I was a 12 year old in 7th grade? Yeah, my teacher had her ears stretched and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So after having my ears pierced for the past 8 years rocking the studs that I loved, I figured "try something different" and so the stretching has begun? Got a problem? Get in line.

I have some ideas for some photo shoots, I'm, gonna make it happen. As hard as it may be, I'm gonna make a living out of being a photographer. I believe in myself.

People please stop putting every last aspect of your life on facebook, it's getting ridiculous.

Well it's 6:34 now the sun is gonna start creeping soon and I think I'm done venting. So thanks for spending this time with me.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Those the new Jays?!!"

Dude A: (Looking at Dude B's Feet) "Ooooh snap son! Yo money, those are the new Jordans?"
Dude B: "Yeah man, these the new Joints"
Dude A: "Them joints right there is fly son! Where you got them?"
Dude B: *Laughs* "Nah c'mon, you know I can't tell you that!
Dude A: *Laughs* You right, Imma find em tho, Peace G.
Dude B: Peace.

to the Good Ol Days

Lol, Whats going on man? I know I'm not the only one that remembers those good ol days am I? This one is more for my true Sneaker Heads but I'll try to make it so that everyone can relate.

So today is the release date of the Re-Retro Cool Grey XI's. For those of ya who don't know what that is, please hang in there I'll post some pics later in the post. Now I had seen pictures of them on a few sites, and I saw one or two people wearing them and I must say "I am NOT impressed" maybe I'm just getting old and been out the sneaker game for quite some time now but I think those sneakers looked 10 times better when they originally released back in 2000. (This of course is just my opinion) I feel like Jordan's Empire has been slowly crumbling for a few years now. Allow me to explain to you why I feel this way before ya come at me with the pitch forks and torches.
See I'm an 80's baby, I came up in the era of ORIGINALITY. When I was a young buck Jordans were the crem de la crem baby (Spell check on that.) Of course being under Nike's wings, Jordans were nothing less of mind blowing quality. Premium leathers, top quality suede, new technology and innovation with every pair. Shout outs to Tinker Hatfield (Google him.) Back when I was a kid the biggest complain I had concerning Jordans was the price tag, and that was simply because I didn't have it to spare, but even at that age I understood that my mom was payin $100-$150 for some great quality product, not because of a name brand. Feel me?

I feel like ever since Gentry Humphrey (Google him) came into office we've been (excuse my French) Fucked! See after a while the Retros (re releases) were using cheaper leather, slightly altered shapes, and we lost the "Nike Air" logo on the earlier ones. Don't get me wrong they weren't all bad but for the most part quality was reduced in an effort to make more profit. No one can convince me otherwise. I mean how else do you explain the same exact pair being re released 5 or 6 times? And how do you explain Spize'ike after Spize'ike and all these bumass Fusions! No offense to anyone who owns or wears these, but c'mon, they could have stopped at the Dub-Zeroes. 

I mean its like my cuz Z said, Jordan just keep raping the hood. I feel that by now most people don't even care for the sneakers its just more of a status thing. Niggas wanna feel like they doing it with their Jordans and matching fitteds and skinny jeans. Again no offense to anyone who does any of this, just voicing my opinion. So I'm sure you wanna ask me "So you don't buy Jordans anymore Eno?" Truthfully? nehhh, I've either had them already, never wanted them or don't like the post 2006 version. So if I come across some 99 retro White Cement IV's I don't mind droppin $400 for them and I'd do that before I drop $150 on the new Space Jams. Then again, like I said earlier, maybe I'm just getting old and I been said I was retired from this sneaker game anyway.

I will admit tho, I miss the days when you didn't even have to look at the logo, you KNEW that was the new Jordan. You aint have to see Jordan even play in them you just knew. If the Fresh prince of Bel-Air himself, Mr. Will Smith wasn't wearing them, Martin  sure was. Oh, I'm sorry, was I the only one looking at their feet? I remember when my cuz Perse got his XIII's, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't mad I aint have my own pair. I remember when I saw Buddy in his True Blue and his White Cement III's, yeah, you know I was tight. Especially when he came through with the Quick Strike low cut black/metallic VI's and the Tim Duncan Spurs Jersey! OOOWEEE! Jun had the Laney blue and the Black metallic 5's OH SHIT! I'm sure she doesn't even remember it, but my homegirl Jaquita came through to New Years or Christmas (can't remember which one it was) with the OG Retro Cool Grey XI's CLEEEEEEEAN! Oh man. Lemme take ya back real quick. I remember back in kindergarten (92-93) this one kid in my class Jeffrey used to get allll the Jordans! lol, Fly lil nigga, and I remember I asked him "Those are the new Jordans?" He picked up his foot and placed it on top of the table and said "Yup" lmfao! Yes man, I been into this since I was 5. Ayo Perse if you reading this, remember Edwin used to stay in some fresh Jays, he had the Columbia XI's? the all white joints with the baby blue strip on the tongue? Oh man. See man, I'm smiling right now just remembering all this shit. Those days are gone tho. My cousin Mario had the Aqua 8's when they first dropped in 93. His brother Kelvin damn, i can't think of the pairs he didn't have. Original taxi XII's, OG White/red XII's, in the OG red and black Nike Box.  OG Black/Red XIII's, and this is back in the days when niggas was getting robbed for their Jordans, we still wore em proud with the baggy jeans and the matching shirt. LOL My mom bought me 94 retro I's and I didn't even know what they were til years later when I saw myself in a home video wearing them. My lil brother had OG Indiglo XIV's, OG Cool Grey XV's. Oh man, good times for kicks baby!

Am I just getting old, cause I def don't feel that way anymore. The era where you just had to walk into your local sneaker store and ask "Yo, the new Jordans is out yet?" or check Jordan's feet, or check the sneaker magazines are gone. We have the internet now, which shows you the picture 6 months in advance, which in turn creates mad hype for a pair of kicks that aint even as hot as they were when they first came out. Yeah I think I'm just getting old. Its's coo, I guess everything in life has its run right? I just wish this generation knew what it was like back in my day, back when  it was quality over quantity. The feeling you got when they FIRST came out. I guess I say all this to say Retros were coo, but they don't hold a candle to the Original, so you can Imagine the Re Retros don't hold a match to the retros lol, Where will it end? What are my son's Jordans gonna look like? Well I guess that's my rant for now. Mr. Michael Jordan, I will forever love you sir, and I will continue to be a fan of your early production of sneakers, the ones that YOU played in and a few of the retros you released. Mr. Tinker Hatfield, THANK YOU! I can't thank you enough sir. Mr. Gentry Humphrey, my mom once said :"If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" but my mom aint here: "Fuck you dude!" Good day sir. lol

Peace ya'll:
Check these pics out before ya go.

^AJ I^

^^All images provided by the Flight Club website^^
Flight Club 

I want to take this time out to remind you: "Wear what you want, this is just me voicing MY Opinion. After all this is my blog, I can say what I want Motha Lovah! lolol

Stay Fly, Stay Up, and Stay Tuned Folks!
Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loose Screw

So I get a text from my big sis Imani earlier today. She was telling me that she wanted to be a guest blogger tonight. I was very excited... I've always been a fan of her own blog "I'm just Saying..." *COUGH even tho she neglects it like a step child *COUGH lol. And the fact that she wants to bless all my readers with a guest appearance made me feel honored. So with no further delay my big Sis' Imani's post.

One day I decided that I should try therapy. It’s not that I couldn’t have used it before then but at the time in my life it was nearly mandatory. I had seen people on tv and in the movies with a therapist and figured it was the new black and I should have one immediately.

Session one:

I went in and cried through my story just like on the movies. It was great! I took long pauses, stared at that ceiling- every woman knows that there you gather the strength to stop tears- and generally looked to this woman for help. She took notes, listened intently, took more notes, handed me the roughest tissues my eyes have every felt, asked a couple of background questions and told me that she was going to do everything she could to get me in every week. I was a grade A mess.

I finally had a therapist. Mission accomplished and I couldn’t wait to tell people.

Session two:

I didn’t cry too much but I was all upset like I’ve seen in the movies. She told me that I was probably feeling anxiety because I wasn’t breathing and she was right. I was literally holding my breath. She gave me breathing exercises. I felt pretty cool because I had therapy homework and I called and told everybody all about it.

Session three:

I’m totally over this woman. She is not probing me like they do in the movies and we are literally just staring at each other. Granted, it was insurance paying for this, but I had free staring contests on the school bus in grade school. Hell, I still stare at the people that stare at me. It became obvious that this just isn’t going to work.

Session four:

There was some a water outage in the building so the session was cancelled… fine by me.

Session five:

What session five? I called in and cancelled all remaining sessions.

In conclusion:

Do I still need therapy? Probably, but if its not going to be like it is in the movies then there will just be one more emotionally unstable person running the streets. When you see me, say hi. I bite but I never break skin. 


Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yooo! What's good Fam? How was ya Thanksgiving? I hope ya ate like Mobsters before the "Unfortunate" death of an informant! lol I know I did...

Anyway, I'm not gonna speak much on Thanksgiving, I mean what can I possibly say that hasn't already been said about the holiday by everyone else? However I will say this: It was an amazing evening spent with my entire family. And if you know me you know that means the world to me. And Speaking of Family:


^Where it all Started^
2:30am? Keeping his parents up already lol.

"Dallas you say?" Yes! Lil Baby Dallas Anthony, my new nephew, the latest addition to the family.
So when I get home from the Thanksgiving celebration at my aunts house I get on the computer of course and  see whats goin on (like I aint know it would be a bunch of post TG reviews) on FaceBook and right before I decide to sign off I came across Perse's status message that read "Baby Time" hmmmm... So I thought, "Did his wifey go into labor?" The baby wasn't due for a few weeks, and I had just been joking with her about her water breaking that night... lol, But anyway I text'd Perse, discussed the situation with him and he explained to me that she was in labor at the hospital. I offered to drive over to be by their side but he told me it was too early. So I went to sleep and without missing a beat text'd him as soon as I woke up. Asked how things were coming along, hoping that I didn't miss the birth of my beautiful nephew. He told me he still hadn't been born so I told him that regardless of how long it took I was gonna show up and spend time at the hospital with them. So I chilled for a bit, got up, walked Juno and thats when the text came in "My son is here!" Naaaah man, you serious man? Shit! lol, I missed it, ahh well, I got ready, packed my camera bag and asked my pops to give me a ride to the hospital. When I got there I was kindly told that the patient (Perse's wifey) had been moved to another hospital..... "Thanks for telling me Perse!" (whispers under breath, "fuck") lol. So I go back outside, hop in a cab and head over to the new location. When I got there I told the lady at the front desk what the purpose of my visit was, she told me where to go and off I went to the third floor. I made a left at the elevator, right at the corridor and God knows what else before I found the room where my lil cuz in law lied in bed, while the new Daddy and grandma sitting along side of it hovered over my new nephew......

Damn son! My cousin got a son! It's such a crazy feeling... And if this is how happy I am for him, imagine how happy he is. I give my sis in law a kiss, give my aunt a kiss, give my cousin Perse dap and a hug like I aint seen him in 10 years man! And that's when I saw him, the man of the hour, all 6 pound 7 ounces of lil baby Dallas Anthony. That kid was white as hell boy! Lol. Looks just like all his fathers baby pictures lolol. I didn't carry him cause carrying new born babies scares the crap out of me.. lol but I did  speak to him and watched all the smiles in the room as I recorded his little movements and took pictures of him with his family.

I went outside the room with my cuz and hugged him again, so happy and proud that he's a new father. We chopped it up for a minute and went back to being in awe over the new life that has entered the world on the cold afternoon of November 26th, in the 2 thousandth and 10th year.

I mean I've seen my aunts have babies before, even my cuz Julie, and of course a few of my niggas, but Perse is like my big brother, (not that the rest of ya are not) so it felt different seeing him hold his own seed. No offense Julie lol.
I'm Still in awe, and for the most part don't really know what to say aside from the fact that I'm very happy, and proud of my cuz and his lady. Just another thing to thank the big man above for during the Thanksgiving holiday. I mean he was born on Black Friday, it can't possibly get better than that... So God, like I said last night: "I wanna thank you for blessing me with another day of life, I wanna thank you for my Parents, I wanna thank you for every last member of my huge family, and I especially want to thank you for bringing Dallas into this world today (yesterday) a completely healthy baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes, and making my family that much bigger." You the man God! Thank You!

 ^Baby Dallas and Daddy^
I would give ya more picture but they're being saved for the parents.


Welcome to the world Dallas Anthony.... You got a huuuuuuuge family, get ready for life with a bunch of crazy Hondurans lol.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned Folks.
P.S. For those of ya who don't know I have a huge infatuation with names and their meanings. I don't know why or when it even started, but something about names intrigues me, and theres something about the name Dallas That I Effin Love man! Great choice in naming him ya. I love ya. Take care of my nephew. Perse we already spoke so you already know. Later!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Frontin Force

Lmao... what's goin on Bull Penners? How's Life treating ya?

I was having yet another convo with my big bro Buddah. Like it often does the conversation came to a detour, that detour being the "Female" highway... Fellas, I know ya know been on that road many many times before. I spoke to him and as I was speaking to him I realized how many (please excuse my French) frontin ass bitches done fronted on the butt with me. Now don't get me wrong I get's mine, but every now and then I come across the one that talks a good game. So when it comes to the day where I'm supposed to come through and cash the check that their mouths wrote the shit bounces like a muh f*%#er!

Ladies this is what's called frontin... See, we're in a new day in age where girls do just as much talkin as some guys. Me personally, aint much talkin with me, I feel the element of surprise is much better. So I'm not gonna be sitting here telling you how imma put it on you and how imma do this and that. I'll give you an idea as to what may go down and assure you you'll enjoy it, but I aint gonna give you a menu. Imma surprise ya ass and put the food on the plate in front of you. So a few females I've come across recently have been playing this game saying shit like "Oh, wait til I catch you," "You not ready for this," "You gonna be fiening after I give you some of mine" blah to the blah blah blah.

Now as a man and a huge pervert I love this shit lol.. Of course! But here's where the problem comes in ladies: you say allll of that and I reply with a simple "Okay" and as soon as it's time to collect you on some "oh I was just playing," "Nah I can't today, I got a fart stuck in my ass" or "Nah, next week baby, I can't tonight." Don't get me wrong, I know for a fact that life happens and certain things prevent you from puttin my dick in your schedule, but BOTH times I ask tho? Yeah, there's rarely if ever a 3rd chance with Eno.

So I asked big bro "Ayo man, is there something I'm doing wrong? What about me is attracting such frontin ass women?" He replied with an "I don't know man, your one of the most honest and straight forward dudes I know... maybe it's cause your keeping it too real." I was confused and asked "There's a such thing as being Too real?" lol..... The convo went on but naturally I felt: "You can't be too Real.. Real is Real" I don't know...

But anyway, I say all that to say this: ladies, if you want the pipe it's as simple as saying so, and if you don't it's as simple as not saying things that will undoubtedly lead me to believe that you do. Get it? If you fronted on me and owe me butt you know who you are, I don't have to put your name out there for the world to know lol, I mean I'm a gentleman anyway, I wouldn't do that! But for the rest of you, I will leave you with this question: Is there a such thing as being too real? What did my bro mean when he said that? Do you agree with him? Why do you think  these girls are frontin? Okay its more than one question but help me out here lol.
Shout Outs to all of ya who kept it real and didn't hold out on the butt... I almost wanna put ya names out there cause the sex was good baby! I see you sittin there blushing, but lol, in the same respect I won't.

Stay up and Stay Tuned Folks!

Friday, November 12, 2010

What's going on with You?

Lol... before I begin this one lemme give ya my disclaimer: First and foremost this one maybe a lil stronger for whatever younger audience I may have! So under 18 may or may not be admitted without a parent, lol. There I said it.

Secondly, I'm not sure if I've touched this topic before but I didn't feel like going through the 216 post that came before this one. So if I've discussed this already I apologize but the topic came up again and I felt the need to discuss it.

On to the post.
This is a topic that's been hovering over my head for quite sometime... It doesn't bother me in the least but sooooo many people (male and female alike) tend to suffer from it. This is not an illnes or disability, but I guess it might as well be. You know what I'm talkin bout..... Trying to understand the opposite sex!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.... I didn't read that book, but the title pretty much summed it up for me. It's the truth.
Check this out on countless "Game Nights" with my cousins, aunts uncles and close friends, the topics of Cheating and the differences between men and women come up. All the girls get riled up, talking nonsense about how men do this, men say that, "I don't understand men." Well sweetheart from me (a man) to you (a woman) that's because you over thinking things. There's not much about us to "Understand" we're very simple, but that's another topic in itself. Meanwhile the fellas in the room have smirks and smiles on their faces, all thinking "We aint complicated to understand, It's ya who's hard to understand"
I usually stay quiet lol. Cause like I said "WE ARE NOT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND" But check this out fellas as sure as the sun will rise every morning there is a female reading this right now thinking the same exact thing about us. She's thinking "we're not difficult to understand either" am I right or am I right ladies?

 ^My contribution to the Trending Topic^

Which leads me to Twitter. As you may or may not know, Twitter has trending topics and every now and then people decide to go off on some of them. The new one that indirectly caught my eye this week was "#MistakesMenMake" of course the women are having a field day. As the men are having with "#MistakesWomenMake." Now I've had enough of all of this a long time, but I guess recently it's all just built up now I'm ready to let out one of life's secret which apparently the world hasn't figured out. You ready for this one?: As mentioned on my FaceBook months ago: "I've realized that Men will NEVER understand women. I've also realized that Women will NEVER understand men. guess what folks? It's like the late great Tupac Shakur said: "That's just the way it is!"
See I'm a man who believes in God and I trust in him, I know that he makes NO mistakes. Anything he's created (human beings included) has been purposely done. So I do believe he made it so that men don't understand their counterpart and vice-versa. He did however intend for us to procreate and keep humanity alive for generations to come. So for those of you who don't understand what I just said, The Lord above did not put us here to understand each other, he put us here to make love and babies. So shut the eff up, stop wondering why your spouse doesn't get you and go love each other folks. It's that simple.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sweet Sweet November


So the other day I woke up to a Tweet mention from our boy AJ (@jdimag - Follow him.) It was attached to a Twit Pic of the brand new 'New Era BXL' fitted cap. WHAAAAT!? I knew they were in production, and I knew that there was various concepts as to how they would look. But I had almost forgotten that I saw the blueprints. So I immediately woke up, and looked at my teams hat in amazement. I couldn't believe it, i felt as if i had just been signed to the Yankees or something.

Anyway, So Buddy text'd me and said lets go pick up these hats... I was ten steps ahead of him, I zipped up my jackets, drove up the block to get him and we hopped on the 95! We met AJ at his office where the box of black BXL fitteds sat. We took em outta the box and just smiled. I can't begin to explain how excited I was to finally see something that just started out as a simple idea come to life in a tangible thing that I was now holding in my hand.

For those of you who aren't in the know, New Era is the company that provides all the MLB (Major league Baseball) teams with the caps that they wear with their uniforms on the field. They've become somewhat of a fashionable accessory with the general public. They of course are not limited to just baseball... They also have NBA team fitted, and most recently NFL. Nike has now bought New Era so naturally they make hats that match sneakers.

But before I get besides myself giving you 'New Era's' history (if you don't know about them google it) let me continue explaining to you about our fitted.
See me, I only wear Yankee fitteds, for the exception of maybe 2 or 3 others that I've ever bought.

Supreme amongst many other have had collaborations with 'New Era' and now my team is amongst that elite.
Naturally I feel what Buddy said "I love the Yankees, but I don't play for them, this is MY team, my team has its own fitted now" VERY TRUE.... not to say I won't wear a Yankee fitted anymore, but once all the new colorways of my team's hat come along...... Well you see where I'm going with this. Anyway, I've rambled long enough.

Check out the hat:
^Looked at this like my Signing Contract lol^

                                                                  No Words Needed

 *Remember to always take the 'New Era' sticker off your brim*

I literally am still at a lost for words, despite all the ones I managed to put on this page. Lol
AJ thanks a Mil man! You the muh Effin man! lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned....

Friday, October 29, 2010

He's a Pro She's a Hoe

Guy 1: "Yo, you know I took her down right?"
Guy 2: "Woooooord?! Ha! That's crazy fam, you got her and all her friends right?"
Guy 1: "Yessir, all 7 of em, they don't suspect a thing"

*That man is Thee Man!

Girl 1: "So yeah, I let em have a piece"
Girl 2: "Oh my God, that's the third nigga this month, you better relax!"
Girl 1: "I know I know, imma slow it down, you know I aint no......

*Yes she is! Lol.

What's goin on folks? Ladies this one is for you. Tell me how you feel about it.

So recently I was with my cousin and a good friend. The good friend (a female) asks, "Why is this the double standard? How is that a man can have sex with so much women and he's the man, but if a girl sleeps with 3 men she's a hoe?"

Then today the same subject came up on Twitter.

Aight ladies, lemme break it down for you. YES! It is a double standard? BUT its important that ya remember we (The Promiscuous men) did not come up with that double standard. I mean me personally I don't see anything wrong with a girl gettin hers like I gets mine, but lemme break it down for ya.

You see in my eyes, and in the eyes of many men, a woman is something beautiful and extremely sacred. Whereas a man is just another man. Do we respect each other? Of course we do, but as men we're not really caring what the next man is doing.
So it becomes a matter of understanding why another man would do what I would do; but I don't wanna think of women, who I tend to put on a high pedestal doing what I'm doin, which is sleepin around gettin man milk from any and everyone who will give it to her.

So my friend (who seemed to understand a lil better, I hope lol) asks, okay, "but then why is the double standard fair for ya but not for us," or something to that nature. So I continue to explain to her: "Well somethings just are how they are and that's how they'll always be"

I.E. Ladies you get up and say "Excuse me, I gotta go to the bathroom" its perfectly okay for your friend to follow you. Correct? Lord knows what ya doin in there.... But I can't get up and say, "Imma go to the restroom" and say to my man "Ayo bruh, come with me." Not that I would even want to, but c'mon ladies be real you gonna look at us like somethin aint right.....

Another example, at a party setting, Club, lounge whatever, its perfectly normal to see a young lady dancing close with her friend... Crotch to crotch, or crotch to butt, no one calls them gay or looks at them funny. However if me and my mans are dubbin on each other......... Aight C'mon, you get it right?

Another aspect to this whole subject is how one carries themselves. Regardless of how many men you sleepin with if you a hoe then imma call you a hoe. If you and I have something goin on (regardless of it being serious or not) and then you let my man beat then you already know you aint nuttin but a slide.... Being considered such disgusting trash could have been avoided by simply avoiding letting 2 different niggas that's close beat.... So if you respect yourself i'll respect you. But yeah, at the end of the day, like I said some things just are the way they are.

The Sky is and always will be blue. Because the sunlight that hits the ocean reflects and bounces back up into the sky.
Men will always be needed for a woman to reproduce. Because asexual reproduction is not how humans are wired.
Some things are how they are and there's nothing we can do about it.

Ladies, like I said, me personally I don't see anything wrong with you gettin yours. Shit I know a few females with slightly bigger booty call rotations than some men. I don't judge them, and I don't look at them in a negative light. As far as the negative light its all due to a lot of us (Men) seeing you as better than us, so we expect better from you. Get it? I hope I've shed some light on the subject. I effin love ya ladies.

Stay Up beware of your number lol and Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Concrete Jungle

I was thinkin, you notice I do that a lot? But I was wondering, why would a man travel thousands of miles to visit parts unknown and study animals in their natural habitat. I mean I guess I understand the nature of curiosity, but if you really wanna study animals, I say come to NYC!

Out here you see things, things that might remind you of the Discovery Channel. We have Lions, Tigers, Snakes, monkeys, rats you name it I've been on the train with it! And who can forget mating season, I know a girl who's been pregnant more than Katherine Jackson, and aint one of them damn kids gettin her out the hood. Lol. Sad right?

Mating calls? "Sup Ma? Can I Holla?" S'That simple!

Invisible borders? Of course, Don't cross the el train, the wolves is wildin on that side. Its feeding time and your on the menu.

Parasites? We call em Bums, watch em ask you for a dollar.

Vultures? Let's just say we call em haters. Watching you, waiting for you to fall and spoil over so they can eat you up and laugh about it.

We all just animals one way or another. I'm a Lion, in more ways than one. Some are rogue hunters, and some hunt in packs, but like everything is a hustle we all eat one way or another! New York, New York, My favorite Jungle. National Geographics hasn't discovered you, but I wouldn't trade you for the world.

Stay Up, Watch your back, and Stay Tuned Folks.

I Got 99 Problems....

...And your girl might be one. Lmfao!

What's goin on folks. So I was sittin here in the crib the other night and I got a Picture mail. Keep in mind it was 3am, so you already know any picture mail at that time has got to be from a female showing off the goods. So I'm cheesin from ear to ear. And the pictures are accompanied by "When you gonna come get this? You know I miss you."

So this is all good, but this young lady has a boyfriend now. You know my style Bull Penners. I could care less about a girls man, imma get mine however I can get it, I'm not committed to anyone and I don't owe anyone my loyalty. But in this case it made me think..... When I asked "Don't you have a boyfriend" the reply was a giggle followed by a "Yeah, but its coo, he won't find out." Lol. Wooooord Shorty? Its like that. So I asked if homie was effin up. She said "Nah" so basically shorty just misses the pipe.

This put me in an unusual state of mind. I thought "Damn, these girls are something else."

You see what scares me about getting a girl? For all we know this young ladies man is doing fine by her, faithful, (according to him) laying the pipe right, but yet she still wants some Eno. Hmmmmm. Now granted I have no problems doin her, she is a nice piece of butt. But damn, how long before I find myself head over heels for a girl, say "Aight baby, let's make this official, be my girl." She accepts and before you know it through no fault of my own she goes back to get her back blown out by the last nigga. I mean I thought I was taking care of my girl, but apparently not taking care of her right, or enough that she gotta go behind my back and cheat....

I mean, I'm sure not all women are the same, but damn son. I know birds of a feather (Females) Flock together. Who's to say the future Mrs. Bull doesn't have her emergency dick in a glass. I think for now its just best to remain single and splooge my jizz all over the place, no commitment with a potential cheater. Cause Lord knows if I get involved with a female and she cheat on me.......... Anyway. Lol. This is one of the major reasons I'm still single folks. So to all you women out there that are faithful and remain that way, Kudos to ya babies. And to the fellas that are doing other niggas girls like myself and a few men I know, "Hey, we aint the problem here, lol" but ladies who are goin out there to get that previous dick, you know you wrong, especially if ya man is handling business.

So with that said, excuse me as I get in the car and go see shorty! Lmao.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned Ya!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

His African Queen

Aight folks, be ready to consider me a fuckin GENIUS after this one.

Aight, so there's a lot of people in the world who have a problem with bi-racial relationships. I for one don't have the slightest problem at all with it, but whatever. Check it.

Black women in particular HATE when they see one of their own (men) dealing with the white women. Again I for one don't give two shits who dates who, but check this out.

Lemme give ya a scenario:
A white couple who lives in Africa (for the duration of the filming of a documentary or force feeding Christianity to the natives. Which ever scenario makes you more comfortable.) conceive a child...
A little baby girl who they decide to name Emily. Emily is born and raised in Africa, where naturally aside from her parents there aren't any people other than black. So her best friend is black, her classmates are black, etc. etc.

Now at the age of 22 Emily and her parents move to the United States where Emily meets a young man named Erick. Erick is a black man from Brooklyn, New York, born and raised. Emily and Erick fall in love and become an item.

Now here is the $25M question........ Are you ready?

Is Emily not Erick's African Queen?
*Throws hands Up with the "I'm a Genius" face*

Stay up and Stay Tuned.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yooo! Remember when I told ya about my boy Deascent's mixtape a few weeks back? (SXSX EP Release) Well my boy decided to go with the track "Ghetto" as the first single. I don't think you can imagine how honored I was when he asked me to do the video.... Of course I said yes. So we set a date, put the idea together and shot the video.

Buddy and I (BE Media) got our Hype Williams on and the rest is history... I really don't even wanna bore ya with text lol. So here it is ya, the first single of Deascent's EP, "Ghetto"

Please folks, Continue to support Good music. You can't front, my boy got that dope Old School Raw Hip-Hop feel don't he... Yeah, I saw you boppin! lol

Follow my boy on Twitter and let him know how much you liked his song, and don't forget to download his EP.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Got the Guages, No Shotty

Sup Folks? How the Hell have ya been? I meant to post this blog a few days ago but Blogger been actin funny style with me. So since we missed the end of Tattoo Appreciation month I figured I'd fill ya in. I finished my "Life/Death" tattoo that I started for my birthday last year. Took me forever, but every time I walked into the tattoo shop i came out with a whole new piece instead of finishing this one lol. Anyway, I went in about 2 weeks ago to see Matty again and got it shaded in. Took bout an hour more or less, And I love the end Result.

Check it out Meng:
About 95% Healed

Another #TaTuesday
Pic taken by my boy Dwayne.
Homie said I get tattoos like haircuts! lol

So for those of you who don't remember the meaning behind the Tattoo check it out here: "The Rose of Life and Death"

As for this Here:
"Got the Guages, No Shotty"

Since about the time I was around 12 I've loved the idea of gauges and ear stretching. My 7th grade teacher, who I had a meeean crush on had her ears a lil stretched and some long ass dreads! DOPE! lol.

But yeah, I've always loved the idea of stretching my ears (not too big tho) and I've had my ears pierced, rockin these princess cut diamonds that mommy bought me for 7 years now. So I was thinkin "Might be time to step it up just a lil bit.

Instead of just jumping in face first into it tho, I decided to photo shop this picture of me with em in my ear to see how I liked it before actually doing it. I loved it, and I think it fits me and my style. Only thing keeping me from it is mom being all mellow dramatic about it and saying that the things I do (Piercings and Tattoos) depress her. I mean i have her blessing to do what I want to do with my body, but her saying that ha me thinkin twice lol. So who knows, maybe I'll do it and maybe I won't (Please be advised that your opinion matters nothing to me on this subject :D)

But anyway, that's what it is and that's what its been. Thanks for stopping by folks!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Get Messed up today, I'll be ok Tomorrow"

 Aight ya, by now I'm sure ya know unless its my boys (BXL, Deascent, or muGz) my blog is not a platform for music reviews! As much as I adore music I feel there's very many blogs out there that focus on it and this one should be different. But I digress.

I was in the car today with my pops heading to drop something off at my moms job. I switched my pops station and went straight to Hot 97 to see if by some miracle something other than Drake or Nicki Minaj (Spell Check) was in rotation. Just my luck, after half a song (can't remember what it was) the Dj (Can't remember who it was lol) Said: "Brand new by Bruno Mars and Damien Marley" I said out loud "What?!" I put the volume up and prepared myself to be Wow'd. For those of ya who don't know I am a music junkie, and I mean "Gator" from 'Jungle Fever' junkie. But lately I can't stand ANYTHING I hear on the radio, or creeping from the headphones of someone on the train, the dumbed down shit that everyone eats up and blasts out their car everyday. The same 7 songs that Rick Ross (Much respect) sounds the same on.... My cousin Perse says I should pick up a Violin or something, and you know what? I don't doubt that I'll find myself riding to that classical stuff every now and then when I get my car. But again, I digress!

The song started and immediately I was taken away! The smile on my face just yelled "I haven't heard a song like this in a while" you know the kind that you know you'll love from this day til the day you die. The one that your gonna say years down the line "Yo, I remember the first time I heard that joint"

I been a Bruno Mars fan since the joint with B.O.B. As for Mr. Jr. Gong, well Bob Marley's music damn near runs through my veins so anything with the name Marley on it tends to get my immediate respect.
So Check out the song Here:

I even took the liberty of giving ya the lyrics cause I like it that much and I wanna share it with ya!
(Verse 1)
Standing at this liquor store,
Whisky coming through my pores, Feeling like I run this whole block.
Lotto tickets, cheap beer That's why you can catch me here, Tryna scratch my way up to the top.

Cause my jobs got me going nowhere, so I ain't got a thing to lose.
Take me to a place where I don't care, this is me and my liquor store blues.

I'll take one shot for my pain, One drag for my sorrow.
Get messed up today, I'll be ok tomorrow.
One shot for my pain, One drag for my sorrow. Get messed up today, I'll be ok tomorrow.

(Verse 2)
Me and my guitar tonight, singing to the city lights, tryna live on more than what I got.
Cause 68 cents just ain't gonna pay the rent, so I'll be out here til they call the cops.

Cause my job got me going nowhere, so I ain't got a thing to lose.
Take me to a place where I don't care, this is me and my liquor store blues.

I'll take one shot for my pain, One drag for my sorrow.
Get messed up today, I'll be ok tomorrow.
One shot for my pain, One drag for my sorrow.
Get messed up today, I'll be ok tomorrow.

(Damian Marley)
Here comes Junior Gong
I'm flying like I'm Superman
I'm thinking that I run the whole block.

I don't know if it's just because
Pineapple kush between my jaws
Has got me feeling that I'm on top

Feeling like I would have stand up to the cops
I saw the puda? dey? guys
A got a hula? de? mas?

I got a talk and walk talking
And fly? making shop?
No kind? for you and the best? kick me drop

Give me this one shot for my pain, One drag for my sorrow. Get messed up today, I'll be ok tomorrow. One shot for my pain, One drag for my sorrow. Get messed up today, I'll be ok tomorrow.

Inspired by the music I think I'm gonna go stand outside my local Liquor store with a cup filled to the top with Patron! AAOOWW!

Enjoy your weekend folks, Drink responsibly and all that.

Stay up and Stay Tuned!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Chest Rocker

Whats good ya'll?
Today's post needs no introduction:

Another installment of the new hit Web Series Bull for Mylez. Episode 2 is now here. Check it out:

If you follow the Blog then you should already know what the Tattoo means to me and represents/ But for those of you who are new to the blog, you can check out what those 6 words on my chest mean right here: Pain is Only Temporary

Hope Ya Enjoyed folks. And to those of ya who follow the show, I will try my hardest not to keep you guys waiting for more episodes, we'll try to come at ya with a Bi-Weekly episode if not every week.
Thanks for stopin by

Stay up and Stay Tuned!

JustmuGz' Tats

So after the success of my tattoo appreciation post the other day, I asked my Twitter followers if I should make September the Tattoo appreciation month. Not too many people responded but the ones who did, said I should... So I figured cool, I'm gonna do what I can to share some more stories with ya. Some will be my own, and some may be yours, either way Its gonna be a month of enjoying and celebrating ink.

My boy muGz (I've mentioned him to ya on the blog a few times) was supposed to do the interview from the first post, but he fell behind and said he was gonna make it up in a video and send it to me. I said "BET!" lol. So he did and so I figured I'd give him this post. So with all that said, check it out and enjoy:

^Mugz Tattoo Video interview^

Dope right? Don't forget to check my mans out on YouTube doing major things in the music game
And also follow him on twitter

*Good looks on the shout outs and all That bruh! You know you got your support out here in the Big Apple!

Hope ya Enjoyed the post folks.
Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Honestly there's not too many word for this one! I'm just lookin out for my brother from another "Deascent." I've known this man for 9 years this month and I call him my brother cause we got nuttin but love for each other. (I would say "No Homo" or "Pause" but I'm under impression that if your reading this your an adult, or at least mature enough) But anyway, the whole time I've known this man he's been an Artist, with the gift of gab on the Mic.  And now his career is about to take off. He's put out a few collections of work, and this is his latest. South by South Bronx (SXSX) So check it out and Support!

^The Cover to the EP^
Make sure you click it to download it

Support #GoodMusic & #BoofedMusic Lmao, Remember that one D?
*That joint "Ghetto" is my ish! 
Ayo D, your music is what we need in the game, like I told you, I love how you've matured musically and still managed to keep your style. You gone make it Bruh! And you know anything you need I got you bruh.

Video interview of Deascent on the Star and Buckwild show:

Follow Deascent on Twitter
and Give him a Call sometime:
(646) 334 - Nah, I'm playin LOLOL

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Tattoo Appreciation Day!

Whats good ya'll? Aight, most of ya know my style, I'm a real go with the flow, tend to move on a whim type of dude, Plannin is coo for somethings, but when it comes to most things (Especially my blog) there's never much planning. So today is no different!

After thinking about Tattoos (which for some strange reason I do a lot) I thought "I should do another tattoo post." But damn, I don't wanna keep boring my readers with the same ol stories all the time. So I stared into space until the light bulb over my head lit up and I thought "I got it--imma give back to the readers (Twitter and Facebook fam & general readers) and make the post about them"

So what I decided to do was have people send me pics of their favorite Tattoo(s) and and share their stories with the people. So without further a due, I bring to you a few Tattoo Stories from a few people I know.

Age: 22

^I know ya just saw this Pic the other day but So what?^

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 
Deascent: I was 18 when I got my 1st tattoo(s) The South Bronx Ones 

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Deascent: These are my favorite tats because they are my 1st and they are I feel the tats that defines me the best because I LOVE my hometown and plus its very influential to my music coming from the South Bronx.

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment? 
Deascent: I feel right now tats are more of a fad than a statement of being an individual. I see people copying celebrity tats just bcuz they r trendy I think tattoos should mean something to the person getting them.  

TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done?
Deascent: I plan on gettin more in the near future

TBP: Who is/are your artist(s)?
Deascent: Most of my work was done by this artist Manny but I am currently looking for a new artist.

Age: 22 
Part Time Lady Killer/Full time AssHole

^ "Pain is Love" ^
Aint that the truth?
 On Inner left Upper Arm.

The tats on my inner
It says "pain Is love" in Arabic
Its my favorite tat cause when I got it I was going through some tough times. So the quote and the action of getting it was like a release so to speak.

Rafael Caraballo aka Revolversfresh aka Double R aka Ralfy Revolver
Age 27 Bronx NYC
Tatto Artist

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Double R: 
     -I was 20 when I got my first Tattoo, I almost got one the moment I turned 18
     - but decided to wait a little longer to make sure I wouldn't regret it.

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Double R:
     I love all my tattoos equally - for the most part they all represent an obstacle I overcame,
    an important memory I wanted to Lock in Forever..

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment?
Double R:
     I think the game is Crazy right now, so much Talent in this field it's not even funny
     I still have a LOOOOONG way to go, but I'm enjoying the Road...

     You also have a lot of cats trying to jump on the bandwagon ....
      these dudes should never touch a tattoo machine... This profession is suppose to be
      about art... about giving good permanent art to people... it's not a trend
      or a One-Up to try and get Women... those Tattooers make me sick..

 TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done?
Double R:
     I still need to finish my back, the back of my calves, my left Rib and a pocket or two in my left
     Arm... after those minor things are completed I'm taking a big break, I just want to focus
     More on perfecting my Craft, I also want to get into Oil Painting again...
     By that time I'll be inspired to get something else...

TBP: Who is/are your artist?
Double R:
    I've had the honor to be Tattooed by some of the best including
     Erick Diaz ...
     Stefano Alcantara of Last Rites...
     Mikey Valentine
     and I've tattooed myself
     So I have a mix of flavor and contributors ... I'm a lucky Guy!

if you wanna check out more of my illustrations and tattoo work check out

Miss Danger
Age: 23

 ^Down her ForeArm^

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Miss Danger:  I got my first tat as an 18th birthday gift from my mom. It's a devil with angel wings and a halo flipping the bird on my lower back. Sounds pretty ordinary but there's a lot behind it. First of all, my dad was in the Navy during Vietnam. The devil in the tat is a cartoon from Harvey Comics in the 50's named Hot Stuff. A lot of old school Navy guys have him. So I got him with a new school spin. The angel/devil combo comes from me and my sister. In some ways we are a lot a like but she's the good one-I have a big heart but I'm the one with the attitude and I get myself into trouble a lot-So it just fit.

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Miss Danger:
My newest one is my favorite. 3 out of 4 kinda run on the same theme. "Dangerous" with a heart on my arm, Devil/angel on my back, Lotus on my ankle. The lotus sums it up the most. Pretty on the outside but if handled improperly it can kill you. So I like those cause I feel like they define me. But, my fourth one is more sentimental. I had to put my childhood dog down a few years ago. She was 15 and I had her since I was 5. So I got her collar with the words "All Dogs Go to Heaven" on my shoulder.

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment?
Miss Danger: I love that it's growing more acceptable to chicks to be girly and have a full sleeve. I can't stand when people don't put thought into the artist that they are going to or even what they are going to get.  It's got to mean something. Most importantly-it doesn't have to make sense to everyone else it just has to mean something real to you.

TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done?
Miss Danger: My arm was the first step into decent size pieces. A definite future tat is going to involve lyrics from a song on my ribs. Also, thinking about going from my foot to my shin and ca;f but I haven't had any inspiration for that one yet.

TBP: Who is/are your artist?
Miss Danger: My artist is actually my sister's Ex-Boyfriend. For personal reasons I'm not gonna give his name on here but feel free to get in contact with me for it. He did two of my tats when he was still an apprentice. He tattooed at a few places on Long Island, then Norway, now he's in Atlanta and has made a pretty big name for himself. When he comes up to NY he always e-mails me to see if I need work done. But like I said, for personal reasons, I'm gonna be looking for a new artist.

Age: 25
Cosmetologist/CIA Operative/Bodega owner

What's up's my little story...
My name is Shurri, but most call me Reese, and I got my first tattoo back in 2007 when I was 22 years old. I had been plotting on what to get since I was about 17 years old but never went through with anything because I didn't want to regret my decision. 
I was raised by my grandparents and they are the closest people to my heart besides my mama. In 1996, my grandfather died from cancer, and in 2007 my grandmother passed from lifelong complications with heart disease and diabetes. I wanted to do a memorial tattoo but I didn't want one of  those RIP joints so I decided to get something beautiful that would represent our entire family. 
I ended up with a large lotus flower which represents my family, and 2 hovering butterflies to symbolize my grandparents always watching over us from Heaven. I got it on my right wrist because that's the arm that crosses your heart. Cheesy..but I love it lol.
This is my only tattoo as of now, but I have plans for at LEAST 12 more. 13 being my lucky number. I feel like people now get tattoos because they see their favorite celebrity do it, or as a fad. I wish I could shake the mess out of some of these teens I see with stupid tattoos. That's permanent, you get to look at your "I love Justin Beiber" nonsense for the rest of your life, OR the scar from laser removal surgery..smh. 
My tattoo (and future tats) was done by Miguel Prada at Body and Soul Tattoos II in Jersey City, NJ. There's a new location in NY as well.

Age: 20

^ "Well behaved women rarely make History" ^

At 18 I made my tribute to my fallen angel. I decided to dedicate my 1st tattoo to my Nana, Linda. My Favorite Tattoo by far is on my back and reads "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" by way of Marilyn Monroe (love her). Following rules, living scared, and being quiet doesn't change lives, or make headlines. Rosa parks and Harriet Tubman Change Lives by "misbehaving". So I'll continue to be a bad girl! Tattoos are more than skin decoration, they are truly self expression pieces, meanings behind the ink but on the skin, the person inside decorated on the surface. I am DEF not done with my tattoos. My dreams is to have my back to my right shoulder covered. I'm getting there slowly but I'm content with what I have for now. I owe my painful pleasure addiction to Eric at Cheap Thrills Tattoo Parlor bka Concrete Jungle. Love him!

Mom/FreeThinker/Neurology Unit Staff Assistant

 ^So Dope!^
Hope she invites me to the next session so I 
can take pics and document the day.

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Yadi: 15 years old, In Santiago de cali Colombia ..... I was on vacation ( my parents sent us every summer since we were able to fly alone) I stayed with cousins and since we had a spending allowance ... i just did nothing for the week and scouted out a tattoo artist ........ he did my upper right shoulder blade with a silo of a rose ever so dainty and oh so rebellious. it means something to me it represents my family the year that i truly gained a love for my country and who i was developing into
I wore a halter top on the flight back to NYC .... i figured they are gonna find out eventually.

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Yadi: Its not my favorite but its def not not one that i cover up ..... i'm having pieces added right now but i wont ever cover it up even though the color isn't too great now

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment?
Yadi: Everyone is doing tattoos most aren't too talented some are too cheap and ppl go to them because they are just that CHEAP. People are getting tattoos for the wrong reasons and they don't love what the end up getting which is why the cover up business is booming right now

TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done?
Yadi: I don't see myself stopping anytime soon ...  i have so many idea. some i give away as designs some to friends just in conversation and some i keep for myself

TBP: Who is/are your artist?
Yadi: I have two that I favor
phat kat @ phatkat ink in queens new york (Astoria to be exact) he has the worst disposition is super cranky once told my friend off while we where in the shop cuz she was being a whiney girl but i love him to death and his shading is so on point all can be forgiven any one that sees my lower back side piece can vouch phat kats the truth. plus hes Colombian .. yup im Colombian too
Noa @ Noas ink (he work from home) like any tattoo artist he is so cocky and to top it off he bring the sexy up in the tattoo game cuz that man is sexy LOL but his artist ability sets him apart from practically all ive' met .... skill takes over when its time to work .... ask him to sketch and he doesn't need hours he"ll do it right in front of u .. its that serious 

Destiny Star
Age: 29
Day Care Supervisor

^I'm such a sucker for a girl with Sleeves^

1.I got my first tatt at 24 haven't stopped yet!

2.I love all my tatts don't regret not one of em but my favorite is tha one on my chest "MY LIFE" it has so my personal reason but its sums up everythin in two words!

3.My view on tha tatt game at tha moment is this some people do shit for attention get pointless tatts cuz they think it looks kool I do this cuz I love tha art makes me different from tha rest to see my tatts is to understand me!I'm that type that wants to prove a point if a nigga can do it so can I it doesn't mean I'm ghetto or hood I'm very lady like n tha tatts don't make me I make em! People shouldn't be so quick to judge a book for its cover take tha time to read cuz you never know ones story
This is not game to me it my Passion!

4.Hell na I aint done even throu I'm on 40something still got room pain is pleasure baby lol

5.I have two artists they brothers RICH N SPENA they shop is called "UPTOWN TATTOOs" located in Harlem, NY 125th bet. 7th n 8th ave next to tha Apollo

Age: 22
Pre-school Teacher

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 
Bebe: I think I just turned 18, it was the word " Peace" on my left wrist.
TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites? 
Bebe: "Love Life' has been one of my favorites. It was a tattoo that I saw on someone else and  decided to put a spin on it and have it represent my life. There were times growing up where I had to endure struggles and in turn I hated my life because of it. I didn't understand why I had to go through certain obstacles.This tattoo allows me to be grateful for my life and in turn try to see the bright side of things and know that I will always defeat the negativity around me. I also love my bows, they were spontaneous. I'm not very " girly" and just throw on whatever's comfortable.. The bows represent being feminine and young.
TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment? 
Bebe: I'd love to think there are people out there getting tattoos for the right reason...meaning they are getting them for themselves and not because it's the " cool" thing.
TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done? 
Bebe: Def getting more. I have so many tattoos are my babies.
TBP: Who is/are your artist? 
Bebe: I go to random people. I want to find a stable spot where I can go regularly. Hopefully that'll happen sooner than later. 

Age: 22
Part time student/Full time employee.

1. 19 when i got my first tattoo. the tattoo in the picture above was my second tattoo and i got it at 21.

2. this is my favorite tattoo because it has more meaning than my other two. its very simple. it means "believe" in Hebrew. Hebrew is one of my favorite languages, though i cannot speak nor understand it. i didnt want a tattoo in plain English because, to me, it's boring. this tattoo is a daily reminder that i will succeed in life and accomplish all of my dreams and goals.

3. well, i think tattoos have grown very much in popularity but people are getting tattoos for all of the wrong reasons. i dont think it is purposely just to decorate your body because you "feel like it" or are bored. being that they are permanent, they should be of significance.

4. i plan on getting more, yes. i already know what my next four will be!

5. my artist is Anderson from Black Ink Gallery in Harlem. (@blackinkgallery)
Michelleeee ♥
Age: 25
Famous Graffiti Artist

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Zeroes: I got my first tat when I was 18 it's on my left upper back it says W.B

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Zeroes: My sleeve itself defines who I am a random person but I bring meaning to alot of things

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment?
Zeroes: I wish I wouldve waited all these amazing new artist out here make me feel bad lol
TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done? 
Zeroes: I'm going to be a walking canvas man 

TBP: Who is/are your artist?
Zeroes: RANE he's from tattoo Asylum on Tremont one and only artist.

Age: 20
Full time Med Student
^ Carpe Diem ^

1) I got my first tattoo exactly on my 16th birthday.

2) This is one of my favorite tattoos because of its Definition: Carpe Diem: to seize the day. I live my life one day at a time and I make sure I live every day as if it were my last. No regrets, many mistakes and lessons learned.

3) The tattoo game is at its peak, its only going to get bigger. These days everyone is tatted. Tattoos are new found beauty... watch it grow.

4) My body isn't covered so I am not nowhere near done.

5) My artist are Lucky from Harlem and whomever work captures my eye. If its worth the money; INK ME.

Age: 24
Dance Teacher/ Dancer
1. I was 21 when I got my first tat
2. This one is my favorite because I was sooo nervous and I thought i was going to hurt but it really didn't, I enjoyed getting it and in addition to that, the colors are very vivid.
3. I think that people getting tattoos should really have some meaning behind it, I am not a fan of someone being completely sleeved up with 1000 meaningless tattoos, it should be a collection of something worth while or something you built up
4. Yes I plan on getting 2 more tattoos and that's it, unless someone really close to me dies and I am feeling inclined to honor them
5. His name is TRUTH and he does tats at this place on Jamaica Ave. I can't think of the spot though

Not much more I can say. I hope that this post show all those out there with negative views on tattoos that all different people from all different walks of life get tattooed. Thank you so much to those of ya who participated and allowed me to interview them. Some people didn't make it unfortunaely due to bandwith availability and timing but there will be a Part 2. For now thanks, and if you have any qeustions for anyone who submitted here leave it in the comments.

take care folks!
Stay up and Stay tuned.