Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm back to rant and rave folks. please bare with me.
So I was watching one of my favorite shows today "EveryBody Loves Raymond" and it was an episode where Robert, one of the main characters finds out he was born out of wedlock. In the episode he was devastated to find out, and it instantly triggered the question in my head: "Why?" It reminded me that my little brother, more than half of the people that I know including myself were born out of wedlock. is that really all that bad?

It didn't end there though I began thinking of other Taboos, like tattoos, and lack of college degrees, I was left wondering, "Why do we care so much about what people may say about us, about how society may view us? Why do we follow unwritten rules who have little to no consequence if and when broken?"

Let's start lightly with:


Most of the older narrow minded people in my family look at my tattoos and automatically think negative. Often they ask me: "how you gonna go back to Honduras? They are gonna think you are a gang member, they'll kill you"
So it reminds me of the stigma that Tattoos are indications that he who wears them is a criminal or a dangerous person. I suppose its not professional and is only seen in a negative light. Well to all those people I say look at this Doctor and this Lawyer who are featured on a site trying to bring forth a more positive reputation to Tattoos and those who wear them. Now as for it being something for criminals I highly disagree because a crime is not defined by a persons physical appearance. I.E. I'm willing to bet that Bernie Madoff has not one tattoo on all his body but by definition he is a criminal and is serving a sentence in prison given to him by OUR justice system. Am I right or am I right? You see I personally feel that a tattoo is nothing more than a great piece of expression by both the person who applied it and the person who wears it. It is a production of something beautiful and extraordinary, in other words it is ART.

College Degree-
Imma try to get straight to the point with this one cause I could literally go on for days on this topic. Let's start with the fact that 60% of college grads end up working in a field other than the one that they studied and got a degree in... Are you effin serious? More than half of em go off and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to receive that lil piece of paper that tells employers "the person before you WENT to school" and the even they don't hire the former student? Git the eff outta here. and notice I said "WENT" to school because that's all a diploma tells you, that a person went to school, who knows if they learned anything.
My second point, many college grads that I know lack common sense and or fail to think logically about things despite how simple those things are.
Aside from all that judging from what I've grown to see: Most of the people who are successful in our society are not educated passed High School, some don't even make it that far. Example you ask? My favorite rapper of all time Jay-Z he didn't go to college, and look how well he turned out, a favorite amongst the masses and a wealthy business man richer than any Doctor I can think of. I'm sure your thinking: "How typical that this ngga would mention a rapper" and your probably right but it doesnt end with Mr. Jay-Z, what about Bill Gates? As you may or may not know he didn't go to college either, and I'm well aware we all know how filthy stinking rich he is. I mean without Bill Gates I could not be publishing this very collection of words to you, who is reading it somewhere in a completely different location on our planet.

Please don't misunderstand my state of mind or my words. I'm all for education and feel a mind is a terrible thing to waste, I just feel that school is not the answer to EVERYTHING. I feel most college grads were brainwashed to believe that they HAD to go to college and get a degree so that they can get a great job and live well. You want proof that its all BS? Fine, tell whoever is asking for your student loans "Oh but I got my Diploma, is my earned and well deserved education not payment enough for you?" See if they don't laugh in your face and send you to collections. You see if the purpose of "getting my education" is to learn to be a Doctor who save lives, only to make $80,000 a year, then I'd rather save the time, money, and energy that it takes to do so, pick up a microphone and try my luck at being a rapper who makes well over $80,000 in just one night. Call me ignorant if you want but you know deep down you don't want to be up til 4am writing a paper that a professor doesn't truly care about. But I'm done with this topic.

I say all that to say this: "Life is what you make it, you don't HAVE to go to college if you don't want to, but at least if your going to do it, do it for yourself, not to make anyone else happy and not because you've been brainwashed to believe that it will solve any of your problems. ESPECIALLY the financial problems.

Don't be so weak to fall for society's un written rules, what one says about you doesn't make you stronger, weaker, taller, shorter, smarter, dumber, richer or poorer than what you already are. The people who follow these rules are the people who are scared to be who they are, those who have been led to believe that the way society says things should be is the standard that they have to live up to. Don't fear being seen in a different light, we weren't put on this Earth to all be the same person. If you want tattoos, cover your body in them, or just have one!


With that said, go out and Challenge the norm, and please
Stay up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Middle Finger to Society

While talking to my home girl last night (whom I speak with each day) the topic of my drivers License came about. It all started when she asked if I had one and before you knew it I was pleading my case as to why I refuse to get one at the moment. Pull up a seat, its gonna be a good one:

Stephanie Marie:
Because my boy is manager of a Best Buy and they need workers but its in Westchester
Eno Bull: Oh that would be dope.
Stephanie Marie: Yeah but you don't drive!!!
Eno Bull: My pops would let me use his car if I had a license.
Stephanie Marie: Soo stop beinq lazy and get your license
Eno Bull: Nah man. Imma go for as long as I can without it.
Eno Bull: Lol.
Eno Bull: That's my middle finger to Society.
Stephanie Marie: Lmao ay Jesus
Eno Bull: I don't even Believe in I.D.'s I got mine cause you know... feel me. But you yea...
Stephanie Marie: I can't front I didn't have an I.D. for a lonqq time
Stephanie Marie: Lol
Eno Bull: Yea. My Permit has been expired for a whole year.
Eno Bull: It still says Under 21.
Eno Bull: But MIDDLE FINGER to society.
Eno Bull: I'll get a license when I get a car and even then imma drive around illegally for a lil while.
Eno Bull: Til then I'm "Mr. What the fuck you need my I.D. For, my word should be a good enough indicator as to who I am"
Stephanie Marie: Lmao that's the I.D. you use?
Eno Bull: Yea.
Stephanie Marie: Lmao
Eno Bull: I still get into clubs and all that.
Stephanie Marie: Lmao I like that
Eno Bull: Yea.
Stephanie Marie: Lmao
Stephanie Marie: But whyy?
Eno Bull: Oh boy, you really wanna open those flood gates? Lol.
Stephanie Marie: Lmao yesh
Eno Bull: I will go in on WHY, for a few paragraphs.
Stephanie Marie: Go aheadd!
Stephanie Marie: I asked for a reason
Eno Bull: Yes!
Eno Bull: Ok, pull up a seat.
Stephanie Marie: I'm layinq down
Eno Bull: Aight so its like this:
Eno Bull: We live in a world (a country) where we are not viewed as individuals, we are not seen as human beings with unique minds, and feelings and emotion.
Eno Bull: We're not seen as logical creatures with the ability to do great things.
Eno Bull: We are seen as nothing more than numbers in a system.
Eno Bull: This country is not a beautiful rose that blooms, its a machine and we are not the drops of water that feed that rose, we are the parts that keep it moving.
Stephanie Marie: OMG that sounded like a book!! And its sooooo true
Eno Bull: So since birth everything is based on paper.
Eno Bull: Birth Certificate, Social Security Cards, so on and so forth.
Eno Bull: Yea.
Eno Bull: My question is: "Why?"
Eno Bull: I'll tell you why.
Eno Bull: Control! There is no such thing as Freedom in this country. That's just a pacifier they give us to make us feel like we are in a great country.
Eno Bull: You don't believe me? Go into any public building drop your pants and take a piss, and tell me if they won't try to hang you.
Stephanie Marie: That's true
Stephanie Marie: Freedom is just the image they give you but it isn't true
Eno Bull: Right, so an I.D. Card is just a compact version of my Passport, Birth Certificate, and SSC, so wtf I need an I.D. card for.
Eno Bull: A cop stops me and asks me my name all I gotta do is tell him and there goes my whole life in his computer.
Eno Bull: The schools I've went to, the jobs I've had and even the people in my life.
Eno Bull: I'm not comfortable with that.
Eno Bull: That's NOT freedom.
Eno Bull: Freedom is me being able to tell you, "My name is Eno Gutierrez, son of Such and Such" and you let me go without having to know any more about me than I'm willing to share.
Stephanie Marie: That makes sense
Eno Bull: Right, which leads me to part II of my rant.

Eno Bull: We've come to a point in time where a man's word no longer means anything. See if the rest of the world was as honest as me there would be a lot less problems.
Stephanie Marie: That's true a mans word isn't shit anymore
Stephanie Marie: Everythinq is "I need it in writinq"
Eno Bull: Right so you see I can't tell you "Yes, I did graduate High School" without you needing to see a piece of Paper.
Eno Bull: They call it a Diploma. So that Paper which I could have paid for, for all you know is what determines I went to school? Why not just ask me some math problems and some historic facts?
Eno Bull: So its the same with an I.D.
Eno Bull: Why can't you just understand my words when I say "I was born on the 14th afternoon in August in 1987. I stand before you a 22 year and 3 month old man.
Eno Bull: Nah, that's not valid, my word means nuttin. You need a piece of Cardboard as proof
Stephanie Marie: I never thought about it in this way
Eno Bull: On this planet a mans word once held weight now, its only the things men have given value too. Birth Cerificates, SSC's, Passports, I.D. and even Money.
Stephanie Marie: And it makes sense ; & its true you can buy a diploma and not kno jack shit
Eno Bull: All those things WE gave value too.
Eno Bull: To*
Eno Bull: Right.
Eno Bull: So that's why I'm anti I.D. Cards.
Eno Bull: Unfortunately I know I have to get my license some day but you don't need a license to know how to drive a car and so I drive without one.
Stephanie Marie: That's true but if you get stopped you gottah deal with it
Stephanie Marie: Its always a risk
Eno Bull: I'll pay the consequences if ever I'm caught, but til then I'm the one who goes against the grain.
Eno Bull: I know.
Eno Bull: You right, but I don't drive often, every once in a while I go for a joy ride but I'm just sayin.
Stephanie Marie: Yeah I feel you
Stephanie Marie: You just put a million thoughts in my head because I never thought of the whole I.D. thinq like that
Eno Bull: So I guees deep down I'm just a Hippy, but this is how I think.
Eno Bull: Yea.
Stephanie Marie: Lol I think you have the soul of a hippy
Eno Bull: Yea I do.
Eno Bull: Trust me, these are the things I think of.
Eno Bull: You wouldn't think of it just by lookin at me.
Stephanie Marie: Nope; you look like the typical nigga (no offense)
Eno Bull: None taken, I know, I see that nigga in the mirror every mornin, but the nigga lookin back at me sees a scholar.
Eno Bull: Write that one down lol.
Stephanie Marie: AAAOOOWWWW
Stephanie Marie: I'm soo quotinq that lmao
Eno Bull: Lmao.
Eno Bull: Me too I aint gonna front I like that.
Stephanie Marie: Lol
Eno Bull: Lmao. Hmmm. You spanish you good.
Stephanie Marie: Lmaoo your spanish too sucio

So there you have it, the reason I've yet to get my New York State Driver's License
Til I do have it, you remember to

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Quote Me on this One

I don't usually do this folks, as most of you already know. But tonight I was having a deep conversation with a good friend and I said something that I want to immortalize in a quote, so here it goes:


Come back tomorrow, and in the mean time
Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bitches and Women (Bitches Be Whack)

Aight everyone, welcome back to the classroom known as my blog, Tha Bull Pen. Please grab a seat and prepare to begin.

Today's Lesson is "Bitches and Women"
I see some of the ladies in the class giving me awkward stares: "Don't worry ladies, I'll explain myself" lol

Now, the term 'Bitch', most commonly used amongst dog breeders is defined as: A female canine (a dog.) I'm sure many will be surprised to learn as was I when I first found out that: It's original use as a vulgarism, documented to the fourteenth century, suggested high sexual desire in a woman, comparable to a bitch ( a female dog) in heat.

So moving right along we see that it has been used centuries before we ever said it the first time. But does it mean the same today? This is where our discussion begins.

Today in the year 2009 the word bitch is used for all but a female dog, usually used by men towards women. The age old question is why. For example if any one of the young men here today said to one of the young ladies "Hey Bitch, can I borrow a pen?" that young lady would all but have her head spin on her neck. But if that same young lady was talking to a friend of hers , it would be perfectly acceptable for her friend to say: "Bitch, you crazy" now wouldn't it?

You see, like most other words and phrases it's not what you say but how you say it. But I digress. The reason for this topic today was to explain to the women in the room the difference between women and bitches.

A woman is the giver of life, a majestic and beautiful creature put here to direct the people of this world towards greatness. A woman is a Grand Mother, a Mother, a Daughter, An Aunt, a Sister, a Great friend. One who gives and understands that to get respect it must first be given. One who is well aware of her self worth and walks with her head high with no time to stop on her way to her destination. Whether that destination is success, happiness, or just the corner store, she knows not to be lead astray.
A perfect example of a Woman: *She has her own but understands that a man may still want to give to her because she deserves it and wants to do for her. A woman doesn't throw her independence in any one's face

now a

Hmmmm... now a bitch is a Female, but not a woman, not even a lady. A bitch is a female who is unrefined, often out to get what she wants by way of less than favorable behavior, sexual favors and all other low forms of acting. A bitch is a female who gets no respect from others because she herself has no self respect. Did I lose you? See a bitch wants to see everyone, especially men and women as unhappy as she is. She doesn't care for others even those who may actually car for her. A bitch does unexplainable things for reasons that she herself does not understand.
A perfect example of a Bitch: *She get pregnant by a man who she doesn't even like very much, but she knows that his financial security is strong, and she wants that same security but she does not want to work as hard as that man to get it for herself. And once she has had that man's child and he leaves for whatever reason she uses HER child as a tool to get back at the man. Crazy Bitches!

So you see ladies, If a man calls you a bitch it is quite possible that he is just using that word out of context BUT there is always a possibility that you are indeed behaving like or just being a bitch. Take what I've taught you here today and learn from it. Apply it to your everyday life, and for ALL the females, be a Woman, not a Bitch.

Okay, class dismissed. Remember to always
Stay Up & Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

27Th World Series Champions

What's goin on Bull Penners....

I'm gonna keep this one brief: My lil brother would probably look at money funny if I sat here and lied to you and told you I am a huge sports fan, cause I am not. But even he will tell you that I am a fan, although when it comes to baseball I ONLY watch if and when the Yankees are playing, I don't even remember exactly where my infatuation with the team began but (at the risk of sounding like a band wagoner--which I'm not) The Yankees are and always have been my over all favorite team in Sports!

Of the 60-100 Fitteds I've owned throughout my life I estimate that 7 or 8 the most have been fitteds other than the Yankee Fitted.

Tonight my boys did it again: they won their 27th World Series Championship! Watching it took me back to the feeling I got on Nov. 4th 2008 when our new president Barack Obama won the election (can you believe its been a whole year today) Well anyway, yea. Seein the yankees Rush that field after the last out was amazing. I'm so proud to be a new Yorker, especially one from the Bronx, I'm so proud to be a wearer of The Blue and White yankee fitted and I'm so proud to be a Yankees fan. Shout outs to Hideki Matsui... that man was on fire...

Great Job fellas, see ya on Friday!
^Just a lil something to accompany my words^

Lol, I guess this post is literally a story from "Tha Bull Pen" lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Biggest Business in America

Aight this one might be long cause I'm bout to black out!

I was looking for some deep quotes to open this post with, but I didn't find any worth my time. so allow me to make one up on the spot:

Urgh uhmmm:
Education is both the emancipation and entrapment of natural curiosity and imagination.
-Eno Bull-

and now some words from tonight's Sponsor:
Jay-Z: "I felt so inspired by what my teacher said, she said I'd either be dead or be a reefer head, I'm not sure if that's how adults should speak to kids"

Aight and now with our regularly scheduled program - so I've always said that I love to learn and that's the truth, but I swear to everything I love; I HATE school. Allow me to tell you why. Since I was a lad I saw not the need to wake up early every morning to go and be taught things I would never need in my real life by a person who felt the same way I did some 20 years prior. You see growing up I appreciated art class and I must admit history was kinda cool, but i couldn't understand for the life of me why it was important to know the square root of some odd shape the teacher just pulled out her ass. I mean be honest, when's the last time you were in your retail job and someone came and asked you: "Excuse me, my size is the square root of 134, do you by any chance have that size in stock?" or when was the last time someone asked you what the weight of the 6th element was?

Let's be honest at the end of the day a good education can't hurt, in fact it helps, but in this life at least in my opinion "it's not what you know, it's who you know"

While I was working at Sak's there was a young lady who did visuals. I happen to know that that young lady was/is making $20 an hour.... So you telling me I have to have a formal Ivy League education to change the clothes on a mannequin each day? Not likely... but whatever. It's all about money. Why do our parents tell us: "you have to go to school" I'll tell you why: cause soiety's order of things is as follows: Your born, you spend 3 years at home with mom and or babysitters, by the time your 4 your already in school despite the fact that you can barley hold your piss in the event of having to go potty, then your in school til your 21. So after those 17 years spent in a classroom what do you get? A F*&k'n piece of paper that tells your future employer that you went to school. Shit, are you serious? My word isn't enough? Of course it isn't, you see, the days of a man's word having merit no longer exist, it's all about paper. So me sayin "I went to such and such school and got my degree in whatever" doesn't matter without that sealed paper proof.

So being that it is that way why do I need school again? Only 20 percent of 2009 college grads who applied for a job graduated with one in hand. 20 Percent? Shit I'm better off picking up a mic and trying my luck at rappin. Which brings me to college. We're not even talking Ivy league schools I mean bumass CUNY's and SUNY's you mean to tell me I have to pay you x amount of dollars and then pay $400+ for thousand page books and I'm only gonna use one or two chapters? Come the eff on! WHAT FOR? WHY? See the way I see it is, if I have a plan and I know its gonna work out (by work out I mean pay me enough to live and survive) then why do I need that piece of paper? And don't waste your time asking those who have degrees they seem to have been brainwashed into believing that they NEEDED it.

This is also in no way shape or form an attempt, intentional or otherwise, to insult any and every person reading this who just so happened to take that road and got their degree. This is just my opinion. Be it blissful ignorance or truth this is just how I feel.

I could go on forever but I've said enough and have barely scratched the surface of my point, so I'll just leave the rest up to ya. As always feel free to comment.

Stay up and Stay Tuned.