Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Night be Live

This Past weekend was real coo. Not much happened on Friday but I got to chill with my fam yesterday (Saturday) and if you aint know, to me thats a Great time everytime. The baby in the pic is "The Great White Hype" Jayden F. Baby. All his pics are blurry cuz he would NOT stay Still.

^^ Me and Jayden F. Baby, He's really a baby.
^^ Cuzzo on that G1. I NEED That joint in my life.

^^ My face is screwed cuz he would not cooperate with the Cam.
^^ My Nephew is a fly Motha Shut yo Mouth!
^^ Dont hurt em Jay!
After some time spent with the Fam, Playland, Mylez, P.B.M and myself decided to go downtown. 28th was poppin. Beautiful women EVERYwhere.

^^ The only pic I have of the downtown portion of the evening.

The end of the night came and we decided to hit up IHOP. If you havent had thier Fruit Crepes DONT! it will leave you fiendin for more.

^^ Buddy Mylez a.k.a "He'll put a hole in yo Head"a.k.a The 08 Celebrity Musher specialist.

^^ Frank Lucas Fruit Crepes (DAMN!)

Stay up and Stay Tuned!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Rose by any Other Name....

Today I payed a visit to Sacred Tattoo Shop in SoHo. The work they do is amazing and I had been looking for a new artist for a while. I'm glad to say: I think I've found him/them. I worked with Matt ( today and although I didn't get the tat that I initially wanted I got to do something that I've wanted to do for about a year and that's shade in the flowers that were simply an outline on my arm. The Tat I wanted was a piece I designed that represents Life and Death I set up an appointment for the 7th to get that piece... so with that said I'd like to show ya the Pic. (Not the best pic for now but I'll have better pics when it heals.

^^ Detail is great. What Black and Grey SHOULD look like.

^^What I wore for the Day

Un-DS'ed The ATC II's

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jules Rendezvous

We were at it again last night folks. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Greatest Night Club in the world (Jules Rendezvous) allow me to put you on. Its my cousin Julie's Apt.

No I.D. needed, Liquor is free all night, no dress code, and best of all its Local.

Yesterday my cousin Killa Hit me up and said "Julies Crib tonight 8pm" with not a question asked I instantly replied "I'm there." later when I decided to see what the occasion was he simply replied "Its Tuesday, lol" with all that said lets get to the flicks.
^^ Where it all Begins

^^ Pink Lemonaide. DONT let the color fool you, It will sneak up
on you somethin serious.

^^ Me & Rocky, And The Photos Begin.

^^ It Aint the Hulk, But you better believe it was Incredible.

^^ Paul (Has been serving us for 21 Years) Came through with some Wings. Shout outs to Paul

^^ Me & my Girlfriend (When im drunk) Bianka. lol

^^ Smooches Babe. We Rock Stars Meng!

^^ Who Else But Yours Truly, Eno to the 'Motha Effin' Bull

^^ Julie, Myself and Bianka.

^^ & Ofcourse the end of the Night Shots. SMH @ killa
Violatin my woman LOL.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Having Money's Not Everthing...

...Not having it is" This is very true. Among a few other things I was discussing the never ending topic of money with a few co-workers yesterday.

First of all this discussion began when one of our co-workers walked into the stock room looking for a few pair of shoes for a customer. I'd tell you what the name of the shoes are but the company doesn't pay me to shout them out lol. Anyway the cheapest one of the 3 she was searching for was $1,695 the second was about $2,200 and the mother of all Gator shoes was $9,995 and yes that's all in American Green Dollars. This instantly triggered our discussion beginning with the sentiment that Life isn't fair. Here you have this jerk (yea I'm hatin') buying 3 pairs of 4-digit price tag shoes and half of us hard working Citizens can't even pay our phone bills.

Then my boy asked the Million $ question: "Ya'll think Money is everything?" and with that question alone this Blog was Born. I won't bore you with the word-for-word play of the discussion but I will give you my views on the question. Yes and No. This is not the first time this topic has come up around me and it won't be the last.

^^If it dont make a Dollar then it dont make Cents

You see where I'm (and many like me) are from lack of money is the root of all evil. Of course Life is not about money, but you have to stop lyin to yourself and admit that it IS Highly important. Finding yourself and what your purpose on this planet is a more likely answer to the aforementioned question. I mean I wanna tell you that its about finding that right person to fall in love with, make babies and keep the human race alive. Cause I do believe that Family and the love from family and friends and possibly the love from a spouse is important. But tell me this: If your madly in love with your wifey but don't have 2 dollars is that same Love gonna get you on the 4 train in the morning to get to work? NOPE!

Truth is finding happiness is super hard and its even harder if your not friends with the Dead Presidents that have run this beautiful country of ours. So I guess when its all said and done I never answered the question at hand but the real question is "Will that question EVER be answered?" Stay up and Stay Tuned.
^^9,994 More of These and those shoes are mine! LMAO

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Losin' It

Whats Good Bull Penners? Lol Those who know me personally know that despite being a lil skinny kid I somehow Ballooned over the summer of 98 and have been fat ever since lol. Sad i know, but its all good because due to 'Eno's Wardrobe Diet' I've lost 22 lbs. in a little over a month and a half. Allow me to explain this diet.... You see I take most of the money that I have to spend and use it to buy Clothing and footwear. So while your getting fly your losin' weight and don't even notice it lol. I don't recommend you try it but its workin' for me. I weighed 255 Lbs and wore a sz. 42. Now I'm wearin' a sz. 38 in a 233 lb frame. HOLLA! lol
Despite the weight lost I'm still not at my goal weight of 195-200lbs. But I just got something in the mail that's gonna motivate me: (but first allow me to say) Those who know me also know that I'm serious about getting my clothing line off the ground but until then I have to settle for all the beautiful designer jeans that seem to be designed for white men with Anorexia. Yea I said it. Waddup Wanna Fight? Anyway one of these brands of beautiful Jeans being 'Rock&Republics'. I really like Rockies but haven't bought a pair cause I don't fit into them the way id like to. So the other day I finally said "Eff it Imma buy a pair and use em as motivation to shed some pounds" They arrived in the mail today and although they are my sz. (38) they are a bit snug so I'm gonna hang em outside my closet and do crunches, sit ups, Push-Ups while facing them. So wish me Luck Folks. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

^^ Cant tell from this Pic But the Muffin Top is NOT Rockin These Republics
^^ If you didnt know im a HUGE sucker for wings. So the back pocket is motivation in its self.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

House of Exile

Whats Good Ya'll this Blog is to share with you guys yet another page of the endless book that is My Mental State. Its also being used to pay my respect to a man by the name of Lucky Dube.

Lucky Dube was a South African Reggae artist who made beautiful music for 25 years. He Recorded 22 Albums and on October 18th, 2007 his life was pointlessly taken by people trying to Hijack him. This incident occurred shortly after he had dropped his children off at a Family Members house. He tried to flee but was fatally wounded.

After hearing that he had been killed I caught Chills down my spine. The reason for the chills was because just a few days earlier I had been mesmerized by one of his songs on my way to school. My father has always been a huge fan of all types of Music, seeing as how reggae was one of his favorites Lucky Dube was a familiar name to me and so was his music. Needless to say I had heard the song before but for some odd reason that day it hit me as if I had never heard it. I literally played it all day from home to school (an hour and 35 minute trip), from school to work, from work to home. That was the only song played on my iPod that day. The Name of the song was "House of Exile" a song about a Freedom Fighter trying to spread his words of freedom to his people in the Ghetto. I found it very ironic that the same artist that I had been listening to was now dead just a few days later.

Mylez always tells me "There's no such things as coincidences" and I use to think there were but after giving it thought I agree with my brother and realize that everything really DOES happen for a reason. Maybe the reason for me being mesmerized by that song that fate full day was so that today, a few days shy of a year later I can write this blog (Which I didn't even have till about 2 months ago) and spread the word of a Mans music that people may not have known otherwise. Maybe I'M that Freedom Fighter he was singing about. Whatever the reason was I just found it crazy (for lack of a better word) and i'd like to pay my respects by saying "Thank You" for leaving this world a better place through your music.

Lucky Dube
^ Lucky Dube ^

The Lordless Warrior

I Wore this The Other day and Jazz Said: "Yea Eno Got Style" lol. I appreciated it cause although I feel I have a decent sense of Fashion I feel like it rarely comes off like I want it too. So Thanks Jazz.
For Those of you un famililiar with the sneaker game, these are Nike Blazer SB's. They are my Favorite Blazers and possibly My favorite pair of SB's. They are called "Lordless Warrior's"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shout outs To Eno Bull.

Just Some Pics Of me I wanted to put up for no reason at all. Excuse me while I feel myself. LOL (No Pause) for all you Ayo'er out there!

You See I wore Glasses for 11 years and now I FINALLY got contacts, Chopped the year old dreads off and you wouldnt believe how much I feel like a new Man. AAOOWW!!

This is a new Look that Im tryna adopt. I MIGHT be selling that sneaker collection that i'm Posing in front of.
These Last 2 I just Posted cause I really like em lol. If you got a Problem you can Pucker up and Kiss My Ass. LOL

My Away Message.

How to make a succesful 'Away' Message

1. Be sure to tell your entire Buddy List what you did, are going to do or are doing today.
i.e. OMG I'm chillen watchin 'The Tyra Banks Show' then I'm gonna go shower and meet with my peoples and we gonna go Downtown to shop for a new shirt for my party.

2. Tell everyone how you feel.
i.e. I soooo Love my bf/gf he/she is the best thing that ever happened to me (Tell your spouse you love them) and then put the day that you two became a couple.(I love you baby 10.13.04-Forever)

3. Make sure to start some type of beef with someone on your Buddy List.
i.e. "Yo (your enemies name here) F&^% You on some real Sh*^ that's why I never liked you to begin with.

4. Make sure you tell your whole Buddy List what song your listening to and quote it.
i.e. Listening to "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it"

5. If your highly upset, rather then sign off Let us know and stay online.
i.e. Not in the mood, I am really pissed DO NOT hit me up.

6. Tell people what your Icon is
i.e. Icon: "The One and Only (your Name or nick name here)

7. When in doubt tell everyone what your doing or how your feeling and add "Flow" to the end of it.
i.e. Work Flow, Wild Happy Flow

C'Mon People... The world don't need to know what your doin, how your doin it as your doin it....