Thursday, August 28, 2008

True Religion

No not the Denim type. This is another one that you may get offended by so read at your own risk.

"Do not lacerate your bodies for the dead, and do not tattoo yourselves. I am the Lord."
~Leviticus 19:28~

Ok Folks I think you can already see where this one is going. I got my first Tat when I was 18 yrs. old back in 05'. Since then I've been getting slack from all types of people. Aunts and Uncles mostly, but most recently I've been in the mists of conversations regarding the Bible and the fact that "Having Tattoos is a sin." I knew of the Leviticus passage before I got my Tattoos but I got them anyway. But before you get out your pitch forks and plan on crucifying me lets look at things from all angles here: Remember what age/year we are living in. If your argument here is "Only Sailors and or Gangsters have tattoos" then sorry to break it to you but everyone has tats now-a-days. Your Doctors, your lawyers, and even the teacher that teach your children. You see like a lot of things tattoos have come to have a bad reputation over the years but its nothing more then a persons expression of how they feel, think and believe. It is literally a living piece of art and judging someone on sight based on nothing more than the ink on their arms is no different than judging them based on the color of their skin.

Now getting into the Religious aspect: People will be very quick to get thier Bible and Preach to you and tell you "It says it right there that your not supposed to have tattoos." But what that person will always forget to tell you and will close the Bible before they have a chance to be challenged is this:

"*Do not clip your hair at the temples, nor trim the edge of you beard."
~Leviticus 19:27~

Ah-Ha. Now its getting interesting right? See what this means is a man is not supposed to Shave or in anyway remove his Beard nor the hair that grows from his Temple. This is why Muslims do not shave their beards and this is why Hasidic Jews do not cut the Long curled up hair that grows from their temples. But correct me if I'm wrong, there is more men walking around with smooth clean shaven faces and Dark ceasers than there is with Jew Curls and Beards. Am I right or wrong? So whats that about? The way I see it is all these preachers are being hypocrites because they'll tell me I'm a sinner for having Tattoos but they'll say it to me while sitting in the barbers chair with their faces lathered up with shaving cream. The only message your sending me is: You can pick and choose which rules in the Bible you want to follow. And here I am a 21 year old who for the past twenty-one years thought you had to follow them all.

Another thing that grinds my gears is that people rarely take the time out to see what my tattoos are and what they represent. Never mind the fact that I have Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus on one arm and Angels with Psalms 23 on the other. As soon as they see me I'm automatically a criminal or some sort of heathen that should be ignored and exiled from society.

Heres all I'm saying: Its 2008, we live in a different world then we did when our Bible was written. If your gonna shove religion down my throat then make sure you've had a taste for yourself. Go by the Bible all across the board and not half way through it. See I've done my research I'm not just your average sinner who does things out of spite.
To all my peoples who have tattoos please remeber this blog next time someone tries to put you down because of it. Remember its your Body and if your a sinner then the guy on the train next to you who just shaved this morning is a Bigger sinner. Lev 19:27 was an established rule before Lev 19:28.

With all that said Im gonna leave you guys to think and discuss this amongs yourselves. Come back soon.

^^ My Sleeves that I proudly showcase.

^^ Leviticus 19:27 The forgotten verse of the Bible.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Fellas

Sup Meng? (This one is long folks, but its because its been a long time coming so bare with me.)This post is yet another Ode. (You none reading niggas may need a dictionary for that one) This one is to my fellas tho. First off lemme give ya a lil insight on my past friendships, see I rarely keep "Friends." My mom finds it strange that I'll have a friend one day and Lose that friend the next. I honestly can't tell you why that is. Some have said "You've Changed" or "Your changing" but I've only grown. Maybe those who have yet to grow with me have seen it as me being a different person but that's not it at all. I've simply matured and have had the vail that is innocence removed from my vision. To the few friends that I still have in my life: Dwayne, Gil, Rich, Gabe(we only known each other a few months but you one of the realest niggas I've met in years) thanks for stayin around man. I appreciate ya friendships more than words can begin to explain. I Luv ya niggas.

But this Ode is to You Niggas. You niggas know who ya are lol.
Buddy 'Motha Effin' Mylez, Severe Persy Jones, Killa Ken, Joe Dirt, Ry PlayLand, Devo, Reg (P.B.M), Che Kidd. I Love ya man. Mylez, Perse, Killa, and I are cousins by blood but I look at them as my older brothers literally. PlayLand is my lil cuz but theres not much I can teach his fast ass lol. But as for the rest of ya'll Blood couldn't make us any closer (I mean that). I just wanna take this time out and thank ya for being there for me in my times of need. Lord Knows that he blessed me with a loving mother, who is My best friend in the world and a father who I never speak to. Not because he's passed or because he doesn't live here with me but because he's nothing more the a Physical presence but that's another Blog post in itself so I wont dwell on it now. But yea man

Mylez: Who could ask for a better Big Brother, honestly everything from teachin me how to shoot a basketball, throw a football, talk to a female or manage my Money, he been there for it all.

JONES! I love you my nigga as much as I cant stand you at times. You know what we been threw. We literally almost died in the same river, on the same day at the same time. LMAO. Your the closest to my age but years away in wisdom in certain topics and stages of Life.

Killa Ken: I'd go on for days tryna find the words man, so I wont try in hopes that you realize that me being speechless is just how I feel. lol

Ryan (PlayLand): These past few months have been good catchin up for us. You've come a very looong way and Im glad to see that my younger cuz is headed on a path that I myself havent embarked on.

Joe Dirt: Literally I have known you since I was like 6. We fell off for a few years but you could never be forgotten my nigga. and I dont think I've told you before But I LOVE the fact that your a father to your kids and your there for them everyday. Lord knows comin from where we from thats more precious then all the gold and diamonds on this planet.

Reg: You've been around for a few years but it doesnt take long for any person to befriend you. Your too cool for words my nigga. You know we all love you. Dont let this stress kill you b, we gonna be rich real soon.

Che: My Big Brother's Big Brother. LOL (You know what that makes you man) BIG HOMIE! lol. Che you've grown from a boy to a man and its more than noticable. This world needs more black men like you, African Prince. As much you try to press my buttons Id rather it be you then someone I dont know lol. 'You my Brother Che, not my Nigga'

Devo: God's Gift right? Lol You my lil brother, no different from my real brother. You can be embarassin at times, but you can only be embarassed by your loved ones I say, and thats real. Keep doin you my dude you gonna be famous one day due to it.

^^ L to R: Perse, PlayLand, Killa, Mylez

^^ Che Kidd (The Black Panther) and Yours Truly. Thats me in my Dread Era.

^^ P.B.M (My Favorite Jamaican Reg)

^^ PlayLand, Devo, Yours Truly, Perse

^^ The infamous Joe Dirt

I'd be lost without ya Man 4Real!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Enough is Enough.

S'Good folks? I'm back with a new one today. Now before I get started I'd like to say: If you are the type of person that gets offended easily now is the time to Exit this post and or Blog, this is where you guys are gonna start thinking "This Eno guy is an Asshole" but what you eat don't make me S%*^ so I don't care lol.

Now with that said allow me to give you a First class ticket for my train of thought.

I was on the train on Sunday with my big brother Mylez, and we saw something that was funny but also disturbing for quite a few reasons. A European man and his wife got on the train and both were pushing strollers. The wife was pushing a kid who was at least 3, he was quite capable of walking but that wasn't as bad as what the husband was pushing. This dude was pushing his son who was at least 6 or 7. Well Mylez and I had a field day. Pops was pushing him around in his stroller, taking the stroller up and down stairs while lil man is in his stroller Knocked out. "GIT THE F*&% OUTTA HERE." Mylez and I were goin on about how when our kids are all of one year old they're gonna be walking behind daddy and goin up and down stairs on their own. Anyway the joking continued and a few people around us laughed to themselves while listening.

For those of you who just aren't getting what this is all about "WAKE UP!" Especially you parents who are reading. If this lil Muh F*&^er is old enough to walk then let him walk. I don't need to get on the train and feel uncomfortable because your (2) strollers are blocking the entire isle. Its Ridiculous, and on a more serious note Lord forbid there were some type of accident and people were to panic lil Brady in his stroller is most likely gonna be pushed, kicked, or possibly thrown out of the way, and guess what... Its your fault. That's right I said it. Pushing him around like that is no different then babying him and protecting him at the age of 16. Anyway, I could go on for days here but for the sake of my Blog I got it all on video for you guys. so get some popcorn and enjoy the minute and a half or so Video.

I have nothing more to say other than "C'Mon Now!"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Young Rude 1.

What it is Ya'll Its Ya favorite Bull Eno here again. Today I just wanted to show some love for my Baby Boy, my only son thus far, my lil brother Rudy.

This dude here is by far the coolest 16 yr old HANDS DOWN! Lil man was born on January 29th 1992. I remember my mom asking me "Que nombre le debemos poner a tu hermanito?" (Translation: Whats should we name your little brother) I had no idea. lol Honestly speakin, No disrespect to him My parents and I thought and in a slight way wanted him to be a her. But God gave my parents a Boy and we loved and still Love him the same. Anyway, I guess it wasnt till after he was delivered that my parents figured "He doesnt have a name might as well name him after his Daddy" so Rudy it was and Rudy he is.

The reason Im posting this Blog is cause I feel he and I aren't as close as we should be although we are becoming closer each day. Us not being that close is mainly my fault cause i'd rather not have my lil brother taggin along everywhere I go But he knows (and if he doesn't, he knows now) that I love him MORE than a fat kid loves cake lol. I cant even front man. I'd give anything to go back to being 16 and being even 1/2 as cool as he is. Lil man is a Jock (FootBall Player), Ladies Man, and all-round "Damn thats a cool kid" Kid. Ofcourse like all brothers we have our fights, arguments and disputes but he knows and I've proved once or twice that I will take a niggas Head off for touching one hair on his head. He's at football camp as we speak and doesn't even know I have this blog but sooner than later he's gonna read it and I just hope he Knows: Rudy, despite our arguments, fights, and sometimes hateful behavior towards each other I love you man, more than words will ever begin to explain. I'm sure I didnt have to say it but if anything thats probably why im sayin it. Stay up Ya'll and when ya see This lil nigga in the street dont be shy say: "Hey aint you Eno's brother?" lol. Peace.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My First Post...

So this is my first post. There's so much I want to say that I have absolutely no idea where I want to start.
lol. I guess my younger years are a good a place as any to begin. I was Born In Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx at 2:50pm, on Friday, Aug. 14th 1987 (80's baby for real!) My parents are both Natives of Honduras. I was raised just like any other child (I thank my mom often for raising me the way she has.)
At an early age I fell in Love and got married
to a girl I thought would never hurt me. I was introduced to her by my parents and we've been inseparable ever since. Her name is Music. She was my first love outside of my family and till this day I love her despite her odd choices of words at times. I have her name tattooed around my wrist and that's proof enough that her and I will be together forever.

My favorite genre is Hip-Hop. I remember the day it became my favorite genre. I love all types of music and I had liked Hip-Hop before this day with artist like Criss-Kross (I was a kid lol, bare with me) and others. But in 1997 walking around Roberto Clemente park I walked by the gazebo that's near the front of the park and a group of girls were practicing their dance routine. The song they were dancing to was 'Mo Money, Mo Problems' By (then) Puff Daddy, Ma$e and The late great Notorious B.I.G. The song instantly became my favorite song of all time.

^^This is the actual Gazebo where it happend, it still stands today and I was fortunate enough to be able to snap a picture of it a few days ago.

I'm older now and I've fallen into the addiction of buying sneakers. My sneaker infatuation started when I was about 5 yrs. old. I remember when my cousin and I both had a pair of Fila's (now that I think of them they resembled the Air Jordan VII's in style) and you couldnt tell me I wasnt the coolest kid this side of the Mississippi lol. In 93' I remember being taken to the sneaker store and leaving with the New Air Jordan VIII's till this day they are my Grails because I had them back then. I had 94' Retro I's and a few others. Reebok Pumps, Fila, Nike (of course my favorite) , and few others. Fast foward to about 5th Grade, the Black and white XIII's released and my mom couldnt buy them for me, It broke my heart because I loved that sneaker. Fast foward to now and I can proudly say I own Both an OG and Retro pair of VIII's and the XIII's among others.

^^ My VIII's OG's & Retros


Well I guess that's more than enough for my first Post, I hope you enjoy and I hope you'll be back soon. I'll try to keep my blog updated as often as possible if not everyday.