Saturday, December 27, 2008

(Why Not?!) The Year in Review

It seems like just yesterday the Ball was droppin into the 2008 sign in Time Square. Thats what we say every year isn't it? Well thats just how the clock hands turn... I gotta say for me it was a good year. By the time January 08 came around I was at my second job (ever in life), Uniqlo
for the second of five months spent there. I was gettin that good ol bread, and around April/May I left to the Levi's store in Time Square.

This is the year I turned 21, and it was A good Birthday. I took the whole week off from work, chilled all day, partied all night. Had my Birthday at Club Dream, And the Fellas took me to the Wedge (Strip Club in Hunts Point) for the first time. (Dont you wish I had pics of That? lol)

21 years of Living in The Bronx also came down to the 21st day of Sept. marking the last game ever to be played in Yankee Stadium and I say with GREAT regret that I was never fortunate enough to witness a game there. I guess i'll just have to make up for it with the new Stadium across the Street.
08, The year that the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII. I vowed to kill my boss for making me work that day, but I saw clips heard testimonies, and boy oh boy did I see that it was
a great game.
That wasnt the only big thing in Sports, How about that Jamaican (Thunder) 'Usain Bolt' the sprint runner. He ran 100m in 9.69 seconds and it would have been faster but he actually slowed down and beat his chest a few feet before the finish line. BLOODFIYAH!
And ofcourse who could forget Mike Phelps the fish with a human Body. The man won 8 Medals and if you saw any of his races then you know why.

This was also the year that we lost some great figures in entertainment and history. Among them was Bernie Mac who passed on August 9th, Isaac Hayes, and Heath Ledger. May they all Rest in Peace. Heath Ledger was found dead in his SoHo Apartment, but not before he left us with one of the greatest films ever: THE DARK KNIGHT! (Geez Luise, That Movie! Although That wasnt the only good flick this year.

Remember: Jumper. Semi-Pro. 21, The Forbidden Kingdom. IRON MAN. The Incredible Hulk. Hancock (the Only one i didnt get to see in theatres). Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa?All great flicks... One of the biggest things this year is my team BXL SIgning a deal with Universal. It wont be long before we all Livin the Good Life Like Sir Kanye West and T-Pain.

Bush Gets assaulted by a sz. 10 shoe YES!
And of course By far THE most important Thing to happen in 2008. A year (more specifically a day) that shall reamin in our minds forever, A day that changed History and will change the History Books that our children will read. November 4th, 2008...... You already know what that day was. Barack Obama become the 44th presidential Elect. Which mean that for the first time in American History we have an African American president.

All in all I'd Say it was a great year. I can only hope that 2009 brings forth better health, more wealth, Love and Happiness, and just an over all great year.
Stay Up Folks, God Bless, and may the new Year bring you the best of Luck in all you do.

Generation YZ

Where do I begin this one? I guess I might as well just start:I am a 21 year old Black man living in America. I was born and Raised in the Borough of 'The Bronx' in New York City. As I'm sure I've mentioned once or twice before on this very blog site, I greatly appreciate my mom for raising me the way she has/did. The reason for that being that my mom is a simple woman, who lives a simple life and couldn't possibly care less what anyone thinks of her. Seeing as how that's how she was/is that's how I am/always have been. I've never been tempted or otherwise persuaded by Peer Pressure, and till this day I've never cared one bit what anyone other than my mom (and that's an exception in very few cases) has ever thought about me. Although this is the case with me I feel that I am one in a billion who has views like mine in my entire Generation. Maybe I'm wrong but the things I see are results of mothers who were/are nothing like my mom. I mean of course I understand finding a mother like mine (One who's perfect) would take 15 Forevers and a day, but Damn!

In my day I feel I've seen it all with people in my age group. Teenage Pregnancy, Juvenile incarceration, High school Dropouts, Under aged Drug Use, etc. the list goes on... Now, I'm no Angel, nor have I ever wanted to give off the impression that I think I am. So if ever you felt that towards me I apologize. But one thing is for sure and that is the fact that I'm a young man with a slightly brighter future than others because I've chosen to have a well illuminated past.

For example in the case of Teen Pregnancy, Has anyone realized In today's world its more acceptable for a 17 year old Girl to give birth to a child as apposed to getting married? At 17 I feel a girl is too young to truly understand what it means to be a mother. They're still at an age where they wanna party, hang out with friends, and not worry about taking care of another person, because they can barely take care of themselves yet. This is the case with girls even older than 17. I think girls just love the idea of babies cause they're cute and soft and they smell good. Its like wanting a dog cause you think they're cute and playful, not realizing that the person walking that dog has to deal with Vet Bills, Food for the dog, cleaning products, time invested in training it, house breaking it, walking it, etc. etc. The grass is always greener on the other side. But that's just one topic in the idea of this Generations Eff Ups.

Another one is the fact that 13-17 year old walking around with guns and starting trouble over things so simple like what another person said about them or their "Crew" on myspace. Stop for a few seconds and think about how insignificant that sounds. I know of a lil dude in my neighborhood who can't possibly be older than 15. I'm not sure of what all his crimes are but among them all one is selling weed. Needless to say he's a heavy smoker. Whatever b, make ya money lil man but that alone should show you the very dim future we're headed in. At 15 as bad as I wanted to have money for new clothes and sneakers the thought of selling drugs was nothing more than that, 'A Thought.' This young person who I am discussing is currently serving time in jail, idk for what, (I'm sure it was more than a charge for having drugs on him) I don't know for how long, and frankly I don't care either. But this is just one case in the sense of these lil kids behaving in a terrible manner.

Another thing that's been bugging me is people's aim talk and terrible grammatical errors all over the place. Myspace, Aim, or anywhere else where a computer or other instrument of technology is used in order to communicate with the outside world. Its one thing to type things the way you speak it, I do it all the time, but I hope you don't go to school (Those of you who still go to school) and type out your essays that way. In other words I hope you all still know that there is a major difference between "Know & No", "There, Their, and They're." I hope you all realize that using 3's as "E's" is wrong, I'd be here for days correcting all of you.

I don't even feel like talking about it anymore. Just that I find it sad. The people my age are gradually becoming smarter and thinking more before acting but anyone who hasn't turned 18 yet is a member of a lost, and what I feel to be the last generation. A society of illiterate, disrespectful, dyslexic, short tempered, misguided youth. Don't believe me? Cool, we'll see what happens in American society in the next five years.
Please Stay Up, and Please Stay Tuned!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

HO HO HO everybody! lolol, what's up Folks? Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. And that's what it was for me last night (Christmas Eve.) See we Hondurans celebrate the this Holiday on the Eve. Part of our tradition is dinner and Secret Santa (Gift exchange.)

For those of you who are familiar with the tradition, Your allowed to ask for 3 things with a 30 dollar limit (you can over spend if you'd like) and that's how we get down.I asked for 3 things but only one thing was something I really wanted. I hoped my cousin Kessler was my Secret Santa cause he would have been the one to get me that One thing.

After a few people gave their gifts to the person they were assigned to it was my cuz's Kessler's turn: and guess what? HE WAS MY SECRET SANTA !!! So once it was time to open the gifts I unwrapped mine and it was that ONE thing: A GOLD BOTTLE OF PATRON BABY! LOLOL. Oh Boy, everyone laughed and asked me: who gave you that? my response was simply: My Cuz Kess cause he knows that's what I wanted! lol. All in all it was a Great Night.
Earlier in the day I had put out an ad for Seasonal Girlfriend position and My Boobie Cat was proud to take the first Month's slot and so I spent the night with her on cloud 6, aint that right Boobie? Yea man a good night indeed.
I wanna give a shout out to my homegirl Ashley who Gave birth to a Beautiful 7 pound 12 ounce baby girl. Baby Zariah came into the world at 6:41 am, so God Bless Mommy and Baby.

Merry Christmas People. Be safe, Thank God for what you have, and for what you don't have, because what you don't have is what will push you to get what you want!
^^ The Actual giving out of the Gifts ^^

^^ Me and my Cuz Kess, I knew from JumpStreet This was my Gift ^^

^^ Look at that Gorgeous Christmas Smile ^^

^^ The Best gift of all: A childs Smile on Christmas Day ^^

^^ The 3 Wise Men came and Saw the Kid with That Gold Boy! ^^

^^ Who else You know Kind enough to share his Gift with everyone else? ^^

^^ After a Matter of Minutes, And Trust me there was Way less left soon after this pic was taken^^

Merry Christmas BullPenners... Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Magazine Worthy

Aight so I know I was supposed to announce the winner of the contest this evening. Allow me to say, I am proud to announce that it was a Tie between my Baby Love Steph Lovah and my Brotha from anotha Devo. But the topics we discussed just so happened to be quite close to previous topics discussed on the blog so I I wont bore you with the actual convo(s).

But I do however feel like braggin' tonight:

A few months ago at a party that I went to there was a journalist from 'XXL' Magazine. For those of you who aren't familiar with the magazine it is a major, highly respected Magazine for and in the Hip-Hop community.

When introduced to this journalist my man Jahmaul a.k.a Penny the Kidd, and I sat down and had a conversation discussin' BXL and the direction that the movement is going in. Long Story short we ended up doin' a 'Behind the Scenes' kind of Interview of the team. I wont bore you with the actual long play by play interview but I will tell you: I was just told that our issue will be premiering In February of 09'. So be on the look out for that at a stand near you.

^^ They wouldnt send me the actual cover pic, so this is the early draft. ^^

09' is our year baby, Gotta Thank the Man above and pray for more foward movement. Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spades & Liquor...

...and women and weed, and conversations of sex, sexual activities, and COT Damn it was a good night! LOL. Last night was my man Jazz's Birthday. While we were supposed to celebrate at the Sofa Lounge we received word that the snow shut the place down. So we moved the Party to Headquarters. a.k.a Reg Crib. So with that said enjoy the Photos.

^^ We were taking that Game serious boy! Like we all spent time Up North^^

^^ Stacey and Dirt were goin through the Competition Like Vets.^^

^^ Only a Happy Ending could make this a better Night^^

^^That Gasoline (Patron+Red Bull) This joint had me a few stops past right^^

^^ Look At my Beautiful Hand, I wonder if We won this one^^

^^ Me and Alex Pretty Ass!^^

^^ Eno Whats that in Your Mouth? Is that A Bl.....? Heheh ^^

^^ Look at that Gorgeous Smile I put on Ysaira's Face ^^

^^ The Birthday Boy, lookin Old as Hell LOL ^^

Overall it was a Great Night. Eff goin to the party, we brought the Party to Us... Happy Birthday Jazz, and another Happy Birthday goes out to Stace on Monday. Shout out to all the people with Birthdays this month.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Really Random.

All Day today (Like many other days) I had a million and one thoughts bouncing off the walls in my head. So today rather than just brush em off I decided I'd share it with you guys. Its a Bunch of em so Please bare with me. Feel free to bookmark the page and come back later if you feel it goes on for too long.

So here it goes:
1. Why is it when people trip they look at the floor as if the concrete grew a hand and put it in their path? lol
2. Why do men have nipples? At some point before centuries of evolution did we provide milk for our young?
3. What is this girl thinking? (That's just a question I generally have in my head because I can never figure out wtf is goin on in a woman's head. Or can I?)
4. Don't you hate when people yell to speak to you and they right in front of you?
5. When I was around 15 or 16 and it was evident that I was dealing with females, my Mom dukes told me "Don't ever let a girl hurt you," I told her "Ma your the only woman I love enough to let that close to me.... No broad will ever begin to come close to your level so she wouldn't even have the opportunity to hurt me."
6. I hate Hot 97's current 7 song rotation that they play 24 hours a day.
7. Am I the only person who find it strange how 50 Cent demolished Ja-Rule's career because he (Ja) was "singing" in all his songs and then (50)did the same thing once Ja was gone?
8. In a VERY amusing, interesting, and fun chat room I was in last night the gentlemen were asked if we give ladies Head..... and my response was.... (Wouldn't you love to know?) sorry ladies guess you had to be there. lol
9. Gay men. If your gay fine, who am I to say what's right and what's wrong? I am not a homophobe, I feel you deal with whoever you want it doesn't make any difference to me. But please for the love of God if you have a penis act like it. All that walking around with a switch, and wearing women's clothes (skin tight jeans, see through tops etc.) has to stop. Be gay if you want but don't be a fag... there is a difference!
10. I haven't played a good game of spades in years, anyone up for a few hands? I got my partner Sarah.
11. Doesn't it amaze you how some people Just Can't spell things? And how some people mistakenly use 'Am' when they mean 'I'm'? That shit is frustrating to have to read all the time, aint that right Boobie?
12. I got the biggest Crush on Keri Hilson, I've been crushing on her since Timbo's last album and I heard the song called 'Scream' with her on it. Haven't heard it, go git that!
13. The person who thought "I'm gonna put water in a bottle and sell it" is/was a GENIUS. Think about that for a minute. If you don't see why he/she is a Genius than your the reason he/she became rich.
14. Doctor's save lives and they get paid only a portion of what athletes, Entertainers, and other celebrities get. WOW! that's all I can say is "WOW."
15. It bugs me how the biggest lames find THE baddest women. I've said it before but it only leads me to believe women love Lames.
16. To that Beautiful lady who works in the Loro Piano section on the 6Th floor... "Sweetheart if only you knew."
17. Remember Captain Planet? lol, WTF?
18. What happened to Jordan Brand man? Gentry single handily destroyed the empire that Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield built. Well at least I'll always have my 8's and 13's.
19. Racism still exists.
20. I can remember my father teaching me how to ride a Bike, other than driving, and shaking after I'm done peeing I can't remember anything else he's taught me.
21. Did you Know Victoria's Secret is that her name is actually Victor?
22. Yo Kanye, It wouldn't be fair to you to listen to '808's and Heartbreaks' at a time (Now) that I can't relate to what your going through. I feel for you but until I can relate I'll speak to you through the first 3 albums. Hope you bounce back soon bruh.
23. How is it some niggas still "Stuntin" with moms money. Its sad that they don't even realize that they the flyest nigga in 3A and that's it.
24. How did Mercedes and Rolls Royce come up with machines as beautiful as the Phantom and the Maybach. That's a strange adverb for Machine isn't it, Beautiful?
25. I love Black People But I hate Niggas (Wanna know the difference? Stay tuned for a Blog coming to a Computer, Laptop, Phone, etc. near you)
26. Girls tend to think I'm some type of smooth Ladies man, but in all reality I think I'm still the lil shy kid who's scared to approach the girl he likes.
27. I never if ever admit it, but I think I actually wanna find "The right one," get married, inject a few children in her and live happily ever after... But if you tell anyone I said that I'll kill you. But that kind of Romance Novel Love doesn't exist anymore, so technically speaking I want something I know I could never have.
28. OJ Did it.
29. I miss the 90's. Especially the fact that back then we had sitcoms, now everything is reality and 'Who wants to live with 46 strangers to compete for the love of an ugly, greasy faced, washed up illiterate man?
30. why is it that whenever Puerto Rican People Move they move to Florida? Do you think that maybe there really Ducks that take Human Forms for a certain amount of years and then after that time its time to move south? Lmao, where do I get this stuff.
31. I'd take a woman with a Nice Caesar over one with an exaggerated weave ANYDAY.
32. It amazes me how some guys can go out and buy $3000 outfits, but it doesn't matter cause they still have the swag of a mannequin. The man make the clothes, not the other way around homie.
33. I've come to realize that I'm the dude that girls go to bed and pray for, and then only have in their dreams. I just have to find the right way to make them see that.
34. I should have waited till I had the Money to go See Mister Cartoon for a Tattoo.
35. Alicia Keys, I swear I love you.
36. If you stayed here to read all of this thanks. You didn't have to stay here this long but you did and I appreciate you taking the time out to let me share with you, blab my thoughts and rant for as long as it took you to read this

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

Monday, December 15, 2008


LMAO. I was on the phone with my man Devo last night when out the corner of my eye, I saw on the preview to the News that a Man threw a shoe at that bumass nigga George Bush! Yes I said it -- Bumass nigga!

I Had to laugh, this man (Later identified as an Iraqi Journalist) took his shoe off and threw it straight At Bush's Face, he missed but that didn't stop him from reloading. He reached down and took off his other shoe and threw that one at Bush too. It was a back to back Shoe shootin' LMAO. Turns out the Bastard has amazing reflexes, he ducked both shoes with lightning speed.

I am not at all mad at that journalist, my only disappointment is that he missed. The reason I find it funny and the reason I'm Happy it happened is because although I never thought of throwing a shoe at the man, I've wanted to throw something at his face since 2001. C'Mon we all hate him, He's lucky it was just a shoe. He's lucky he didn't hear "GET CHO HANDS OUTTA MY POCKET!" and caught a couple shells in his chest.

To my knowledge Bush was out there in Iraq bidding farewell to the people.
C'mon man... Farewell? Are you effin serious? Your War that had NOTHING to do with us took the lives of millions, Cost billions and has changed the lives of people who weren't even involved, and you have the nerve to come and say Farewell? Pssht!

I heard that throwing a shoe at someone is THE biggest sign of disrespect in the Arab world, well the man deserved every last bit of leather to that pair of size 10's to the face! When the man threw the shoe he yelled out: "This is the Farewell Kiss you Dog!" "This is for the widows. the orphans, and those who were killed in Iraq" AMEN TO THAT BROTHA! That shoes was thrown on behalf and for America and the world. With all that said I leave ya'll with the suggestion of goin to Youtube to find the video.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tickle my Brain

What's goin on folks. I was goin over a few past blogs and felt like some of them are a bit darker than others. Nothing crazy but I feel like I'm starting to come off as a hateful jerk who just likes to complain a lot. lol, although I know in my heart that's not true, you may not. So with that said I wanted to say: "I'm not just a a hateful Jerk who likes to complain a lot" but please give me the chance to prove it.

Lets call this a contest: Hit me up on AIM (EnoBull87) and spark up a conversation with your boy. She(Perferably) or he who gives me the most mental stimulating conversation will get a shout out and whatever else of their choice (Within reason) on this Blog. We can discuss anything under the sun, we can debate, we can discuss previous posts, whatever you feel, like the title says 'Tickle My Brain" I'm an open book.

Come find out for yourself weather The Bull is a Beast or a gentle giant... The winner (If any) will be announced and written about Towards the end of the upcoming weekend.
Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Untitled pt. 1

Listen man, its time to speak some serious stuff here. If it wasn't already known, I want it to be known from this moment on that I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE ANY MAN WHO PUTS HIS HANDS ON A FEMALE.

I personally feel that the nigga who puts his hands on a female doesn't deserve to be called a man. You nothing more than a bitch with a penis. I do not respect that in any way, shape or form. Straight up and down Unless a woman has a gun to your face or a knife to your throat there's no reason for you to hit her. if she's acting like a man and testing you, you by all means have the right to find a way to restrain her, but hitting her shouldn't be an option otherwise.

Understand that I come from a very huge family and the women in my family like every family are the stones that set a foundation for everyone else. I have too many female cousins, aunts, Grandmothers, and a Mother who I love more than life itself. Therefore I don't condone that sort of cowardly behavior. That's word to everything I love if I hear that a nigga is hitting a female who is close to me its a wrap for him. With all that said, that lil nigga walkin around PA with his chest pumped up better watch his back, I got something for his ass!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ink with Bebe.

Whats goin on folks? I'll have a full story on my weekend and my feelings on it sometime later in the week. For now I just wanted to share with you the part about my new tat.

My HomeGirl Bebe (pronounced - Bee Bee) hit me up the other day and asked me where I get my tattoos and if I could take her to get one... Ofcourse I accepted the offer. I took her and I didnt even expect to get one, but you know me, Im a sucker for new ink (So long as it is something meaningful to me.) and Figured ehh why not. I got the "B.X.L" tat on the inside of my right ring (Promise) finger. Its something we all (most of us) either have or are going to get. So Bebe was up first and my man Tez Tattooed "Love" and "Life" on her ankles. I think the whole idea all the way to the end result was dope. I held her hand while she tried to cope with pain and then I was next. I'll keep it funky with ya'll None of my other tattoos hurt as much as you'd probably imagine. But THIS ONE! Imagine papercut times 400 for 15 seconds. The longest 15 seconds of my life. Ah well long story short Bebe and I are too cool for school, and cooler than you lol. Ga Head be Jealous!

^^Bebe's tat "Love" "Life" I'll try to get a better pic next time I see her^^
^^"B.X.L" Tat on inside of my right ring Finger^^
Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I wouldn't say it was a bad day cause God Gave me life this morning so I'm grateful, but it was 'One of those days.' woke up on the wrong side of the bed, made it to the train station only to realize I forgot my wallet on my bed. I was done from that point on. The shit that normally bugs me damn near made me all but kill myself. So what do I do? I blog about it.... Don't like it? Well then please direct your mouse towards the 'X' on the upper right hand of your screen.

Here it Goes:

On The Train:
- Of Course the never ending 6-14 yr old in a Stroller (Pick that lil big nigga out that COT DAMN Stroller and make him walk)

-People who wait til RIGHT before the doors close to get up and push everyone out there way like a Bowling Ball goin through Pins to get off. (Where the f*&^ were you when the train stopped you freaking mongoloid?)

-People who see that your obviously about to get off when the door opens but still make it their business to push you and say "Excuse me, getting off" (NIGGA ME TOO, YOU DON'T SEE ME TONGUE KISSIN THE DOOR? Relax b, we ALL getting off fam, Its the last stop!)

-People who are as big and heavy as the train itself and still wanna sit in that seat next to you that is just big enough for a 12 year old, and then have the nerve to look at you like you buggin (Big man you know good and cot damn well you don't fit here, we all tired b, stand up you can use the exercise)

-That nigga who is feeling the music in is headphones so much that he HAS to be HypeMan and ad lib every line out load. (Yo man, give it up your dreams of being a rapper were crushed ages ago, that's why you working in the Grocery store stock room.)

-Mexicans on the train with enough kids to film a whole new 'High School Musical' Movie complete with cast, extras, producers, writers, directors and promoters. (Get a Van you fucking Rabbits. I swear Mexican couples are the exact equivalence of Puppy Mills. Yes I said it!)

-and of course who could forget the loud person on the train who (for some odd reason) still has a Nextel or just a plain phone with the speaker on and is having a conversation in full volume for everyone in the next car to hear (I don't even have words for this one, just do us all a favor and kill yourself.)

In Public:
-People who can't figure out where there going... (Its called a building you prick, it has walls, lean on one and stay there till you figure out where the hell your goin)

-People who refuse to put a pep in their step. (Dog, I'm runnin late either move out my lane or speed it up, Lord knows the way I'm feeling I probably can, and will grab you by your neck and roof you like a handball.)

-Public Display of Affection. (We get it, you just made 3 weeks, this is the love of your life and you want us alll to know. Fine, Get a room! I swear I wish there was snow on the ground so I can throw an effin snowball at both ya faces.)

-People who manage to bump into you (There's Maaaad sidewalk here, how the hell you make your own lane and STILL don't fit in it?)

Everywhere Else (Misc.)
-Niggas (be advised a nigga can be male or female) who buy Things such as Gucci and Prada, just so they can say they did. (You know damn well you gonna buy those just to chill on the block. How's it feel knowin you the flyest nigga who lives in your moms house? Now you know that you can't pay your phone bill, or eat for 2 weeks. Ass.)

-Harlem Niggas (If you dont know why, go to Harlem.)

-Loud Niggas (Shut up!)

-Dominican Niggas who are as tough as Spartans when their friends are around Talkin smack about 'Ese Moreno' (That Nigga) but are as quiet as Mice when their boys leave and 'Ese Moreno' comes back around (What happened papi? You was just tough a minute ago.. well there he is tell him how you feel. Oh that's right, You just real when your niggas are around right? aight)

-Girls who have babies and still can't spell the word 'Enough' (Stupid)

-People who can't control their kids. (Its called an ass beating miss, stop askin him nicely to sit down. Give em a Good ol' fashioned slap in the face, that outta straighten him out.)

- Obese Niggas tryna "Get Light" (Fam, sit ya Fat ass Down! You about 239lbs. over the weight limit talkin bout "Got my Light feet goin")

There's way more but I feel I've gone far enough.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long ass Holiday Post

Wow, What a day on Thursday! Sorry, I know its been forever but I been tied up. What's goin on folks? So rarely do we live to see History in the making. I've been fortunate to live long enough to say that I've seen some History be made. For one I can vividly remember Sept. 11Th, 2001. I remember where I was, what I was doing, and I even remember I made a friend that day. Of Course more recently we were all present to see Barack Obama become the 44Th President (Elect) and the first African American man to ever do it. Thursday was a day of equivalent epic proportions as well. At Least for me and my little brother.

That day I was fortunate enough to witness history unfold with my very own (two) God given eyes AGAIN! lol. As I've already mentioned My lil brother Rudy goes to Cardinal Hayes High School where he plays for the JV football team. For those of you who are familiar with the school and or its history (Especially regarding the football program) then you know what Thursday was. It was Thanksgiving day which can only mean, you guessed it, The Turkey Bowl. For those of you who are in the dark allow me to shed some light. For the past 66 years Mount Saint Michael Academy and Cardinal Hayes High School have been rivals on the football field. Since then Thanksgiving (The day of the Turkey Bowl) has been a very important day for everyone from the Players and Alumni to Parents and local Residents. Thursday was no different, well actually... yea it was....

Running on fumes as I usually am, due to staying out very late and sleeping very little I woke up around 9:50 and noticed my parents getting ready for Rudy's game, so I brushed my teeth and stuff and started getting ready as well. You know black people, Kickoff was at 10:30 and we didn't arrive til about 10:55. Regardless of our ETA we made it, we parked the car up the block and around the corner and believe it or not we heard the Audience (The one on the Cardinal Hayes Side) cheering from the corner. You'd swear there was a Yankee game going on the way the crowd roared. When we got there I believe the score was 14-0, Mount was doomed from the start. My mom, dad and I took our places in the stands next to my cousin Lindsay and Roxanna who had arrived about 15 minutes before us and the process of losing my voice slowly began. I'm no sports announcer (hell I barely even care for sports) so I'll just speak on the game as a spectator who is a fan of the sport. Hayes was catching interceptions, causing fumbles and turnovers, scoring touchdowns, and field goals like an NFL team. For a little while Mount began to catch up, causing the audience on the Mount side to taunt us and causing the Mount players to celebrate their feeble attempts to bring Hayes Down. But Hayes wasn't havin it, Passing play after running play, and Amazing defense followed by even more amazing offense lead to The Cardinals winning the game 39-34. For the first time in TWENTY-SEVEN (27) YEARS not only was Cardinal Hayes beating Mount Saint Michael but they also WON THE GAME! Words couldn't even begin to explain how beautiful that game was. The Audience had everyone from Alumni who played, parents, siblings, spouses of the players, and of course Faculty and friends. It was a great game, Damn Devo you missed it.

Thanksgiving was a good Look that evening as well but of course those who know me know that I LOVE any time spent with my family. Pops Almost burned the house done makin a Turkey for the first time ever lol, Mom Dukes, Rudy and me headed out to my aunts crib where I had a Plate and a half (don't think that's a small amount) those Plates took me down. We then headed to my other Aunt house on some straight Thanksgiving Locust ish lol. Touched Down and received the same reaction from the fam there as I did from the fam at the last venue for my threads. I was on my Grown Ass man Dick Tracey ish. Me and some of the fellas tried to hit up some Clubs afterwards followed by club nights on Friday and Saturday. Overall it was a great weekend. Happy Holiday Folks.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I was at Grandma's house yesterday with Mylez and em and I saw something on YouTube that left me completely disturbed. First and foremost let me say: Ron Brows (Idk nor do I care if that's spelled right) is Trash, I predict that his career will be over sometime shortly after March 09. That song 'Pop Champagne' is mad whack but what left me disturbed was the video to the song.

Jim Jones and Juelz Santana are seen towards the end of the video pouring champagne on Freaky, and then Jones proceeds to pour champagne on Juelz. Juelz not only accepts this behavior but proceeds to chimey his chest from side to side as its goin on. STOP! WTF is this now? You mean to tell me that when Dre and Snoop made 'Aint Nothing but a G Thing' the video was all in vain. What part of the game is this? Any man pour Champagne on me and you better believe I'm gonna be offended beyond words and we WILL fight. I am NOT a female. I'm not sayin its cool to pour champagne on a girl but in this cruel corrupt world called Hip-Hop that is the only Gender that gets 'Poured' on. This just goes to show that Artist or rather Celebrities get away with WAAY too much. Cause I'm willing to bet there's a clown ass nigga in Harlem watching that video as your reading this blog thinkin: "Oh nah that's not Gay tho, cause these niggas is Wavy" C'MON MAN! Gay is Gay, if this behavior is not accepted on your block then why is it accepted in your living room when it comes through via your TV?

Same thing with Weezy! I'm willing to bet all the money in my bank account that if I came on the Block wit a Lip ring I'd get cut on. "Eno you mad gay for that," "Yo Eno you a SoHo fag boy now?" and you know what? I feel that my niggas would have every right to feel that way. How is it a man strives so hard to establish himself as a "Gangster," has Tattoos all over his Body, Tears Tattooed on his face, but he Kisses a Man and gets a Lip Ring and is NOT considered gay cause he has and I quote "Swag?" C'MON MAN!

Stupid niggas please pay attention: Gay means Gay regardless of who is practicing the Homocity. Stop giving these artist and celebrities G Passes on the strength of being celebrities. If Paris Hilton wanna be a dick and commit an action she knows is a crime then throw her in the same effin prison where thieves and murderers go, If Jimmy wanna pour Champagne on his man and his man is wit it then call em Butt Pirates the same way you would to niggas doin it at your mans house party, If Wayne wanna kiss a man on the mouth and wear a Lip ring afterwards then tell him that He in the same boat as Clay Aiken the same way you'd tell your lil Brotha if he came in the house with his Belly Button Pierced.

Peace Niggas I'm done with Ya.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey Girls!

Whats going on folks, I know its been a while but I'm alive and well. How ya been? Ladies, Hate it or Love it I'm bout to Air ya Out! Fellas feel me on this one! My lil brotha Devo reminded me that the blog has been getting a lil cold lately and he's right. I started worrying more about the pics to accompany the posts for the sake of those fags who don't read anything without pictures, so in a sense I kinda drifted away from being myself (by straying away from the real issues on my mind on the blog).

Allow me to retort: the reason I started a Blog was because I am Highly opinionated and I don't always open my mouth to share with people, so with a Blog only those who want to know what I'm think will know what I'm thinking. Now getting into it.

Ya know ya done Effed up now right? WTF has been going through ya minds lately. (And by lately I mean the past few years) ya been buggin. I have no idea how to get into what I want to say so I'm just gonna start letting my hands do the typing. I'm a good dude, but apparently too much of a good dude, since I realized I was attracted to women when I was about 7 or 8 yrs old I have been under the impression that what a woman wants is: A nice Guy, a guy who listens, a guy who would never cheat, a guy who is never gonna hurt her and there for a her no matter what: in good or bad, day or night, rain or shine. BULLSHIT! Trust me that's not what these girls want. They want a nigga who's a jerk, ignores her, one who constantly cheats, and on occasion slaps the shit out of her for no apparent reason. I hate people who blame their actions on music but in this case I'd have to say that it does hold partial blame. The Beyonce's and female rappers and T.I. telling ya "You can have whatever you Like" and things of that nature is starting to get to ya heads. That's not real ladies, Its a business, The shadiest business there is... The Music Business. An Artist is gonna say whatever he or she feels you wanna hear to make that dollar. You think T.I. walks up to a groupie and says: "Washannin' Baby? Wanna Pack ya bags and go to Aruba with me?" You think Sir Rick Ross pulls up to a drive through window, orders a Burger and a Minimum wage Worker like in his videos? Be real!

Don't for a second get it twisted. I LOVE women but I'd rather not deal with ya sometimes cause Ya so confusing for no reason. And ya let way too many people and other things put batteries in your backs.

The reason I'm rambling on is cause I AM that guy or at least I was. The one that is a "One Girl" kinda guy, the one that remembers your birthday and calls you even tho you only told me your birthday that One time like 8 months ago, the one who is not thinking bout bonin' until you are. But what does that lead to? I'll tell you what it leads to... The single dude who has a million and one BAD female friends who he never ever gets down with. Why? I guess its cause I aint Usher or Omarion in the face. "Yea Eno's cool but he's like my brother" or "Yea Eno is my boy, but he not my type" lol I don't mean to come off like I'm crying either but just be real ladies, if you want a Trophy Husband who's a sucker for love and is willing to shower you with dollar bills than say that. Don't go around saying you want a good guy when you know COT DAMN well you aint a good gal. Feel me? I know there is a lot of jerks out there, and I feel they ruin it for real niggas like myself but ya overlooking us good dudes (whether it be cause you been scarred in the past, or cause we aint "cuties") and cheating yourselves out of happiness with "The One."

And stop thinking ya shit don't stink cause honestly Global Warming has affected more than just the weather. Ya don't Switch when ya walk no more, Ya don't grow ya own hair no more, Havin' a ceaser one day and Rapunzel length braids the next day. If you want a good dude than act like a Lady and that good Dude will find you. I Feel like I've gone on for too long and I still have more to say but don't know how to say it so I guess the remainder of this post shall remain Pending. Until then take care Folks, If I've offended you then good, cause that's what Good Art ought to do. OFFEND!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eno's Driven

Whats good folks? I just got home from chillen with Mylez and Reg (P.B.M). We went to (our spot of course) IHOP, they should cut me a check as much as I mention them. But anyway... In my never ending quest to continue to give society my middle finger I (an un-licensed driver with a learners permit) drove tonight. I've Driven millions of times before but tonight I finally drove on the Highway. It was fun, and just as easy as driving on the local streets if not easier. I'm gonna get my license sooner than later but I feel society is way too hung up on paper work, a license doesn't make a person a good driver, experience does. I feel the same about Diplomas, there are many people who have Bachelors Degrees but have no knowledge beyond the hard cover text books they purchased. The first time I put my foot to a pedal I was 13 years old, since then I've known the basic science (if any) behind driving, and have driven very well on numerous occasions. Before I ramble on for hour the basic idea behind what I'm trying to say is: Yes driving without a license is illegal, yes not having a degree is frowned upon.... But shouldn't my word be enough. If I tell you "I went to school and I learned something" why do you need a piece of paper to validate that? If I say "Yes I know how to, and can drive" why is it that a piece of plastic with my picture on it is proof? Is a mans word not worth anything anymore? Anyway, Society, if you didn't already know, is my worst enemy and those are just a few reasons why. With that said, I'll give ya some pics and call it a night.
Nah But I do have to get my license so I can take this off of Pop's Hands
^ 97 Nissan Pathfinder. Looks Blue in the pic But its a deep green
Its Only right that my attire matched the wheels I was pushin
Me Behind the wheel, Lookin straight Smooth...

Friday, November 14, 2008

My First Love

I don't even remember the day I met her, I just feel she's always been there. She was older than me but she spoke to me in a way that I could always understand. Shes always been a real good friend of the family, I was introduced to her by my parents. I instantly fell in Love in that moment. Not even knowing what Love was at the time I knew I'd feel this way for her for my entire life. She always knew what to say to me to cheer me up, calm me down, or even make me smile. I could come home from school and she'd tell me about her day. It got to a point that I would sneak her into school and talk to her durin' lunch time, sometimes even during class. She had a melodic voice and still has a melodic voice that just danced on my earlobes every time she spoke, and her stories were amazing. She thought me so much and I learned to Love all the things about her even the things that were sometimes less den admirable about her. She watched me grow older and always helped me through the bad times as well as the good. When I was old enough and started realizing there were other girls in this world besides her she even helped me communicate with them in a way that was appropriate. In other words she thought me how to talk to the opposite sex ofcourse with somee help from my older brothers. She knew that she was, and still is my first Love and no one could or would ever take her place. She was there to help me through my first heartbreak, and I'm sure she'll be there for my last. That's just the kind of girl she's always been. When I lost my baby Cousin and my Grandmother she wrote a song that was specifically written for me, and I know it came from her heart. People have claimed to have relationships with her, but I know that ours was and always will be the strongest. One of the reasons being that I never asked her for money like so many did in the past nor did I only befriended her because of her fame and riches, our bond was always pure and above the petty material things she had to offer. With all that said I just want her to know that I Love Her, and no matter what she'll always be there for me and I'll be there for her.

^If you Read 'My First Post' then you know the significance of this Pic

To My First Love, MUSIC, Thank You for always being there for me. I will continue to Love you for as long as there is air in my lungs and wen I'm gone I only hope u tell the world the story of our lives together.

For ever yours:
^ My Playlist is more Infinite than Nick's & Norah's ^

Say Cheese

Whats goin on folks? Its been a few days, sorry for the lack of updates. Im pretty sure im gonna have some stuff to blog about tomorrow (Later on today) so for now i'd like to leave you with some of my recent pics.

^ This is a Pic of me @ Work. I call it: 'Me @ Work' lol ^

^This was taken a few weeks ago, it was still a lil Warm. ^

These Last 2 are of Che. I took these on (What I like to call) Obama Night. When I took the pics I was goin for one of those Magazine shoot/Retail Store ad kinda pics... I dont feel I captured it the way I wanted to but I feel they came out well nontheless. Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Entourage

Whats new Bull Penners? I'm actually sitting here in BXL Headquarters as we speak and I just felt like sharing some words with ya'll. Today was coo, I chilled with Perse most of the day. P.B.M was around for a portion of it, and now I'm chillen with him, Jazz, and Mylez. Not much goin' on but I was goin through the Headquarters Computer and came across some pics from a recent Photo Shoot. I'd LOVE to tell you guys that I took these shots but I don't have the proper camera, nor experience to pull these off yet.
^ BXL Lookin like Brand new Currency ^
^ Buddy 'Motha Effin' Mylez ^
^ Joe Dirt a.k.a Peligro ^
^ Producer Extrodinaire Severe Persy Jones ^
Stay Up and Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Know...

Whats good Ya'll Just felt like posting some Miscellaneous pics.

^ Eno Bull is the name (Google that!). I love this Pic. I took it myself and then Mylez Photoshopped it. I feel its a classic.
^ This is 1 0f 2 of the last pics that I took as a Dreaded man. If memory serves me correct, I took this in the batroom right before the the scissors cut the second dread.
- This is me and My brotha frrom anotha: Rich. We took this at work right before our shift. That Cold Stone Ice Cream is Poppin B. Ya need to get up on it.
^ Exactly who are you if you dont have a '7Days7Nights' Pic? Eno, Mylez, Jahmaul. Celebrating Mylez' Birthday at Sylvias.
^ My New FaceBook Main Pic. This is a Desktop Banger. Copy and Paste Ladies.
^ The day I felt Re-Born. My President is Black baby!
^ My Uncle Barack. Better known as the 2008 Presidential Elect. We Movin on Up like Curtis Mayfield.